Best CRM for Small Business

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| Reviewed by Jimmy Jimmy Parker

Last Updated on November 24, 2022

The Customer Relations Management (CRM) software can help businesses boost sales, increase expansion and offer extraordinary customer experience. There are a variety of CRM software platforms available and each comes with its distinct advantages and features. To make your research effortless, we’ve made an overview of the top CRM software for small-scale businesses currently available.

We looked at the top CRM software available and then compared them on price, usability, and functionality. We hope that this guide will help you find the best system for you and your staff.

Best CRM for Small Business

1. Salesforce – Great for Advanced Customization

In terms of CRM services, Salesforce is known as a market leader and provides an extremely popular basic-level platform perfect for growing and small companies. If you’re ready to move up and dive deeper in CRM features, Salesforce provides a wide array of customized solutions for marketing, sales, and customer service.

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The dashboard interface is simple using its simple and flexible layout, which makes it easy to remain focused when working on a particular task or nurturing a lead. The more advanced tools, such as the forecasting feature and artificial intelligence-powered assistance could be integrated into business plans depending on how your business and client demands change as time passes. The tools for guided learning provide many tricks to ensure efficient operation even for new users.

Salesforce is one of the largest marketplaces for third-party apps, Salesforce has integration capabilities for a wide range of platforms. It doesn’t matter if it’s Mailchimp, QuickBooks, Dropbox, or Google Workspace, Salesforce can assist you in integrating and streamlining everything you require to achieve your goals in sales and services.

Small-scale businesses can get the benefit of the workflow builders that allows you to automatize every job your team often does. Salesforce Mobile App Salesforce mobile application is made to be user-friendly similar to what you get from the Salesforce desktop experience while allowing it to tailor for employees who have different roles.

The Essentials plan that is ideal for small-sized companies and is priced at just $25 per month per user and allows up to 10 users. With this plan, smaller teams will benefit from features such as lead management, web-to-lead recording mass email campaigns, campaign management, templates for emails as well as case management, and five flow automation processes.

The Professional plan is priced at $75 per month for each user. It comes with custom applications and collaborative forecasting. The Enterprise plan costs $150 per month per user while the Unlimited plan costs $300 per month for each user. Each plan level comes with important features that will enhance your business’s CRM capabilities as your contacts and revenues increase.


  • Modern sales tools allow you to leverage the effectiveness of social media interaction to increase leads and boost sales.
  • Salesforce has the most extensive range of CRM products that are targeted and custom-designed solutions to suit every business of any kind.


  • The majority of Salesforce CRM plans require an annual commitment.


2. Pipedrive – Best for Visual Sales Pipelines

For companies that require an effective sales pipeline that is visually appealing that provides at-a-glance information, as well as visualization of data Pipedrive, is an excellent CRM solution. The visual tools in Pipedrive help you comprehend each opportunity, and the drag-and-drop interface lets employees respond quickly to the critical tasks that are displayed on the Dashboard.

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With custom-built fields and pipelines to optimize the workflow of your current systems and enhance procedures across different departments. Additionally, with its powerful mobile application, Pipedrive also helps you communicate with team members on the move.

Pipedrive is simple to set up even without an IT department Its visual features are designed to increase the efficiency of sales performance, report tools, workflow automation, and tracking communications. With a native messaging interface it is possible to save the history of interactions to aid in helping Pipedrive give you valuable information on the strategy for sales.

Pipedrive’s AI tool identifies the most important opportunities for improvement, providing suggestions for improving performance and tasks. It calculates your conversion rate to help you determine the number of leads you’ll be able should be completed to achieve your goals in the nearest time. Live reports will show you whether you’re in the right direction and allow you to alter your course if necessary and offer timely guidance to help you maximize your sales strategies.

Pipedrive provides its customers with an opportunity to test the service for 30 days free of charge with unlimited access without credit card requirements. With a price of $14 per month for each user for billing annually, the Essential plan offers 24/7 support as well as more than 275 integrations. Its Advanced plan, which costs $24 per month for each user adds additional automation of workflows and email features. For $49 per user each month The Professional plan comes with deep forecasting capabilities and one-click call calling. Pipedrive’s most extensive plan, that of the Enterprise plan, is priced at $99 per month per user and includes unlimited use of features access, user permissions, and transparency settings.


  • Make better decisions quicker by using Pipedrive’s simple-to-understand visualizations of data.
  • Pipedrive is simple to install and use even for teams that do not have dedicated IT personnel to help in the implementation.


  • There’s a limit to the number of deals that you can run within your sales funnels.


3. Sales CRM – Best for Project Management

For companies that have seemingly endless sales and ventures that are complex, Sales CRM offers an excellent solution for managing projects. The primary software for managing projects offers crucial features for time-saving and organizing. Customers who use Sales CRM appreciate user-friendly interfaces and unlimited boards for organizing projects. homepage

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If you require a custom dashboard that meets your needs for specific communications or want to dive into analysis using tools for visualizing customer data, Sales CRM offers an intuitive platform to help you achieve success. The foundational system for managing work stands out with its thoughtful design and its ability to adapt and run any workflow.

Not just it is Sales CRM an easy-to-use platform designed for project management and project management. It’s extremely customizable. Customers can configure and integrate notification systems into communication platforms such as Slack. This eliminates the need for periodic meetings to update the status. This is done by sending out notifications to team members whenever an assignment or project is in the process of being completed.

Furthermore, all plans come with unlimited boards for organizing contact and projects. Thanks to Sales CRM’s easy template for triggers and actions you are able to easily create much time-saving automation without any complex work or programming. It is possible to save time and boost productivity by using a centralized database that automatically records messages sent, keep the history of interactions with customers, and assists you in determining the sales opportunities you have. Sales CRM offers an unlimited plan for individuals that includes two seats for free with 5GB of storage space and more than 200 templates. The prices for the Standard and Basic plans range from $10 up to $14 per month for each user for billing annually.

For large-scale businesses that require of advanced automation as well as integration, analytics, as well as security Sales CRM, has the Enterprise plan, however, you must contact Sales for a customized estimate. Non-profit organizations and students using Sales CRM can be eligible for free or discounted access. Additionally, all annual subscribers can get discounts of up to 18% off plans.


  • All plans come with the same customer support available 24/7 via email and telephone.
  • Implementing time-saving automation is a breeze using the templates that are pre-designed.


  • Automated actions are limited by the number of actions per month.


4. Oracle NetSuite CRM – Best for eCommerce

Midsize companies in the e-commerce industry that depend on returning customers require a CRM system that can help them comprehend their customers’ buying behavior. Oracle’s NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP platform that has CRM capabilities that are designed for business owners who wish to offer the most satisfying customer experience.

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The CRM module allows companies to maximize the value of every contact with customers at all points. NetSuite manages the automation and synchronization of customer interaction across various departments, such as sales, marketing as well as customer service, and technical support. This means that any employee is able to converse with any client as when they were the primary contact point with all the relevant contexts from the first interaction.

Through NetSuite’s dashboard, you can get a 360-degree view of your customer’s data and a clear overview of the work being done across all departments dealing with customers. The dashboard includes important performance indicators, active campaigns, leads that are new along with monthly data analysis, as well as other helpful tools.

NetSuite’s marketing automation can be used for campaigns across many channels. It comes using forecasting tools to predict the outcome of deals and help you remain on top of your business objectives. The mobile application allows seamless use on any device connected to the internet, and the integrated shipping feature will ease the burdensome job of shipping labels and labeling.

Prices of Oracle’s NetSuite CRM module are available on request, however, the majority of mid-sized and small companies can expect that the monthly cost will be around a couple of thousand dollars. A lot of NetSuite CRM users choose to combine NetSuite together with the other Oracle services to get an affordable total price per customer.

Although the unpredictability of pricing could be a problem for certain customers, Oracle has software solutions for all businesses and it’s worth of the time to request an estimate when you’re searching for the complete solution.


  • NetSuite is one of the most flexible CRM platforms that are available.
  • Based on an enterprise resource plan (ERP) system, NetSuite is a truly integrated, all-in-one solution for commerce for marketing, sales, and operations.


  • You’ll have to purchase the complete ERP platform in order to utilize any CRM tools and features.


5. Insightly – Best for Customization

With a unique and efficient relationship-linking feature, the Insightly CRM provides customers with additional control over the sales process. For smaller teams that do not have the capability of managing the entire details of sales procedures, Insightly offers a dynamic and easily-customizable solution.

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Administrators and reps can design their personal dashboards to emphasize specific contexts, metrics, and workflows. Although AI or predictive software is only available in the most expensive plans, all of Insightly’s plans let you make specific rules for typical situations that trigger actions in selling.

The process of tracking metrics and performance indicators is different for every company, and Insightly allows the customization of the reports and processes to meet the needs of any business in any sector. The top-level plan provides customers with the capability to design and define workflows based on a single event.

These features that can be customized could help save significant time and free employees of repetitive, work that is not productive. Complete workflow automation, customized verification rules, and dynamic layouts for pages and webhooks that can be customized, Insightly can provide impressive automation capabilities with an all-inclusive plan.

Insightly CRM provides three different plans. The cheapest plan, which starts at just $29 per month allows you to work on any device and comes with integration to Slack with their AI bot that keeps your team updated regarding new leads and internal communications.

The Professional plan, priced at $49 per month, helps companies identify leads and manage them with customized real-time insights cards and other integrations. For just $99 per month, the Enterprise plan will take an existing CRM system to the next stage by providing better customer relations, integrations to all applications, and the ability to offer custom quotes for complicated and customized products.


  • Insightly makes use of a flexible record linking system that gives teams more understanding of the complex customer relationships.
  • Insightly’s customizable dashboards are simple to create and provide the members of your team access to the information they require in their jobs.


  • Support for customers is limited to email messages for the basic plan.


6. Zendesk – Best for Complete Customer Life Cycle

Zendesk provides unique native integration as well as customer service products that provide assistance throughout the complete customer’s entire life. Customer experiences that go beyond the sales team require all parties to get on the same team. Zendesk Sell maximizes collaboration across departments, allowing teams in support, marketing, and sales to work in tandem with the same goal and data.

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The CRM platform unifies data from multiple touchpoints with customers to prevent departments from having duplicate communications or having no information. This is extremely valuable for companies with complicated customer profiles as well as long-term relationships. For instance, your support team will keep track of the customer’s journey through sales and marketing using Zendesk Support.

Zendesk’s smart lists help sales representatives segment customers and filter leads, allowing marketing teams to keep track of the customer’s interactions and design effective communication strategies. This is the only one-way Zendesk’s CRM system can aid in precise forecasting and management, with complete visibility into the sales process. No matter if you’re employing the standard plan or a higher-level plan that allows you to provide top-quality customer service with all the latest and historical data you need in a single glance.

Small-scale businesses and solo entrepreneurs are the best candidates for Zendesk’s entry-level plans. It offers the core CRM features, as well as basic reports and sales pipelines that can be customized. For those who require selling forecasting capabilities, technology-driven analytics for calls as well as ample storage for documents Zendesk Sell’s higher-level plans are a great option with a price that is competitive.

Role-based permissions and other flexible settings allow administrators to have extensive control over access to data within the CRM, as well as unlimited email templates that aid teams in coordinating email marketing.

After being acquired by major investment firms worldwide Permira along with Hellman & Friedman LLC, Zendesk is now a privately-owned company. The deal, which is expected to be completed during the 4th quarter of 2022 will enable Zendesk to boost product innovation and meet its growth targets. We will monitor the outcome of this deal and revise our review accordingly.


  • Zendesk provides a variety of collaboration tools that will keep team members engaged and working in a team at any location in the office.
  • Zendesk is specifically designed to be a CRM that can help customers to handle post-sale tasks and renewals.


  • The dashboard for the home page doesn’t offer the most intuitive navigation among the CRMs we’ve examined.


7. Freshsales – Best All-Rounder for Smaller Businesses

Freshsales ‘ CRM program is flexible and intuitive, with integrated tools that help optimize communication and better understand customers. The highly intelligent Artificial Intelligence assistant Freddy was designed by Freshworks to assist you in developing a knowledge of your customers using previous sales information, activity, and engagement. Freshworks also comes with an integrated VoIP phone service that includes toll-free local numbers for purchase in more than 90 countries. You can also call via any device.

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When you’ve got your workflows, pipelines, and forecasting tools, Freshsales helps you better understand and offer your clients the right items and solutions. Within this platform, you are able to create customized mass email marketing campaigns manage deals, forecast sales performance forecast revenue, and strategically connect with potential customers. Your Freshsales CRM will also automate the creation of the contact profiles of your prospects as well as identify deals that are not working and awaken cold leads that have potential.

The three paid Freshsales plans come with everything you need to be successful in marketing and sales The Pro and Enterprise plans offer distinct attributes that help make Freshsales an extremely popular CRM system. Freshsales provides a no-cost plan as well as a 21-day free trial on all accounts. The cheapest program, Growth, is listed at just $15 per month. It offers up to five sequences of sales, as well as 250 bulk email messages that are personalized every day.

The Pro plan gives two sales sequences and significantly extends the daily limit of emails for users at a cost of $39 per month. For sales requirements that are more advanced for larger organizations, Enterprise plans are available. The enterprise plan is offered for $69 per month and includes 25 sales sequences as well as 55,000 customized bulk emails per day.


  • You can create complex outbound emails using this CRM.
  • Every plan comes with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone features that allow you to reduce costs by allowing you to avoid the other providers.


  • Certain automated activities, such as bot sessions, are not included to each plan and necessitate you to purchase additional sessions every month.


8. Keap – Best for Ease of Use

With its easy-to-use interface and easy setup, Keap is an appealing option for businesses that are attempting to use CRM applications for the very first time. Keap has been designed to assist users in learning quickly, without presuming that their customers are experts in CRM. The CRM platform that is all-in-one keeps all customer data in a central location and then automatically adds all customer interactions to increase the ability of your team to offer support and sell effectively.

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From within the Dashboard, you and your employees’ members can send emails, and text messages, schedule appointments, manage purchases and create invoices in just one click. To make the process of building your business more efficient, Keap intuitively automates contact management across multiple platforms.

Keap can be installed within 20 minutes for small-scale business situations Customers receive a personal support team to ensure the successful usage of the program. It is designed to help you grow your company, Keap provides premade and custom-designed templates for pipelines, as well as helpful videos detailing the features of the software.

If you don’t have any programming skills You can automate actions to turn prospects into customers. To make navigation efficient you can arrange information in chronological order or by using an organized view. Keap also provides user-friendly statistics and helps with sales trends as well as email marketing performance and list growth.

In addition, Keap is specifically designed for people who are new to the software, but its pricing structure is distinct from other CRM software companies. Utilizing a contact-based pricing system, Keap offers two main plans: Max and Pro.

If billed annually for billing annually, the Pro plan begins with a monthly cost of $139 for 2 seats, while the Max plan is $199 per month, which is for 3 seats. Both plans offer a restricted number of contacts. However, with a greater monthly base, the platform is able to handle more than 250,000 contacts. The company also provides an initial 14-day trial.


  • You have access to more than 2,500 integrations with software to improve nearly every company process, workflow, or procedure.
  • Keap is easy to use eCommerce feature for invoicing and billing.


  • Keap utilizes contact-based pricing, which means additional costs for teams that have over 10,000 people in contact.


9. Zoho CRM – Best for Remote and Hybrid Teams

For teams who are constantly on the move and across various places, Zoho CRM allows remote teams to work more efficiently. Zoho has been designed to boost leads, boost sales and precisely measure performance in a simple and efficient manner. Zia AI-powered assistant anticipates deals and leads, determines potential customers that could be converted and aids sales teams of all sizes make the most of their time with easy-to-use instructions.

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Zoho is also a great alternative for remote workers due to its game features that foster friendly competition. Each lead, call, and sale can be transformed into a prize that creates an exciting and motivating sales environment, regardless of the location of your team members.

It’s easy to build a unique and user-friendly platform, with numerous integration options and a plethora of customizable dashboards. The Feeds notifications module is readily accessible and is able to be displayed across every team member’s dashboards. Other tools that can be helpful include SalesSignals which tracks interactions with customers through various channels and informs team members of valuable and time-sensitive leads to take action on them quickly.

Zoho provides four pricing plans including Standard Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. As per the program vendor, it is the Enterprise Plan, which is priced at $40 per month per user when it is billed annually. It comes with the useful Zia AI, a customer journey command center, Canvas visual CRM, the mobile software development kit as well as multi-user portals. The Standard plan costs $14 per month for each user and the most advanced option, Ultimate, is $52 per month for each user.


  • Zoho’s user-friendly automation can help reduce the time spent by your staff on repetitive tasks and also improve your sales process.
  • Your employees who are not in the office can receive instant notifications whenever customers contact your business.


  • Only Enterprise subscribers can access these AI-powered tools.


10. HubSpot CRM – Best for Integrations

With the integration options included in the brand new Operations Hub, HubSpot is an ideal choice for sales teams seeking to boost their efficiency by centralizing data from different software vendors.

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Customers can connect with third-party applications to clean and sync data about customers and automate business procedures that can help your team’s efficiency. After you’ve connected your other platforms with HubSpot CRM, HubSpot CRM will track performance metrics for your sales funnels, activities insight, productivity, and performance across all sales processes.

HubSpot integrations can also aid businesses in storing lead information in one central location. Every interaction with leads regardless of the platform on which the conversation was conducted, is recorded in a clear timeline so that you’ll always know where the conversation ended the next time you or another team member takes it up. By synchronizing using Gmail, Outlook, and social media platforms, HubSpot captures virtually every customer interaction, making it simple to monitor and manage.

HubSpot provides a lifetime-free plan that includes more than 90 report templates that can be used to create custom dashboards, however, its paid CRM program includes customers report builders, so you can get precise information and tweak report outcomes. If you’re a small company seeking to centralize and integrate your sales processes the free HubSpot plan could be a perfect choice. The basic plan, which is paid that allows two users to use the service has numerous attractive features, such as an appointment scheduler as well as simple automation tools.


  • HubSpot offers one of the most comprehensive libraries of mostly free integrations. It has over 1,000 top software applications.
  • HubSpot’s free plan is ideal for businesses that are just starting out and want an easy platform for marketing, sales, and service.


  • The HubSpot minimum seat requirement could hinder its plans in the upper tiers from the reach of smaller enterprises.


11. Sage CRM – Best for Customer Support

Offering a great customer experience doesn’t end when you’ve made a sale. You should continue to build your relationships with your customers and be able to respond promptly when problems occur. The customer service tools in Sage CRM will allow your employees to provide assistance and monitor resolutions, without having to leave your CRM system. The team collaboration tools provide metrics regarding case history and resolution time to assist you in identifying service gaps and report tools allow you to design comprehensive visual charts and reports.

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Sage CRM offers an integrated repository that records the most common problems and their solutions. It is possible to create solutions on the fly or archive reviewed and preapproved options in your knowledge base to ensure greater consistency and speedier resolutions to cases. Additionally, or in conjunction with a self-service website that assists your customers in resolving their own problems, thus reducing the workload on your support staff.

Numerous additional CRM tools enhance the customer experience right from the contact until the conclusion of the transaction. Automated workflows and lead routing make sure that your sales reps are in contact directly with their customers at the correct timing, and forecasting tools and reporting tools study everything from customer behavior and sales tactics. Sage CRM also has a range of features that can assist you in managing multichannel marketing campaigns as well as support targeted marketing strategies.


  • The simultaneous access to the history of service and sales will give you a complete view of a customer’s experience.
  • Combining support and sales tools onto a single platform helps keep your software costs lower and helps you centralize crucial customer information.


  • It is necessary to contact an agent to inquire about the pricing of Sage’s CRM.


12. Quickbase – Best for Cross-Platform Integrations

Despite the many CRM programs available, however, small-scale business owners are unable to find the perfect fit. Enter Quickbase which is a free CRM template that can be used to build a fully integrated CRM.

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Quickbase is a “low-code” solution, meaning that the bulk of the work is taken care of by Quickbase however, it requires some knowledge of coding to create the final product. It’s not the best software for all, but professionals appreciate the benefits of a low-code application which can be ready for deployment in weeks rather than months. Changes and tweaks in the application are done within a sandbox setting which means there’s no requirement to shut down the whole CRM system offline to make upgrades. Certain components can be altered without any disruption.

Once it is live, Quickbase behaves like a traditional CRM. It has drag-and-drop workflow automatizations and file attachment spaces, integration of business apps as well as reports and other typical CRM tools. Every plan comes with access to the library that includes hundreds of apps that are worth a look.

Quickbase doesn’t have as many features as other pre-built CRMs, but most businesses see that as a benefit. Flexible CRMs give you the possibility of incorporating the features you need without having to pay for features that you don’t really need. Quickbase begins at 600 dollars per month when it is you pay annually.


  • It’s adaptable to ever-changing requirements in business regardless of how wide.
  • Quickbase lets you build an entire CRM that is built to your exact requirements.


  • This software requires more technical expertise than a CRM system that is prebuilt will.


How to Choose CRM Software

Price Factor

Cost is the most obvious factor for small and medium-sized businesses and startups looking for tools for CRM. If you don’t have a number of hands to play with and you’re trying to ensure that every penny that you spend is counted. If you’re on a limited budget or are skeptical in regards to the benefits of such software It’s possible to start using a CRM that is free.

Customer Support

There’s a good chance you don’t have the company’s own department of IT. So, you’ll have to ensure that the CRM you select comes with a top customer support team that is available to help ease the learning curve, respond to any questions that arise, and solve technical issues promptly


Automating repetitive tasks can save your time and allows you to concentrate on more important stimulating work. You should look to automate features such as the entry of data, emails to customers, and follow-ups as well as the updating of information fields.


If you’re a small-sized business, it’s likely that you’re doing things your method, not following a book. With that in mind, we suggest you look for options that allow you to customize features so that you can adapt CRM software to meet your individual requirements for your business. Being able to change contact and opportunity fields as well as other components can be extremely beneficial when you’re operating in an area that’s not yet explored.

The Reasons Why Small Businesses Require CRM?

There are a variety of CRM platforms. In the past, CRM software was targeted at enterprises. This is no longer the case.

Smaller businesses are now able to adopt a CRM system without breaking their minds or budgets. It’s a great thing because the CRM software can increase sales by two-digit percentage points.

The capability to streamline workflows within one application makes daily tasks easier and frees up resources to expand. CRM offers a clearly defined procedure to help you close more deals and complete tasks within the timeframe, and decrease the chance of miscommunication.

Sales funnel and lead management features can help you create better sales processes. A sales pipeline can help you simplify your process. Opportunities management tools help identify future sales. Customer support tools help make your customer experience more pleasant, assisting you to comprehend your customers and decrease the rate of churn, allowing your business to expand.

Benefits of Using CRM Software

Increase Your Earnings

Being able to monitor the sales process closely, manage your sales staff, and increase customer service to decrease the rate of churning will help you increase sales and improve your profits. It’s an established fact.

Make Sure You Save Time

CRM chops down the number of hours spent weekly on pesky admin tasks like manual data entry, letting you concentrate on relationship-building and fine-tuning your operations.

Make Reports

With the campaign, marketing sales, and customer reports, you can track information, spot the causes of problems, reveal patterns in your behavior, and determine the overall ROI of your investment is doing. Sales CRMs can produce reports of sales activity and sales trends. This lets you keep track of all of the data that is coming in, find issues, and make improvements to the sales process.

Keep Track of Your Contacts

Contact management lets you consolidate information about suppliers, customers as well as everyone else. CRMs let you aggregate multiple channels of contact information, including emails, social media, LinkedIn, business cards, and many more.


The best software for you could need some research and comparison shopping. Whatever software you choose to start with you’ll gain many details about what this type of software will do for your daily work.

CRM software provides many blue benefits for your start-up or small business, ranging from pinpointing the source of pain to broadening the range of your customers.

They’re essential in gaining a better understanding of the complexities of the selling process. Marketing through social media and automation can make your company more competitive as well as help you stay in the forefront of new developments.

After you’ve realized the value of the effort (and the money) spent, we’ll bet that you’ll continue in the process of synchronizing and enhancing your work through an all-in-one solution that will help you build outstanding customer relations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is the Reason a CRM Software System Is Open Source?

If the software is advertised as “open source,” it generally means that part or all of its source code is made available to users for modification and review. Programmers and developers who desire the possibility of customizing their CRM software in a wide range typically choose open-source solutions.

Does CRM Require a Large It Investment?

No. There are many cloud CRM options which IT (IT) beginners can use. There is no need to invest a lot of money in the IT infrastructure of your physical location or hire IT personnel in order to handle your CRM. A lot of CRM software is offered as software as a service (SaaS)m which means that you pay for the services you use and can cancel it at any point.

What Is the Most Simple CRM?

One of the top CRM solutions that we have reviewed, Zoho CRM, is the most user-friendly. It has an easy and user-friendly interface, and useful tutorials to help you get to be up and running. It’s also customizable, meaning you can modify it to your company’s requirements.