About Us

We’re a small team of web agencies that combined resources to start properly analysing and ranking web hosting companies. We know how much of a pain a bad host can be!

From regular downtimes to horrible loading times, bad support, overpriced services… We’ve seen it all! So we’ve decided to make sure no-one else has to go through this.

We rank web hosts based on speed, uptime, support, server specs, usability, cost/value ratio, and a few more factors.

So when you choose a host we recommended, you KNOW you’re getting the best deal at the cheapest price. If you have any questions, head over to our contact page.

Our Team

Jayson Davis


Senior Writer

He’s our primary writer, editor, and web hosting researcher.

Jayson makes sure everything keeps running smoothly, checks all the content our writers come back with, and pushes it live on the site.

He’s borderline obsessed with WordPress and plugin development, and very passionate about everything tech, cloud and data related.

He also writes for various publications, a few examples:

Jimmy Parker


Testing & Analysis

Jimmy Parker is a data analyst and computer enthusiast who loves testing server stacks. He has a passion for learning and understanding how data can be used to make meaningful decisions.

Jimmy has over 5 years of experience in data analysis, from developing databases to creating reports. He is skilled in working with data from different sources, including SQL and NoSQL databases. He also has experience with various scripting languages, such as Python and R, and is always looking for new technologies to explore.

In addition to his technical skills, Jimmy is a passionate advocate for data-driven decision-making in the workplace. He believes data can be used to create informed and effective decisions and is always looking for ways to use data to drive business success.

Thomas Lewis



Thomas Lewis is an experienced digital marketer specialising in SEO. With over 10 years of experience in the field, Thomas has developed an in-depth knowledge of SEO. He has worked with a variety of clients, both large and small, to develop successful SEO campaigns.

Thomas is passionate about helping businesses increase their traffic and visibility through the use of effective SEO strategies. He is constantly researching new techniques and staying up to date with the latest trends in digital marketing.

How we review web hosting services

While there are many factors involved, we mainly look at speed, ease of use, and support


How are the servers configured? How close are the data centers to the target market? Do they have an integrated CDN, or offer easy CloudFlare integration?

Ease of use

Do they have their own custom built control panel for deploying and managing sites? Do they have one-click installers for all the popular CMSs’? Do they use cPanel, or another system?


What support options are there available? How responsive is support? How knowledgeable is the staff? Does the host use local staff, or do they outsource it?