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Have an idea for a blog/website? Need hosting you can trust? Want good value for the investment? Not quite sure which hosting type you need?

You’ve come to the right place, we cover pretty much every web hosting type for various countries, explain how they work, why you would need that specific type, and we even give our personal top 5 for each type. Enjoy!

Best Web Hosting Australia

Finding a good web host for Australia can be a bit tricky, it’s an island with limited cable connections to the rest of the world. Luckily, there are some great options out there, both local and overseas like Singapore. We discuss both options and their pros and cons.

Best Web Hosting Canada

Web hosting providers for Canada are easy to find as you can go with both local or US based hosting companies. The advantage of going with local Canadian web hosts is that you could get local support, and get charged in CAD, instead of USD, saving you a few bucks every month.

Best Web Hosting New Zealand

Just like with Australia, searching for a web hosting provider that works well in New Zealand is not an easy task. While there are some local providers, we discuss alternatives that work well. And if you enable a CDN like CloudFlare, you shouldn’t have any issues serving up a fast website.

Best Web Hosting Singapore

A lot of web hosting companies have data centres in Singapore, so find a web host here is incredibly easy. Still, we review and compare the ones that we think stand out from the other more general hosting providers.

Best Web Hosting UK

The UK has plenty of options when it comes to web hosting, and a lot of the bigger international players also have data centres in London and other cities across the country, no lack of choice here!

Best Web Hosting Malaysia

Malaysia is lucky to have Singapore nearby, as a lot of the big web hosting companies have data centers in Singapore!

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