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| Reviewed by Jimmy Jimmy Parker

Last Updated on November 24, 2022

Searching for the top services for email marketing can be a challenge. Beyond the well-known brands in the sector, there are many new players entering the field.

To identify the golden ratio i.e. the one that is most effective for you, we have to go beyond an easy investigation of their capabilities and determine which one can increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns without cost savings or usability issues.

We’ve curated the most effective marketing tools for an email to take you on the right track to take your business marketing strategies to the next step.

Why Is Email Marketing Vital?

Today email marketing continues to be a crucial strategic tool for companies of all sizes and sectors. They help companies build strong relationships with prospective buyers and customers, all the while guiding them along the buyer’s journey, and keeping consistent communication throughout.

In addition, in the years that ESPs continue to evolve features such as A/B testing and automation as well as personalization have made these tools more useful to marketers seeking to connect with an increasingly dispersed target audience.

We’ll now examine some of the top email marketing services currently available — including the one you may want to consider implementing within your business.

Best Email Marketing Services

1. Constant Contact – Best Overall

Constant Contact is an incredibly popular email marketing service that is used well in a wide range of industries.

constant contact homepage

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Constant Contact Features

The service includes more than 100 email templates that you can use as is or modify. If your email is good looking you can plan it to send it to your contacts whenever you like.

Alongside drip emails, it is also possible to have emails be sent out at intervals to mark particular events. For instance, you could make an ongoing email blast to each birthday of a customer.

After an email contact list was uploaded to your account, any bounces, as well as unsubscribes, will be automatically updated for you. Constant Contact also has “Plus” options that allow you to run specific kinds of campaigns like donations, coupon offers, and surveys.

Constant Contact Price

Constant Contact has two plans that are based on the features you require. They start at just $20 or $45 per month. The pricing difference is related to the number of contacts you have. The company offers a trial for free for you to test the service before you commit to it.


2. SendinBlue – Best Choice to Send Automated Nurturing and Text Message Marketing Campaigns

SendinBlue offers an online marketing tool that lets customers send over 30 million automated email and text messages daily.

SendinBlue homepage

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SendinBlue Features

Alongside the email feature, SendinBlue also has a form tool that lets you gather leads. These leads can later segment into specific lists and incorporate into emails to nurture them.

Are you unsure of how to start your email nurture campaign? Don’t worry. SendinBlue provides workflows that allow you access to a range of automated campaigns that are pre-designed to your goals.

If you’d like to launch an even more sophisticated email nurture campaign, you are able to make a new campaign to fit your business’s specific requirements.

SendinBlue Price

SendinBlue offers four different plans. One of them is completely free and two cost between $25 to $65 per month. The third plan is for business and requires an individual quote. Prices vary depending on the number of emails you send per day per month.


3. Omnisend – Best Way to Grow Your Customer Base

Omnisend is a user-friendly platform that provides automation workflows that can be used at any stage of the journey of a customer.

Omnisend homepage

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Omnisend Features

What sets Omnisend from other email marketing tools is its multi-channel features, which provide more control over how and when you interact with your customers. Within the automation workflow, you can integrate SMS, email, and push notifications to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and many more.

If you’re trying to reach out to a certain audience that doesn’t respond to conventional emails, tools such as Omnisend can assist you in creating and managing more custom targeted workflows for communication. It’s not just helping you communicate with your clients better but can also provide a less disruptive and more personalized experience for your clients.

Omnichannel features, combined with user-friendly segmentation mean that you can deliver the right information to the appropriate person at the right moment in the correct channel.

Omnisend also has templates available for campaigns, email capture, and automation workflows, to help you start in a short time.

Omnisend Price

Omnisend offers three pricing plans, one is free with limited capabilities as well as a re-usable professional plan. They offer the opportunity to try a trial for free so that you can try the program to see which one is best for you.


4. Moosend – Best for eCommerce

Moosend is an automated marketing and email marketing platform that provides a range of features at an affordable cost.

Moosend homepage

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Moosend Features

The platform Moosend offers lets you quickly create email newsletters including landing pages, landing pages, and subscription forms that will capture the attention of your readers.

With the drag-and-drop editor, you can create emails from scratch with interactive elements such as videos or any of our responsive templates. You can also create specific campaigns to target specific groups of your target audience employing advanced automation features or develop custom workflows, such as welcome, engagement as well as abandoned carts sequences.

Real-time analytics and reporting tools provide you with measurable results on the effectiveness of campaigns and user engagement, allowing you to make informed, reliable decisions. You can then use the A/B testing feature to identify the best elements for your intended group to improve your email marketing strategy to achieve greater outcomes.

Moosend Price

The pricing model of Moosend is based on subscribers and comprises three pricing levels. The trial for free includes the majority of features and lets users send unlimited email messages. The Pro plan costs $9 per month and allows you to send unlimited emails and create automated workflows, forms as well as landing pages, as well as send out transactional emails to up 500 contacts. For greater functionality and more assistance, you can choose the Enterprise plan is built on custom pricing.


5. AWeber – Best Value for Low Subscribers

The Aweber email service is specially designed for small companies and entrepreneurs.

aweber homepage

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AWeber Features

The purpose of AWeber’s mission AWeber is to simplify the process for people new to email marketing to separate their lists, write professional emails, and begin cultivating leads. The customers have been raving about AWeber for its ability to deliver AWeber’s delivery team is monitoring their servers round the clock to make sure that your message is consistently reaching your inboxes recipients.

Aweber Price

AWeber provides two plans: free and professional. AWeber Pro is the more expensive plan. The AWeber Pro plan begins at $16.15 per month and will increase in cost based on the number of items on your needs. You may also opt to pay annually or on a quarterly cycle if you prefer that over the monthly billing.


6. HubSpot Email Marketing Software – Best Choice for Marketing Via Automated Emails

HubSpot’s email marketing software is simple to use and is extremely reliable in its quality of delivery, and every bell and whistle that you’d expect to find in an ESP.

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HubSpot Email Marketing Software Features

When you’re creating an email you can select one of the numerous drag-and-drop templates, or create a customized template that is tailored to your company’s brand. Once you’ve chosen your template, adding information is simple and easy.

You can also customize and review your emails for various recipients based on their device type, location, or inclusion in lists — or make use of a simple personalization token to ensure that every email has content that is unique to each individual recipient.

When it’s the moment to mail an email Smart Send can ensure that recipients receive your messages at precisely the time you want them to. You can also run A/B tests in order to evaluate various versions of your email to find out which resonates with the greatest customers. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about deliverabilityHubSpot has a 99% deliverability rate. HubSpot has a 99% deliverability rate across all of its networks for all marketing emails.

In addition to the email marketing function, HubSpot offers a wide array of reports on the performance of your email, letting you determine what’s resonated with your readers so that you can improve your strategies to meet your goals.

You could, for instance, be able to report on something like your overall email performance during the first quarter or go granular and look at how a specific prospect is reacting to your emails.

The automation platform of HubSpot lets you easily expand your email marketing strategy which can help you convert leads into loyal clients.

HubSpot Email Marketing Software Price

Hubspot’s Email Marketing Software (and CRM for small – to medium-sized businesses for that matter) is completely free. If you require more capabilities, it might be worthwhile to purchase one of the more advanced Marketing Hub plans.


7. GetResponse – Best Choice for Lead Generation That Is Automated

GetResponse is a marketing automation tool that is available in over 20 different languages.

GetResponse homepage

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GetResponse Features

In addition to the email marketing and automation features, GetResponse also offers a landing page, CRM, and a complete webinar service.

The platform offers more than 500 templates to help begin your journey to email marketing and is integrated with Shutterstock which gives you access to the creative library that is at your fingertips. Additionally, their drip campaign tool is operated by a calendar interface that lets you know precisely the time you’ll be reaching out to your prospects.

GetResponse Price

The four GetResponse plans to choose from that range in price between $15 and $99.99 per month (plus an enterprise-level plan which will require you to contact for an estimate). Prices vary based on your list size, and you can pay either monthly or annually. Each plan includes a no-cost trial, so you can try the program before committing.


8. ActiveCampaign – Top Email Automation Platform for Advanced Users

ActiveCampaign is an automated marketing platform that provides live chat capabilities and an integrated CRM service along with features for email marketing.

activecampaign homepage

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ActiveCampaign Features

If you integrate a CRM into their features, ActiveCampaign can help surface the best leads to your sales team with tools like lead scoring. It also permits you to include dynamic content within your emails. This allows you to offer various experiences to your subscribers according to the way you group the recipients.

ActiveCampaign Price

ActiveCampaign has four plans available that you can pay for either monthly or annually. The plans differ according to the number of contacts that you have and vary in price between $9 and $259. It is possible to test the service prior to purchasing it by registering for a trial.


9. MailChimp – Best Email Marketing Solution For Newsletter Design

Through the years, MailChimp has added landing pages, as well as a variety of advertising tools to its capabilities, however, its email marketing program remains its most recognizable service.

MailChimp homepage

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MailChimp Features

MailChimp is home to millions of users across over 175 countries. they make use of the data they collect from those customers to give you relevant insights to help enhance your email marketing strategy. The software is flexible enough to be used by an enterprise-level company, yet easy enough for those who is just starting their own startup’s marketing plan for email.

Most importantly, MailChimp comes with over 300 integrations that let you personalize the tool for your specific business needs. With these integrations, you can enhance your marketing strategy and email strategy, you’ll maximize the value of your email marketing strategy.

MailChimp Price

MailChimp offers four plans you can select from, ranging in cost from zero to $299 per month. Apart from being a free option, dependent on which plan you choose to go with, the cost of your monthly subscription will increase based on the number of contacts you’ve got.


10. Sender – Best Choice for An Affordable Email Marketing Platform that Has High Deliverability to Inboxes

Sender is an all-in-one automation tool that goes above simply providing basic marketing via email.

Sender homepage

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Sender Features

Sender is a reliable and inexpensive email marketing service and provider that offers accessible high-end features. You can utilize the automation builder module that comes with the powerful conditional flow to create an array of SMS and email steps that can be activated in response to quickly defined triggers like abandoning your cart, purchasing, clicking on links, emails opened, and many more. The Segmentation feature of the program allows you to categorize your customers based on crucial factors such as the basic details, their engagement, and even custom fields.

Alongside sending emails, you can select from a wide selection of robust and highly responsive popups, or embeddable forms. You can make them your own with your logo and offering and then place them on your landing page or websites in no time. With the Sender SMS feature, you can connect your SMS and email messages as a one-off, immediate broadcasts, or schedule them to be scheduled for a later date and time in only two clicks.

Sender Price

The pricing plans of Sender are affordable for all prices. The Free Forever plan comes with the most advanced, premium features, including automation and segmentation, in addition to the ability to keep 2500 contacts and send up to 15,000 emails per month. The paid plans start at $12.50 per month for the capability to send up to 60,000 email messages to a maximum of five thousand contacts. SMS credits start at $0.015 for one unit.


11. EngageBay – Best Option for Account-Based Marketing Via Email

EngageBay is a complete marketing sales, and customer service software specifically designed for small-sized businesses.

EngageBay homepage

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EngageBay Features

EngageBay’s robust platform lets you create personalized email marketing campaigns create beautiful landing page designs, collect leads with forms and then quickly close sales.

The multistep automation tool lets you automate the most difficult tasks without having to write one word of code. You can select from a variety of triggers to start workflows, and build custom workflows for different situations, such as drip campaigns cart abandonment notifications, welcome emails, as well as birthday wishes.

Social media is an effective method of generating leads. Through EngageBay’s social media management it is possible to interact with your followers on social media using the same tool. manage all of your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, along with LinkedIn accounts, then make use of streams to track posts, retweets, mentions, and occasions.

You can also use social listening to see the latest trends and what your target audience is talking about. To publish ahead of time, plan your posts with care to get the highest results.

EngageBay Price

EngageBay provides four plans. The free plan comes with essential features that can help small-sized companies start their journey. The Pro plan starts at $99 and includes unlimited contacts. It also includes account-based marketing advanced automation, traffic analytics as well as other tools that can aid in scaling your business efficiently.


12. AutoPilot – Best Tool for Teams That Collaborate On Email Marketing

Autopilot distinguishes itself from other competitors by using its marketing visual tools.

AutoPilot homepage

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AutoPilot Features

Everything from the AutoPilot mail editor, to the automated tool, is configured to operate using a drag-and-drop interface, making the tool user-friendly and simple to use.

AutoPilot provides tools for collaboration to allow your team to work efficiently. It allows you to communicate your work to your team, making sure that everyone is in the same boat before you start an initiative. Autopilot’s “annotate & collaborate” feature that allows you to quickly create the customer’s journey and then request feedback from your team as well as assistance.

AutoPilot Price

AutoPilot has three plans available that vary in cost between $49 to $249. The prices depend on your amount of contacts. There are three kinds of cycles for billing, which include monthly and annual commitment and annual.


13. Pabbly Email Marketing – Best for Sending Out Mass Emails

Pabbly Email Marketing is an email marketing program that allows you to create bulk email messages using either SMTP or an external SMTP.

Pabbly homepage

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Pabbly Email Marketing Features

Pabbly gives you access to SMTP routing automation of workflows as well as email scheduling and many more with no limitations. With the aid of autoresponders and marketing automation built into the software, it is possible to schedule emails in advance and design triggers that will avoid the need for manual follow-up messages.

Furthermore, Pabbly offers responsive email templates as well as a drag-and-drop editor to make it easy to customize. The email tracking feature lets you monitor the open rate, bounce rates, as well as click-through rates to help you improve your email marketing campaigns and marketing.

Pabbly Email Marketing Price

Pabbly has a variety of plans that are depending on the number of users. The company offers a free plan, which lets you email unlimited messages to up to 1,000 subscribers, and an advanced plan specifically tailored for websites that draw large crowds.


14. Campaign Monitor – Great for Creating Customized Emails

Campaign Monitor prides itself on offering powerful, personal emails that are easy and simple to use.

Campaign Monitor homepage

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Campaign Monitor Features

The drag-and-drop editor for email is simple and its analytics allow you to easily optimize your email marketing strategy and build targeted segments of your customers.

Personalization is a key element of a campaign monitor. The use of data allows for the quality of your content, and also informs the segmentation of your list to improve your participation. They also provide an automation tool that can be visualized allowing you to design a custom customer journey with a broader reach.

In addition, Campaign Monitor offers numerous resources that can aid you in becoming an expert in email marketing.

Campaign Monitor Price

There are three plans that you can select from, with Campaign Monitor ranging from $9 up to $149 per month. You can pay annually instead of monthly, or benefit from the option of paying per campaign if this plan is more suitable for your requirements.


15. SendX – Best Choice for Providing Information On the Performance of Your Email Marketing In Terms of Visuals

SendX is a simple inexpensive, cost-effective, and feature-rich email marketing tool for business owners and marketers.

SendX homepage

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SendX Features

With SendX the ability to distribute unlimited email to your subscribers who have signed up in the various pricing options. You are charged per subscriber, not per email sent, regardless of the number of tags, lists, or segments you’ve got them in.

It is possible to optimize your email marketing campaigns based on 30+ variables, such as the previous open rate such as time zone, time zone, ISP, email client, and many more. Automate your email marketing using the help of a rule-based interface. You can ensure that you send the correct message to the right person by using drip sequences of emails as well as audience segmentation.

SendX can help you expand your email list by using popups and forms. There are also pre-designed email templates that you can further customize using the drag-and-drop email editor but without HTML.

It also includes an interactive heatmap report for various kinds of campaigns, giving an overview of the CTAs have been working as well as what hyperlinks users click.

SendX Price

The pricing of SendX is based on how many subscribers are you having. With 1,000 users, subscriptions begin with $7.49 each month, for an Annual membership (or $9.99 for monthly subscriptions). They also provide the option of a 14-day trial for free.


How to Find the Best Email Marketing Service for You

The most effective email marketing solution is going to be different for you. For instance, the multi-million-dollar information product will have different needs from the basic blogger.

However, there are certain factors that we have taken into account since we believe they are the most crucial for businesses of all sizes.

I’ll explain the details of the process we used to create this list. I’ll describe what is important to you, what’s not, and the information you should be aware of to determine the most suitable choice for you.

Easy Automation

There’s nothing quite as effective as”the “set it and forget it” method of business.

When an email marketing program can be made automated, you won’t need to be concerned about making sure that each one of your subscribers is in the right sales funnel. Once you’ve configured it then they’ll get the email they’re supposed to get in a timely manner.

This is the reason you need to locate an email marketing service that allows you to create automated emails without any hassle and complicated tagging strategies.

Constant Contact (pictured above) is an absolute standout in the field of automated emails. It allows you to send welcome messages to new subscribers and then put them into drip campaigns in response to the actions of their subscribers. Simple design makes it possible to do this effortlessly and without hassles.

GetResponse is another choice you should consider if automating is your thing. Its Autofunnel platform lets you easily build fully automated sales, leads, and webinar funnels with only two clicks.

In-Depth Analytics

According to the old business adage says: “If you can measure it, you can improve it.”

In this regard, an effective email marketing service can provide you with the tools for reporting that you require to provide you with detailed measurements and key performance indicators.

This will provide vital information on the location of your customers as well as who they are and what they are looking for from your company.

It will also assist you in creating better marketing and service strategies in the near future. For instance, you’ll be able better segment your customers using the proper data.

HubSpot offers some of the top tools for analyzing conversions and traffic available. In addition to their A/B test feature and analytics tools, they will provide you with exact information about how your emails perform and the reasons behind it.

Simple Segmentation

If your company expands and expands, you’ll need to reach different segments of your market for different offerings. In the end, if you provide a range of products and services that are different, people in your client list will be looking for the same things.

An effective email marketing solution offers simple, but effective ways to divide your customers.

For instance, a platform such as MailChimp lets you tag segments of your audience based on how they signed up for the email newsletter. This way, you can group those segments into targeted funnels quickly and easily.

A service such as Omnisend lets you send out targeted campaigns according to the interests of your subscribers, demographics as well as email open rates and the items they’ve bought.

It’s crucial to remember that if you’d like segment features (and should you be committed to email marketing then you should). You’ll be required to purchase it. It’s usually not included in any free service. But, it’s worthwhile, particularly in the case of the growth of your business and the conversion rate.

All your marketing tools, eye-catching templates, and excellent writing for your campaigns are contingent on your ability of you to comprehend your target audience. The best message can be an airball if it’s delivered in the wrong place or to the wrong person.

Segmentation and other elements associated with an email-list service may not be quite as attractive as other features, but they’re absolutely essential.

Plenty of Email Templates

There are numerous reasons to consider an email marketing solution. You may want to develop an initial sales funnel and integrate emails into your marketing strategy. Perhaps you’d like to send newsletters to your subscribers periodically.

Whatever the motive is, you want your email to look professional as you go about it.

This is why you need to find an online marketing tool that can take the burden out of formatting and typesetting. They will give you a selection of the best email templates to meet your requirements.

A lot of the options above include drag-and-drop email templates that make it easier to take the stress out of creating a stunning email. With tools such as MailChimp’s email builder, you’re filling in the essential information and an impressive email will take shape by itself.

They’ll also have a selection of different email templates for specific uses.

For instance, Hubspot comes with a collection of templates for sales emails that are available for both you and your company to make use of. If you’d like to, they’ll allow users to create custom templates that are unique to your particular business. They can be customized according to your requirements, and save them for later use at any time you’ll need them.

MailChimp is another excellent service that has a wide variety of templates for emails for different purposes like selling a product or an article on a blog. It’s also extremely customizable, making it possible to design specific templates for your business’s needs.


There are many email marketing companies available and we would like to help you select the best one to meet your needs as a business. Here is our top recommendation:

If you’re a small company or non-profit organization, or a new blogger, we suggest Constant Contact. Their prices are affordable and their customer service is top-quality. The team onboarding will assist you in achieving the success you want with email marketing as soon as you sign up.

If you own an online store or eCommerce website, we suggest making use of one of Omnisend or Drip since they are the most effective email marketing software for eCommerce. The personalization and automation capabilities are extremely efficient. We have a lot of our own sites for businesses to use Drip.

If you’re an experienced blogger or content creator, we recommend ConvertKit. ConvertKit is a simple-to-make platform that features sophisticated segmentation and funnels that can assist you in taking your blog to the next step.

If you’re a business proprietor who is looking for a powerful marketing automation tool that can combine marketing via email, bulk SMTP messages, and emails We recommend SendinBlue. The platform is easy to use and lets you manage both SMS and email via a single user interface. They also provide an affordable forever free plan that makes them the top free mail marketing program available.

If you’re looking for a complete email marketing service, we suggest HubSpot. They have a powerful range of marketing tools, including email marketing CRM, sales tools Live chats, website builders, and many others. The free plan is perfect for lead generation since it allows you to keep unlimited subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’ve collected a few of the most commonly asked concerns regarding marketing by email. These are:

Which Is the Most Effective Email Marketing Software for Shopify?

A lot of these email marketing companies have an easy-to-use Shopify app that’s simple to use. We suggest using Drip as it has powerful marketing automation tools for eCommerce that seamlessly integrates with Shopify and WooCommerce.

Some eCommerce power users choose Klaviyo as a platform for Shopify mail marketing however their platform is rather expensive for small-sized businesses.

Marketing via Email Can Aid SEO?

Marketing via email has no direct impact on SEO. But it can help you increase traffic to your site, which could bring more shares and backlinks, and mentions.

Google as well as other engines employs shares and mentions to determine the ranking of websites. Indirectly email marketing can aid the SEO ranking of your site.

You might also wish to make use of these top WordPress SEO tools and plugins to boost your ranking.

What Does Email Marketing Cost?

The cost of email marketing will depend entirely on the number of subscribers you’ve got and the total number of emails you send each month, as well as the email platform you are using. The average of small-sized business costs for email marketing ranges from $20 to $300 per month for marketing by email if they run their own campaigns. If you work with an email marketing company and you are using an agency for email marketing, your costs could be close to $500 per month or more.

Which Is the Most Effective Free Email Marketing Tool?

Many email marketing services offer free tiers with limited usage. The most effective free service for marketing via email is SendinBlue due to the fact that their free plan does not have a limit on the number of customers. HubSpot, Moosend, MailerLite, and MailChimp are also offering free email marketing plans.

Can I Send Out Mass Email Marketing Using Outlook or My Gmail as Well as Outlook?

In theory, yes. However, this could quickly result in the email account being suspended. G Suite and Outlook are not designed to send bulk emails. They’re great solutions for professional email for business.

What Are Email Marketing Services?

Marketing services for email are specialized instruments that let marketers connect, engage and convert their intended customers via mailer newsletters, subscribe forms landing pages, and much more. In addition, the email marketing service should be able to send mass emails with no compromises regarding email delivery.