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| Reviewed by Jimmy Jimmy Parker

Last Updated on November 24, 2022

AWeber is among the solutions for email marketing that do it well. It’s packed with the tools you’ll need to keep in touch with your clients. Since it’s been around for many years, many marketers have come to believe in the company’s reputation. But what is it exactly and how does it assist you in expanding your company? In this AWeber review, we’ll speak about the various tools it offers, pricing, features, and more. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Note: AWeber comes with a landing page builder, but it might not suffice your needs. If that’s the case, don’t forget to check out our best website builders in Canada and best website builders in Australia articles.

Pros of AWeber

  • Comprehensive capability for reporting
  • Low-cost plans
  • Fantastic aid materials
  • Unlimited emails
  • AWeber integrates with a variety of applications to aid you in maximizing your marketing campaigns
  • It is possible to get in touch with AWeber through a variety of channels
  • There’s also an abundance of resources, including video clips and information base content
  • AWeber is a fantastic service in allowing its customers to control their lists of subscribers

Cons of AWeber

  • Imports are time-consuming
  • No Google Analytics

What is AWeber?

aweber review

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AWeber is the ideal choice for those looking for an all-inclusive Email Platform that is easy to use and comes with additional important tools. Over the past 20 years, more than one million customers have relied on AWeber. Support for customers includes technical assistance along with advice on content and marketing 24/7. They also have cost-effective prices, a predictable pricing structure high rates of deliverability, and integration. Result? It’s simple to share information and increase revenue by using AWeber to be your trusted partner.

AWeber encompasses a range of things. It’s the most important thing is that it’s a marketing automation tool that makes it easier to manage marketing via email.

It’s also a tool for designing emails that allow users to create professional email messages that they can modify according to their requirements. It’s all without the need to code, by way.

You can also utilize AWeber to create landing pages, push notifications for website funnels, sign-up form forms, funnels, and many other things.

It’s an all-inclusive email marketing tool that will aid a business in making its mark against competitors.

AWeber Pricing

It is true that AWeber has a plan for free. But the free plan can only be used when you have 500 subscribers or fewer. Furthermore, it places limitations on the number of emails you can deliver (3,000/month) and the list of accounts you can possess (1).

Also, you don’t have access to split-testing emails as well as behavioral automation and cart abandonment/purchase tagging, among other things. Your landing pages also include AWeber branding.

It’s still a great opportunity to test AWeber for free to you.

In the case of the paid version, there’s just one option. The price varies depending on the number of customers you’ve got. The default arrangement is for 500 subscribers or less. If you’re billing annually, you’ll have been paying $16.15 for each month.

When you add more subscribers to your accounts, you’ll find yourself paying more.

You can increase the number of users, no matter the size or how small your subscriber number is.

We’re going to warn you that the price of AWeber is a bit higher than that of other providers. However, when you consider all the features that you’ll get, one could say that it’s completely worth the cost.

AWeber Features

AWeber has a wealth of features that can make an email marketing program more effective. Let’s look at all the features that AWeber provides you with after you’ve signed up.

aweber homepage 2


Comparatively to its competitors, AWeber provides one of the most comprehensive collections of HTML E-newsletter templates.

In actual fact, AWeber states that they have over 600 templates available (many of them are “variants of templates, however, we have calculated the actual number of templates offered as around the number of templates available at 145).

For a bit of context To give a bit of context, there are 166 templates for GetResponse and about 100 templates for Mailchimp.

To be honest, I’m not fond of the majority of AWeber templates — some are a bit outdated. The templates available from Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, and GetResponse are all more modern in design.

But, the vast number of templates on the market means that with an adjustment, you’ll be able to locate the perfect one for your electronic newsletters.

Email Design

The email marketing company promises to allow its customers to have amazing experiences for your clients. But how do they accomplish this?

aweber homepage 3

In the beginning, it grants users access to its library of email templates. This means it doesn’t require you to begin with a new design. After choosing a template it’s easy to drag and drop elements from emails like headings and text images, buttons, signatures, and videos.

You can modify the elements you want to edit so that you have customized emails that meet your intended recipients.

If you’re not skilled at graphic designing, don’t fret. AWeber has a partnership with Canva. It means you can utilize Canva to design visual images for your email messages within AWeber. You don’t need to log in to Canva through your browser.

Email Automation

The marketing automation built into AWeber allows you to create campaigns in just a few minutes. Additionally is that you can keep them running on autopilot even after they’ve been launched.

So you can concentrate on the other aspects of your company while placing the routine email tasks to AWeber.

The builder for campaigns is drag-and-drop, which means that everyone can use it even those with no prior experience with an email marketing platform.

There’s no need to create your new campaign if do not wish to. There are templates for campaigns available which take all the work out of creating strategies.

When you’ve launched your email automation program You will be able to view the section Analytics to see your progress.

Pages that Land On the Page

You may be looking to design pages to generate leads or sell products and products. Make use of AWeber to make your brand known.

Another option is to make use of Canva for creating stunning photos that entice customers. There are templates that you can choose from for those who are having a hard to come up with your custom landing page.

Once you’ve picked the layout, you can drag and drop elements such as text, videos, and images to make your page reflect your personal style and brand.

Every landing page is mobile-friendly meaning you don’t have to worry about your pages not loading properly on smartphones or tablets.

When you’re using your site’s landing pages to sell products there are features that aid in facilitating transactions. For instance, you’ve got a feature for tracking sales that lets you track the sales you make over time.

It’s important to know that AWeber does not charge set-up fees or monthly service costs. It does charge the cost of each transaction. It’s also possible to label buyers who have purchased on your website to create segmentation and then send them automated marketing.

Yes, you are able to connect your website to your domain so that you can continue to brand your site.

AWeber is compatible with third-party e-commerce platforms such as PayPal, Shopify, WooCommerce, Patreon, Etsy, Sellfy, and Stripe. There are alternative AWeber options that aren’t compatible with these platforms.


Newsletters make up a large portion of marketing via email. Therefore, it’s only right that AWeber provides a means for you to make newsletters with the same ease as making landing pages.

aweber homepage 4

It also has the drag-and-drop feature. It is possible to create your own newsletter or select a template from the available templates.

It is possible to send out newsletters to all your followers or send them to a certain segment. Utilize an analytics tool to monitor the success of your newsletter.

Smart Designer

If you are looking to create an email design that more closely reflects your website, you can make use of a smart designer.

It’s really simple to make use of.

All you need to do is type in your website’s URL and allow AWeber to examine its logos, images, and colors. The program will then create an appropriate template to match your brand’s image.

If you don’t own a website then you can simply sign in to your Facebook account as well as your Instagram account.

Stock Images

We’ve already mentioned that you could add pictures to emails. But what happens if you don’t have any images you can use?

AWeber has over 6000 stock images that can be used in your emails for no cost. This is not something that other tools for marketing emails offer.

Atom App

Another feature worth mentioning one of the best features to mention is another great feature to mention is the Atom App by AWeber. It’s a mobile sign-up page that allows you to sign up new subscribers via your smartphone. It can be used without an internet connection, too.

aweber homepage 5

All you have to do is start the app while at a conference, meet-and-greet, or other events at which you’ll need forms. Instead of recording the contact details of the people whom you meet, just input them into Atom App.

When you add a brand new contact, the person will be automatically notified of your automatic follow-up emails. They will be added to your list of contacts.

Neat, right?

Form Builder

Sign-up forms are excellent for generating prospects for your business. However, they’re not that simple to design, particularly for those who are not familiar with the process. But this isn’t the case if you’re a subscriber to AWeber.

You can design customized sign-up forms for your customers by using AWeber.

The forms you can create can include just about every area you’ll require. You can also customize them to reflect the branding of your company. Additionally, you can label and segment subscribers with your forms.

These forms will assist you in increasing the number of emails you send out. You don’t need to own a website in order to gather leads. AWeber will provide you with an URL that you can use to share on social media and other platforms.

Push Notifications

The push notifications are the notifications that appear whenever you have a browser on the web open. They are usually small, clickable messages which will remind users to return to your website.

Push notifications can be used to increase visitors to your website. This lets you send messages to site users, even if they’re visiting your landing page. This is even possible even if they’re reading the email you sent them.

It’s among the most effective methods to gently remind people to act. It is possible to use push notifications to inform your followers of an update on your blog. It is also possible to create time-sensitive announcements.

By using push notifications, you do not need to rely on marketing via email constantly. You can also stay in touch with your fans.

Customer Support

A great customer service experience will make your customer experience enjoyable in the majority of instances. If you have problems, it’s important to be aware of the people to assist you as soon as you can.

aweber homepage 5

There are many ways to communicate with AWeber in case you require assistance. You can contact them via phone. They can be reached via the toll-free number. They also have a number that is for people living outside of the United States.

Live chat support is always available. You can also send them an email at any time you’d like to.

It is also possible to refer to its assistance materials, such as those in the Knowledge Base articles they have on their website as well as their company blog. There are video tutorials available to help you become familiar with the tools of AWeber.

AWeber can assist you in migrating your site at no cost. All you have to do is fill out their form to migrate your site and their support team will take care of all the rest.


This well-known email marketing company has been in operation for quite a long period of time and continues to grow by adding new features to ensure you gain more benefits from the service.

AWeber integrates with a large variety of tools. Therefore, whatever landing page or opt-in forms platform you are using, most likely it will work with AWeber.

The platform is well-designed and easy to figure out how to navigate. The pricing for paid plans is easy to comprehend – additional features aren’t hidden behind costly levels. There’s one free plan and an upgrade plan.

Overall, you won’t be able to miss this marketing tool for email.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Reliable Is Aweber?

AWeber is a great choice for the majority of email marketing campaigns as it’s fairly well-equipped and priced reasonably inexpensively. If you’re looking to use advanced automation and segmentation features in your marketing campaigns There are better alternatives to choose from including GetResponse being an excellent option for people who require advanced features in email marketing.

How Much Will the Full Aweber Version Cost?

The Pro AWeber Pro version AWeber cost approximately $16.15 or $149.99 per month, depending on the number of members you’ve got on your email list as well as the frequency of payment. quarterly, monthly, or an annual basis.

Can I Use Aweber for Free?

You can utilize AWeber for free as your mailing list isn’t more than 500 subscribers. It is important to know that with the no-cost AWeber plan, ads will appear on your e-newsletters but you will not be able to take advantage of certain options.

What Is the Cost of Aweber per Month?

There are two plans available. The free plan provides the chance to see the possibilities AWeber can offer your company but isn’t without limitations. The paid plan begins with $16.15 each month (billed every year) and comes with a capacity of 500 users. As you increase the number of subscribers on your account the more you’ll be required to pay.

What Exactly Is Aweber Employed to Do?

AWeber can be used to automate marketing via email. It can also be used to design emails that operate by themselves when you launch them. There are tools to design email templates such as landing pages, forms, or even newsletters.

What Makes Aweber the Most Effective?

AWeber is among the most effective automation tools since it has a wide array of features, many of which aren’t available by competitors. It makes automation simple even for people who aren’t experts.

Is Aweber Superior to Mailchimp?

It’s not easy to be able to answer. It’s all dependent on what features you’re seeking when it comes to an email marketing tool. MailChimp isn’t the most expensive in terms of price but as you climb upwards in the number of subscribers, AWeber becomes more and more appealing.

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