Best Dedicated Servers Australia

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Last Updated on November 24, 2022

Are you looking for a more powerful web hosting solution when shared hosting or even VPS just won’t cut it? A dedicated server is the perfect option, giving you the flexibility and control to build a system specific to your hosting requirements. Here in Australia, there are definitely fewer options compared to the normal shared web hosting type… but still, we’ve got a few decent players in the industry.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting: A few options

#1 Digital Pacific

Fancy yourself as a bit of a techhead and looking for a more advanced solution? Digital Pacific has a comprehensive selection of dedicated servers to choose from.

#2 Fluccs

With a handy number of plans available (not too many that it becomes hard to choose) Fluccs makes it easy when choosing a dedicated hosting solution. A bonus is their affordability compared to competitors and they are based in Australia.

Dedicated Server Hosting, is it a good fit for you?

There are a whole lot of great Australian web hosting options these days for businesses, but the ins and outs can be ridiculously complicated to navigate. There are a few critical things to keep in mind when determining which type of server that you should go with, and because no business is the same- no server solution will be either. This article will focus primarily on dedicated hosting- where a business basically rents or buys their own specific system that is reserved only for traffic, and activity from that business, and that business alone. Most people benefiting from this type would be web designers looking for Australian reseller hosting.

Utilising a dedicated server means that your site will load at refreshingly high speeds, with no interruptions from other users, you will have a highly customizable interface, and you will have the ability to secure your entire operation at the root of the hypothetical (could be) problem. Although the benefits of a dedicated server sound pretty irresistible, there are some downsides that are important to consider – dedicated servers are not for everyone.

Pros and Cons of a Dedicated Server


  • Your business gets its very own slice of bandwidth without having to consider how much RAM or storage that you’re using up(within the scope of your chosen server), there is plenty of room for growth
  • You will have much more flexibility when it comes to personalization of all of your business platforms- coding, user preferences, and interfaces are all significantly more customizable
  • The security settings for a dedicated server are able to be much more stringent and are often more trusted by the average consumer than cloud-based The ability to shut down, and lock the activity of a dedicated server helps to minimize damage in the event of an attack on your system. Companies that maintain, and amass large amounts of sensitive data may find that the ability to create strict security parameters allows them to spend more time focusing on customer needs while still maintaining the integrity of their operation.
  • You won’t have to worry about competing against other users during peak periods of traffic, complaints regarding lags due to traffic spikes or the infringement of bad coding entered by other users that might be sharing your space.
  • Although space does eventually run out on a dedicated server, more space or additional servers can be rented through almost all providers.


  • They’re expensive. The annual cost for a quality dedicated server is significantly more expensive than that of a cloud-based or VPS server,
  • They’re complicated. A dedicated server consists of a powerhouse of a computer, the inner workings of said computer may not exactly be second nature to people that aren’t well trained in the IT sector. It is preferable to have a person or a department that is able to maintain and update the coding, and function of your dedicated server.
  • Your server is basically an offsite mega computer. Depending on where your specific server is located, there is a multitude of issues that could affect its function. Just like any hard-wired computer connection, it is possible that weather or power issues could affect your connection to your dedicated server.
  • Even mega computers are at some risk for crashing, and they can be difficult to get back online
  • A dedicated server does not mean unlimited storage or space. Although generally, the storage afforded is expandable – it is possible to max out space on your server.

So you’ve decided that a dedicated server is the best option for you or your Australian business?

This is what you need to remember when you start shopping.

  • How much space you actually need. It’s probably best to overestimate in this department. If you are reading this article right now, it is likely that you are bound by the lack of storage or bandwidth that you currently have. Consider the volume of traffic you have at the moment, and multiply that by the projected growth that you anticipate to see within your company to get a good understanding of your storage, and RAM needs.
  • Your budget. Australian Dedicated servers range significantly in price, and they often follow the pattern of “you get what you pay for”. It is important to thoroughly research what you’re getting when you rent a dedicated server- it is possible that once you explore the capabilities of an ultra-low cost dedicated server, you might find that you would be better off with a higher-priced hybrid or cloud-based Take some time to look at the pros and cons of what different price points actually offer- just having a dedicated server is not always better if it’s limited to the point that it muffles your ability to grow.
  • The tech support that comes along with the server. Even with dedicated Australia based IT personnel, it is valuable to have a support team that is familiar with that server in particular. Technical support ranges from the bare minimum to well versed, and always available. Server problems can force your site, and business to a grinding halt- save yourself the trouble, and make sure that you have enough support if you encounter major problems. Most high quality dedicated server providers in Australia will at least offer abundant online technical support.
  • The transition. If you are currently using a Australian VPS or cloud-based server in Australia, it is extremely important to make sure that your new dedicated server is capable of allowing for the transfer of information. A seamless transition from your current server to your new one will make your experience much more pleasant and will ensure that your customers are not hindered by complications.
  • The hardware. A quality dedicated server provider will offer quality hardware. If you have ever purchased a computer, then you know how important it is to buy a trusted, and proven model. The same goes with servers. A dedicated server is, in essence, a massive computer; it will behove you to browse through consumer reviews, and technical specifications to make sure that the hardware being offered to you has a good track record for performance and reliability.