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Author: Jayson Davis
Last Updated: January 2020

Best reseller hosting for Australia: Our Top 3

RankWeb Hosting CompanyCost/moRating out of 10FeaturesView Plans
#1A2HostingUSD $3.929.4Fast servers in Singapore, great with WordPress, awesome for resellers.View Plans
#2siteground2AUD $4.95 | 67% Discount9Very user-friendly, lightning fast, 24/7 support, 30-day money back guarantee.Sign Up Today!
#3PanthurAUD $58.9Local, scalable, 24/7 support.View Plans

What is Reseller Hosting:

Reseller Hosting is meant for those who want to start their own Australian web hosting service. A hosting company usually provides a reseller with disk space and bandwidth, which they can sell off at any price they want. You are basically subletting your space to others for a profit.

Being a reseller host allows you to add a new stream of revenue to an existing business or could be a good business venture to start if it’s in line with what you want to do. Either way, it’s a new money-making source that should be considered because it allows the reseller a chance to build a brand with little to no hardware.

Pros and Cons of Reseller Hosting


  • You can turn a profit: If you put in the work and can pull in at least 50 clients, then you can make a good chunk of money from reselling.
  • You get discounts from the hosting company: Hosts typically give resellers a cheap hosting rate because you are bringing new customers into the business. So, if you show that you’re able to push through the crowded market in Australia, and make a splash, the investment is well worth it.
  • You have your own business: Reselling gives you the freedom of owning your own business.


  • You are your customer’s primary point of reference: You’re the first person they will contact if they are having trouble with their site. So, you will need to be available to assist them when they need it.
  • As a reseller, you don’t influence what the web host does, however, you depend exclusively on the hosting provider’s success and stability: Since you don’t have access to the servers you’re selling space from, you depend on the (Australian) web hosting company to maintain their systems. If something were to happen to the host business, then your resell business is in trouble.
  • You must be extremely organised for the business to run smoothly: Your clients depend on you for administration, accounts, and their backups, so you have to make sure everything is well-maintained and organised.


What is a web hosting reseller?

This title is given to someone who wants to sell web hosting. It can refer to two things. The web hosting services that own the server or a purchased reseller who plans on acting as the web host for other companies.

What’s the point in becoming a reseller?

Well, for one you can create and build your own brand, you also have control of the hosting pricing, packages, and plans your web host provides (like limiting your services to only hosting WordPress sites). Can charge a monthly fee from your customers. And finally, you’re able to have your own hosting business without buying any data centers or investing in dedicated servers.

How do I become one?

All you need to do to become a reseller is purchase a reseller plan from a web host. You can also purchase or lease your own server and allocate space however you want. If you set up a virtual host, you can have as many domains your server space and bandwidth will allow.

As a reseller, can I have my own resellers?

Since you are only given access to one control panel unless you give your login credentials to someone else, then only you can create hosting accounts.

Will my clients be able to get support from the web host?

Resellers are the first level support.  If a problem occurs that can’t be solved by the reseller, then would be the best time to seek out assistance from the web host that sold the reseller package.

Do I need to be an expert at hosting to be a good hosting reseller?

No. All you would have to do is focus on building your brand, the web host will take care of the backend work. The web host will make sure that hardware is setup and maintained, that security is configured and that your machines stay up to date. Any issues with connectivity or the hardware will be taken care of by the web host.

Do I have to be tech-savvy to become a hosting reseller?

You need to understand the basic knowledge required, for example, scripting and HTML languages. Composing and accepting emails, POP administration. Understanding FTP utilities can also come in handy. For any major issues, the web host will help.

What type of control panel will I get as a reseller?

Most companies will use cPanel and WHM control because these are easier for the reseller to customize and help the resellers sell white-label accounts.

What are the hosting options I can resell?

You can sell any kind of account available to you for reselling. This could be dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, or even shared, it all depends on your provider.

What would the cost be to be a hosting reseller?

There are fees associated with advertising, registering a domain, and support costs as well. You might also need to invest in billing software as your business expands.

How much should I charge my customers for hosting?

That depends on the reseller. What you would want to do is check out how much other resellers are charging and try to set your prices between that. Yet, if you include any kind of value-adding services, you can charge a little higher.

 Can I offer a dedicated IP addresses?

Some companies will let you offer dedicated IP addresses for a small fee. However, with the scarcity of IP addresses, customers have to be careful.

As a hosting reseller, can I sell add-ons?

Yes. A lot of resellers can offer services POP3 accounts and e-commerce add-ons at an added expense. Features like these allow the reseller to offer a wide range of hosting options.

Can I upgrade my hosting reseller plan?

Yes, many Australian companies will charge you a fee to upgrade your plan, others may offer the upgrades for free.

What about backup and auto-installer, are they included?

This depends on the web host. Some companies will include these features while others will charge for the software being added.

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