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| Reviewed by Jimmy Jimmy Parker

Last Updated on November 24, 2022

ConvertKit offers an email-based marketing tool designed for bloggers as well as e-commerce marketers. It provides superior subscriber management as well as segmentation and the ability to build forms, plus it also has a basic email editor. Find out if this tool is able to meet your needs for email marketing.

Just like some of the most popular email marketing tools out there, ConvertKit also comes with a website builder. But it’s not that great. So if you’re also looking for some website builders, have a look at our best website builders in Canada and best website builders in Australia articles!

Pros of Convertkit

  • Trials for free are available
  • There is no charge for multiple subscribers
  • Effective automation and tagging
  • Easy-to-use
  • Annual discounts
  • Automation designer that is user-friendly
  • Extensive contact tagging
  • Easy automation creator
  • Building reports for the landing page

Cons of Convertkit

  • The absence of templates for email
  • It is not integrated with other platforms

What Is ConvertKit?

convertkit review

ConvertKit offers an email marketing tool designed to help content creators, i.e. writers, professional bloggers course creators, and many other professionals.

It also allows users to create landing pages, and also sell products and services through email. Imagine it as a mix of Infusionsoft and MailChimp but it is more affordable and easy to use.

Who is ConvertKit’s Target Audience?

ConvertKit offers an email marketing tool that is directed at bloggers and other people selling products via the internet. However, not for those who wish to reach various groups of people.

If this is the case, and/or not ConvertKit doesn’t work for those who don’t have technical expertise, since there are various options in the editor for emails that require code fragments.

The Pricing of ConvertKit

ConvertKit begins with a no-cost tier to manage a tiny 300 email subscribers- which is on the lower side compared to other companies (even less generous when we tell that it used to have 500 users).

The plan is free and includes the ability to create unlimited landing pages and sign-up forms that allow unlimited traffic. But, strategy automation is not available, as well as the visual designer and integration with the majority of web builders and e-commerce platforms.

convertkit homepage

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To access more features, you’ll require an additional paid Creator plan that includes free migration, as well as automatic funnels, sequences, and even sequences. Prices increase based on the number of customers you’ve got. The prices begin at $29 per month for 1,000 customers and go up to $49 a month for three months, and an additional $79 per month for up to 5,000 subscriptions and so on.

Creator Pro is the highest tier of the plan and comes at the cost of $29/month that can accommodate up to 300 customers with additional options like five thousand subscribers, for up to $519/month if paid monthly, and also the option of a discount when paying annually. The plan brings all of the features available in the plans below, as well as includes advanced reporting, subscriber scores, a newsletter referral system, as well as Facebook customized audiences.

ConvertKit’s Features

ConvertKit offers a great collection of features. Autoresponder features, Subscriber Management, and forms building capabilities are outstanding. One area that’s not quite as great is the email editor.

convertkit homepage 2

There isn’t a menu option that lets you create an email. Instead, you must select either that Broadcast choice (which will send one email) as well as the Sequences choice (which allows you to send a series of emails).

This is a huge error, since designing an appealing email is the basis of a successful campaign therefore, without the design and programming skills you’ll only be able to design an extremely basic email.

Email Editor

Let’s take the negative news out of the first. ConvertKit’s email editor is incredibly disappointing. In light of the fact that they have managed to develop outstanding features to help with other aspects of managing and creating emails for marketing, it’s odd that the company didn’t devote greater effort to the editor for email.

There’s a limited choice of newsletter and email templates. The editing options are basic.

You can alter the appearance of certain elements like the background color and the content font, color, and the color and design of buttons. If you wish to customize your subject lines, then you need to cut and paste a bit of code.

There is no preview, spam-check, or spell-checking alternatives. ConvertKit’s editor for email is lower than the competition in comparison with Mailchimp as well as SendPulse.

Management of Subscribers

Instead of making use of list-based systems to handle the subscribers (the term ConvertKit uses to refer to contact information), ConvertKit uses email tags. It is possible to specify the types of tags (for example, subscribers who were imported from November 1,) and include any tags you would like to a subscriber.

When you add subscribers you’ll be able to choose which autoresponders, forms, and tags you want to join them too. ConvertKit allows you also to move subscribers from an email marketing service.

ConvertKit is extremely analytics-oriented, and this is also true for subscribers. It keeps track of important metrics for subscribers, including

  • Average click rate
  • Average open rate
  • Total subscribers
  • New subscribers

If you manage an online business, you will also obtain detailed reports on purchase metrics, such as all the items your customers have bought and the methods they used to reach the point of purchasing.


The ability to segment your customers is essential in order to provide targeted content that is tailored to a specific audience. With ConvertKit you can include any number of conditions you’d prefer to create segments, which include or exclude customers in accordance with this rule.

The kinds of conditions that could apply to include:

  • Purchase behavior
  • Subscription date
  • Location

Landing Pages, Forms, and Form Templates

ConvertKit’s landing page as well as the ability to build forms is fantastic. As with the other functions, it’s displayed in a stunningly designed user interface.

In addition to providing templates, as well as standard editing options (color and fonts background and text size, among others), ConvertKit adds an array of sophisticated options.

convertkit homepage 3

They include:

  • Text that has been altered is shown in search results as well as on social media
  • Refreshing what’s shown to return visitors
  • Automatically sending an incentive email to new subscribers.
  • The decision of what to do after a person fills out the form

The forms built into the site and the landing page reports will show the number of users, subscribers, and the conversion rate that follows and gives you the knowledge to decide what you should do to make any changes.

If you don’t own an online presence, don’t fret because ConvertKit manages your landing page through its servers and domain.


Autoresponders are sequences of emails that are automatically sent when a client does something or when conditions are fulfilled.

ConvertKit simplifies the process of making complex autoresponders simple. First, you need to select your conditional, actions or event. This can include:

  • When you purchase an item
  • The process of filling out an application form
  • Tag and add new subscribers

ConvertKit also offers templates for automation to use in case you’re not certain which steps are most effective to accomplish your goal. The templates include:

  • Newsletters are designed to be optimized to send out depending on the times when people are likely to browse them
  • Follow-up with customers who haven’t yet purchased
  • Start a product
  • Host a webinar

ConvertKit’s Simplicity of Use

When you first sign up to ConvertKit the system asks whether you’re migrating from another email newsletter application in addition to whether you already have a website. Then, it sets up the interface and features.

ConvertKit offers checklists to help you start using their email toolkits.

convertkit homepage 4

It’s clear that this method is focused on managing subscribers, instead of creating stunning emails, because the options are tied to the process of managing an email campaign (segmenting the sequence, automating it. etc.)) instead of the actual email.

ConvertKit has a wealth of content to help you familiarize yourself with the software. If you are using every feature for the first time, it shows an instructional video on the appropriate page to assist you in understanding how it functions and making the most of every option.

There isn’t a central dashboard on which you can gain the complete picture of elements of the campaign. you can find all the relevant information on the appropriate menus.

There is no way to make an email, you will need to play with the option before you realize that you have selected the Broadcast option as well as Sequences selection from the options menu.

Working with ConvertKit Support

ConvertKit provides excellent support options for support. The company offers live chat, as well as email support for customers of all plans between 8am to 8pm EST, Monday to Friday. It also offers an hourly service on weekends and in the evenings.

convertkit homepage 5

They are accessible via an indicator that is visible throughout the day.

ConvertKit is a thriving online community, where you can get peer-to-peer support as well as an extensive database of help documents. ConvertKit also shows demonstration videos on every main feature page to assist you in making the most out of its features.


There are many areas in which ConvertKit performs admirably. For instance, the support department is swift, efficient and efficient. We can’t complain about that here. We also appreciated the ability to manage subscribers using its tag system. It is something that users of blogs (and marketing professionals) are able to make the most of while focusing messages on their readers (hence why we chose it among the Mailchimp alternative).

ConvertKit includes an editor for landing pages which allows you to collect subscribers even if you don’t have an online presence This is great for social media marketing campaigns. Their latest commerce feature that allows you to sell subscriptions and digital products is quite cool and isn’t something you’ll discover on other tools for email marketing.

It’s true that ConvertKit can be quite expensive, and isn’t the most user-friendly to make use of, so we’d suggest that you investigate other alternatives before you decide on the next marketing tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does ConvertKit Provide a Drag-And-Drop Email Editor?

In contrast to many other email marketing services, ConvertKit does not provide an editor for emails that can be drag-and-dropped. It has a simple text editor, and some simple email templates. This is an aspect of the company’s plan since the company believes sending basic emails can be more efficient.

Is ConvertKit Cost-Free?

ConvertKit offers a free service with limited features, which allows you to send unlimited emails for up to 1000 recipients. The plan doesn’t offer autoresponders, or segmentation. The cost of ConvertKit is dependent on the amount of subscribers. The lowest-cost option starts at $29 per year.

Is ConvertKit Superior to Mailchimp?

It all depends on the features you want from an email marketing software. Mailchimp is a breeze to use and comes with an affordable plan that is a great option for those with small budgets and those who aren’t experienced in email marketing.

If you’re searching for Mailchimp alternatives ConvertKit offers excellent subscribers capabilities. However its cost and user experience make it more suited to professionals in the field.

Is ConvertKit a CRM?

Although ConvertKit concentrates on its subscriber management, features however, it does not offer the usual features with CRMs, such as lead management and social media integrations along with pipeline and lead management.

Where Is ConvertKit Keep My Information?

They make use of Amazon Web Storage (AWS) with servers in the USA as well as other places across the globe. Their email servers originate of Mailgun which is based in Illinois as well as Virginia.

Who Is ConvertKit’s Intended Audience?

ConvertKit is designed for bloggers who wish to advertise the content they publish on their site and also email marketers who market products via their e-commerce stores.

Is ConvertKit Truly Free?

Yep! If you manage just less than 1000 subscribers and you don’t require use of any features with the Creator or Pro plans, you’re able to stay on the freemium plans for the duration you want.

Is ConvertKit Superior to Mailchimp?

Contrary to what they claim that ConvertKit is superior to Mailchimp, we don’t think it was any better than Mailchimp. Their email editor let them down, and they don’t offer the same features that Mailchimp does. Check out our complete ConvertKit and Mailchimp comparisons for more details.

ConvertKit Deliverability Is It Good?

ConvertKit’s reliability is always excellent, according to our two-yearly deliverability tests. ConvertKit currently ranks in the top 3 of companies.

Is ConvertKit Legit?

ConvertKit is a legitimate email marketing service that is suitable for creatives and small-scale companies. It securely stores your customers’ information and provides a secure method of managing your customers and distributing emails.

Is There a Landing Page for ConvertKit?

It is true that ConvertKit has a completely free landing-page builder that allows you to design beautiful landing pages without knowing the code. ConvertKit also provides the seamless connection with Unsplash where you can search and download over 100,000 free images. The pages are mobile.

How Long Will The Trial Be?

ConvertKit offers the opportunity to try a 14-day trial for free on its “Complete” plan and you can get it for no cost by clicking here.

Can I Earn Money Through ConvertKit?

Yes, you are able to use ConvertKit to create and expand your list of email subscribers and make money from it using a variety of strategies such as courses selling products, affiliate selling consulting, and more.

Does ConvertKit have An Application?

There’s no way to create an exclusive smartphone app similar to Androids as well as iPhones. However, it does offer an app for desktops (aka dashboard) that you’ll access when you log into ConvertKit. ConvertKit account.

How Do I Cancel My Convertkit Account?

ConvertKit provides a 30-day policy for refunds, which means that if you cancel within 30 days of purchasing their plan and you’re eligible for a refund in total. If you’d like to cancel the subscription of your ConvertKit account, please go to this page.

What Year Was ConvertKit Created?

ConvertKit was created by Nathan Barry in 2013 as an email marketing platform designed for online creators like SEOs, bloggers writers, SEOs, and more.

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