The Downsides of Managed WordPress Hosting

By | Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting

WordPress has become an extremely popular platform for blogging and marketing. Because of this, companies that offer services to run the technical side of WordPress increased in numbers. There are many providers to choose from for managed WordPress hosting, we created comparisons of the best WordPress hosting providers for Canada,…

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get the best cyber security using cloudflare now

Top 3 Reasons to Use CloudFlare

By | Web Hosting

Cloudflare is a content delivery and internet security company based in the United States. The company became popular for its internet security service when they were able to mitigate a massive DDoS attack for two of their customers in 2014. If you have a hosted website, Cloudflare could present you…

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Cloud vps vs normal virtual private server

VPS vs Cloud VPS: What Is the Difference?

By | VPS, Web Hosting

For people who have never had experience with hosting, they tend to use traditional VPS and cloud VPS as interchangeable. In fact, they are different services. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and it allows multiple servers to work in unison. Cloud hosting is similar to VPS, generally speaking, but…

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Website Caching Basics

What is Caching and How Does it Work?

By | Web Hosting

Cache memory is an integral part of a system’s memory, but few actually understand what it is and how it functions. Many people ask the question “what is caching and how does it work?” In this article, we will answer this question and explain in detail how caching works in…

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