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Last Updated on December 8, 2022

Creating websites has progressed tremendously from the time of the internet. In the past, you are required to know both HTML and CSS in order to create a good website. But nowadays, everything is made easy with website builders. These amazing tools make you spend less money and save a lot of time. Among the best website builders out there is Duda. It’s an excellent option to start building an online presence for your business even if you’re not comfortable in programming, coding, and even designing your own. Examining the features, pricing, as well as disadvantages of Duda, is one method to figure out which web design tool is best for you and your site’s requirements. Keep reading and learn more about this amazing website builder!

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Pros of Duda

  • There’s an abundance of widgets and apps to pick from. You can even create your own
  • You’re allowed to be creative However, you’re limited by the template’s limitations
  • It is an architect that excels in making things easy
  • You may customize your website’s experience to meet the specific needs of your users
  • Duda is a fantastic choice for multilingual websites.
  • It has a top-quality editor
  • Powerful tools for creating mobile and tablet websites
  • A powerful traffic analysis tool
  • Web store tools that are able to be integrated into a Capable store
  • Over 100 template templates
  • You can make use of your own CSS and HTML codes
  • A wide range of e-commerce options, as well as support for digital downloads as well as memberships
  • Unlimited storage space and monthly data transfers are included in all plans

Cons of Duda

  • In comparison to other website builders, SEO features are not as well-developed.
  • The price is a bit high, and there’s no option to cancel for free

About Duda

Duda Review

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Based located in Palo Alto, California, Duda hosts more than 9 million websites. In 2010, by a couple of college buddies (“The Dudes”), Duda was established to provide an easy platform for small-scale entrepreneurs to create websites. Since then, it’s grown to address the issues that small web companies face when it comes to creating mobile-friendly websites.

While the mobile site builder remains in use, however, its capabilities grew from a solely mobile-based design platform into a larger site builder that allows the creation of web pages that are responsive and look amazing on any device extremely simple.

What’s up with the name “Duda?” You Coen brothers will be delighted by the meaning behind the name of the company. It’s a reference to the principal character from the film that inspired the founders, The Big Lebowski. (Fortunately, they didn’t come up with one of the Dude’s other nicknames, such as “El Duderino.”)

Pricing and Plans

Duda comes with a 14-day trial of features included in the Team plan. You can try the service without sharing your credit card details. There are four plans available:


It costs $19 each month (or an equivalent amount of 14 dollars per month if you pay annually). It comes with a single website and helps via email for any of your concerns, as well as SSL encryption. It is also possible to create an international website and select from hundreds of absolutely free (or expensive) images. This option is ideal for personal blogs, websites, or freelancers looking to showcase their thoughts in one location.


It costs $30 monthly (or $29 per month if paid annually). It comes with all features of the Basic plan as well as the option of adding as many team members (who are able to edit your site with you). This plan comes with additional features for managing clients, including marketing and analytics.

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The price can reach the price of $59 (or $47 per month if paid annually). In this plan, you are able to make as many as four sites, work on up to 10 teams and create custom widgets.

Customized Plans

The cost is custom-made for the most customized service and you’ll have to reach Duda directly to inform them of the specifications you’re looking for.

Mobile-Only Site Builder Plan

Duda began as a mobile-only site builder. It has since expanded its capabilities to become a fully responsive website builder for all devices. Because of this, Duda still offers a mobile-only plan. The most beneficial feature offered by the mobile-only plan is the click-to-call widget as well as an application that gives directions from the user’s current location.

It’s not obvious why one should choose that Mobile Website Builder plan when Duda’s Responsive Website Builder includes that capability and more.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

One of the most impressive characteristics that are offered by Duda’s website builder Duda site builder the ability to transform your website’s existing one into a mobile-friendly home page in just a few minutes.

In only a couple of clicks, your existing website can be made mobile-friendly in just a few clicks. To get access to this feature you just need to type in the URL for your existing web page and then let Duda take care of the work.

Duda’s Infrastructure

While Duda does not provide the type of details regarding their network or the hardware infrastructure that the top web hosts offer, however, what they do provide is far superior to the majority of web builders, especially in terms of the speed of loading pages.

  • Secure cloud hosting: All Duda websites run on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Global Content Delivery Network: Duda’s global CDN houses all bandwidth-intensive documents like PDFs, images as well as other files.
  • Dynamic serving Duda’s servers optimize the content served in accordance with the device that is requesting the content. For instance that when a mobile device accesses a page, the speedier-loading phone version of the page is displayed, not the slower-loading desktop version of the identical page.

Google PageSpeed Preferred

Duda is the only site builder that’s favored by Google PageSpeed. This status is conferred only for sites that adhere to Google’s guidelines for improving page loading times for web pages. Optimizing for speed is a process that happens automatically on all Duda’s sites each time you make a change or publish the website.

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What makes page load speed vital? Google’s latest algorithms were designed to favor sites that load faster and especially those that are responsive and mobile-optimized. The data from Google supports their assertion that faster websites are more user-friendly, have lower bounce rates, and have more pages viewed. Every second that your site is taking for it to load fully, the website receives an estimated 7 percent fewer conversions. The speed of your site is directly related to your bottom number of sales.


Duda’s paid plans include both manual and automatic backups. You can make a reversion from up to 20 backups that are automated or 10 manual backups that are stored.

Duda Website Builder Features

Let’s look at the main aspects of the Duda Builder for websites:

Storage Space

Storage of graphics, photos, and other media can swiftly consume space, particularly in the event that you are planning to launch a website with a large media component that will see a lot of traffic. Storage space is essential for sharing images, images as well as other files with your users and viewers.

With Duda’s web-based website builder, you will never have to worry about the storage space you have. Duda provides unlimited storage space for all customers who are currently on an upgrade plan. In addition, Duda currently offers unlimited bandwidth to all its paid customers, thus preventing any problems from occurring when you experience an unexpected surge in traffic to the internet.

Data Backups

Duda offers users the option of backing their data daily or manually if needed. When the user saves or adds a document to the Duda storage your website will be immediately saved and backed up. Be less concerned about the security and safety of your website and your online presence when you use a reliable and reliable service such as Duda.


Blogs are accessible through The Duda website builder and need one click to begin. After you’ve added blogs to your site it is easy to create new content in a matter of minutes by either importing content that you’ve already written or by creating new content that you can publish to your readers.

duda homepage 3

While blogs can be helpful and an effective way to boost online engagement Duda’s website builder permits Facebook integration into commenting systems. If you’re interested in making use of a different system for commenting on your site, however, it might not be possible to use Duda’s Duda site builder. Anyone who wants to leave comments and post their opinions on your blog should log into your Facebook account through your site.

Contact Forms

Contact forms are crucial for eCommerce sites and websites that want to stay in contact with their loyal followers and customers. When you’ve included a contact form on your site it appears professional and trustworthy. Contact forms also demonstrate to visitors that you’re ready to listen and listen to the opinions of your customers.

Incorporating a contact form into your website built using Duda is easy and only needs a single click to begin. Instead of writing code and formatting each contact form that you wish to include on your website you can choose from a range of customizable options available within your Duda site builder. Just click to alter the formatting and layout of the individual contact forms, and add your personal subject lines and messaging boxes that users can fill out.

eCommerce Integration

The ability to create your personal eCommerce storefront is possible using Duda’s Duda site builder. This Duda website builder works with Ecwid’s online store feature and is accessible to all Duda users after registering and purchasing an account with a service plan. This Ecwid online store allows users with a basic membership to use with up to 10 items within their eCommerce store. If you’re in the need of more eCommerce products you can also choose to upgrade your subscription to up to 2500 or 100 products in line with your requirements as well as the scale of your eCommerce store.

Although you can create an eCommerce store as soon as having launched the Duda website, it’s impossible to use other eCommerce platforms. The only current eCommerce platform that works to the Duda web builder tool is the Ecwid online store. Utilizing tools like WooCommerce (with WordPress) is currently not possible with Duda’s site builder.

One-Click SSL Activation

An SSL or Secure Sockets Layer certificate will inform users that a website is secure and encrypted by showing an icon of a lock in the upper left or right-hand area of the URL bar in your browser. If you do not have an SSL certificate you risk losing or divulging personal or private data of your visitors to online criminals and hackers. If you do not have an SSL certification, your site could also be held accountable in the event that the information exposed is misused improperly in any way. Making sure your site has an active and valid SSL certificate is essential prior to open your website, especially when you require personal information or password information from customers.

duda homepage 4

Your website’s security secure, protected, and encrypted at all times is crucial regardless of whether you run an eCommerce store that is small or an international brand that you would like to grow. Duda currently provides a one-click SSL activation button that ensures your site is secure while also protecting your information and sensitive information from anyone who is your users or clients.


Duda’s Duda web builder can be SEO-friendly, specifically thanks to its one-click SSL certificates installation option. Websites that have been properly coded and responsive as well as properly designed are more effective in being viewed by search engines than websites that were created by whim. By using this Duda web builder you can ensure that every page on your site is well-coded and optimized to be viewed by top search engines, such as Google, DuckDuckGo, and Bing. In addition, Duda promotes fast-loading pages which are important when you are trying to increase your ranking on the top search engines.

Data and Analytics

Maintaining track of the stats of your website is essential whether you’re running an individual portfolio website or have an eCommerce store that has recently been launched. Duda has an integrated analytics solution that allows you to track any traffic that is recorded and incoming anytime. In addition, it’s possible for users of Duda to make use of Google Analytics if they prefer to use existing software for tracking and monitoring data.

Monetization Capabilities

Are you looking to earn profits from your website, but you’re not sure how to start? The website builder from Duda offers the option of monetizing to all customers of the service. Duda lets users integrate banners as well as other forms of advertisements on their sites regardless of whether or not they opt to host their own banners or are looking to use an ad platform from a third party. Making money from your website has never been simpler than using the drag-and-drop features offered by Duda.

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Reseller Options

For those who have the desire to sell website builder platforms as well as hosting services, Duda has a solution for you. Duda has reseller options for those who wish to promote the builder themselves and for people who would like to build websites for clients on the Duda platform with a brand name.

Advantages of Using Duda Website Builder

When choosing a web-based builder which is suitable for your needs it is crucial to do thorough research of the various options available. Analyzing both the advantages and disadvantages of choosing Duda’s Duda web builder is an excellent method to make sure you’re making the right choice the next time you decide to create a website. A few of the benefits and pros of using to use the Duda website builder to build your next site include:

  • Easy to Use: Duda’s website builder is extremely simple to use, and its user interface is suitable for new and experienced designers as well as veteran users. It doesn’t matter if you’ve designed websites before or are creating websites for the first time it is easy to use Duda’s website builder is incredibly user-friendly. Duda website builder provides all the tools needed to begin right away.
  • Customized Templates and Themes Duda’s extensive and ever-growing selection of templates and themes is a huge draw for customers who don’t know how to program their own, or who just would like to get their website up and running in a shorter time. Explore thousands of themes, alter different elements, and then add the content you create and code to create a completely unique web layout. Save templates to use later or to quickly design new pages with the design you want at any time.
  • Elements Editor: Duda’s Element editor lets you edit and update your site as simple and straightforward. The element editor is accessible for selecting new templates and adding blog posts or even adding widgets you would like to publish on your site. Make use of Duda’s Duda element editor and make quick modifications to your website without the hassle of manually scrolling through the codes that are present.
  • Automated Backups Duda offers automatic backups of each web page it host. Every time you create new pages, make changes to the current page or apply an entirely new template, your website will be automatically backed up and saved, and protected from damage to your hard work and information immediately. Don’t worry about losing your work when using Duda’s site builder.
  • Analytics: This tool is integrated into this Duda site builder which makes it simple to track your visitors’ stats and site traffic. If you’re looking for a more powerful solution, it’s possible to incorporate Google Analytics into your Duda website.
  • Support and FAQ The most significant benefit of the use of Duda as your web builder and the host is the assistance that you receive immediate support. A well-organized FAQ (Frequently asked questions) section is accessible for all users, whether registered or not. Furthermore, Duda also provides chat or email as well as phone support to all customers regardless of the plan or service you’ve selected for your site. Contacting Duda is just a matter of minutes, and will ensure that your website is taken care of in the shortest time possible.

Customers also praise Duda’s support and customer service which is crucial when you’re creating and launching a site with no prior experience.

Drawbacks of Using Duda Website Builder

Like all things, it’s equally important to consider the pros and disadvantages of using a website building tool prior to deciding on a strategy that will meet your requirements. Some of the most significant disadvantages of Duda’s website builder are: Duda website builder are:

  • Pricing/Packages Price/Packages: One of the disadvantages when using Duda is the pricing for packages and the limitations users are faced with. The price for Duda is higher than the alternatives available that are available. In addition, Duda restricts the number of websites that users are capable of creating and hosting, based on the package they’ve chosen. If you run an agency on a large scale and you need the hosting of hundreds or even hundreds of sites, it’s recommended to reach out to Duda directly to find out more about pricing options that are available for the custom plans you are considering. If you’re a solo user seeking a simple website Duda could be outside of budget with lower-cost options as an alternative.
  • Blog Comments: Even though Duda does permit users to make blogs on their site with only two clicks, however, there are some limitations to getting comments from users and regular visitors. At present, the only option to let users make a comment or to post their thoughts on a blog maintained through Duda will be doing this through the Facebook profile they have created. Even if there are registered customers who use your eCommerce site in the future, they will be required to make a comment on your account on their official Facebook account. If you’re seeking to improve the ways in which your visitors are able to communicate with you and even leave comments, Duda’s site builder might not be the best option for you.
  • Insufficient Newsletter Tools In contrast to other builders for websites, Duda does not currently offer users an integrated tool for newsletters. If you’re looking to create newsletters to attract followers or interested readers, however, this isn’t currently possible with Duda’s Duda web builder. Although Duda doesn’t include the ability to create newsletters but it does give users to build an email newsletter using a third-party tool, like MailChimp. Think about the type of email marketing software you’re using and evaluate whether it is compatible with Duda prior to deciding on the Duda option for your site.


While Duda isn’t cheap, it can quickly get expensive as you grow your agency and add new clients. It’s among the more flexible and powerful website builders in the marketplace today. Duda is a Duda website builder that isn’t just suitable for people with no expertise in design and web development, however, it can be extremely advantageous for design firms as well as corporations.

With the best website builder, you can create websites, portfolios, and online portals that will make a lasting impression on your customers and visitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Can I Do to Export My Duda Website?

At the moment, Duda does not offer the option of exporting your website. According to Duda, the reason can be attributed to the kind of service they offer (SAAS) and also the design of your website using the help. If you’re using Duda’s white-label version Duda You’ll need to remember this when creating technical specifications for your client Amazon Web Services is a well-known host, however clients won’t have the option to move the site and pick a different hosting provider.

Do You Think Duda Be a Suitable Choice to Host My Site?

We wouldn’t rate Duda to anyone who is looking to start blogs, though it includes blogging tools within its plans. You’ll certainly have beautiful blogs, but it’s not very efficient because it doesn’t offer its users all the benefits that WordPress or WordPress could. Duda does not include an email tool which isn’t adequate for blogs.

Is Duda a Good Website Builder?

Yes. Although Duda isn’t as flexible in design as Wix you can alter the majority of elements on every page. It’s a system that allows creating websites quickly and straightforwardly without restricting the options.

Is Duda Superior to Wix?

Like everything else, this kind of thing will depend on the kind of work you’re trying to achieve. Wix provides more flexibility with regards to layout and design and has a wider selection of templates, as well as more tools and features, such as many marketing tools. It’s the ideal alternative for a webmaster looking to create and manage their own site.

Duda is ideal for teams, but it could be ideal for the solo user, particularly when you plan to manage multiple online stores or websites using a low-cost plan. The more simplified user interface makes it easy to create a lot of websites in a short time.

What Are the Most Popular Alternatives to Duda?

The top choices aside from Duda are Weebly, Web flow, WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace.

Does the API Use by Duda.co?

Sure, Duda.co offers the great benefit of REST API.

Can I Create Multiple Client Logins?

Utilizing the portal to manage permissions and users it is possible to log in multiple times since there’s no limit on the number of logins.

Is There Bandwidth or Storage Restrictions?

Not at all! There is no bandwidth nor storage limit in Duda.co to build websites.

How Do I Cancel Duda?

Duda provides a trial offer that you can test without commitments. If you are on the paid plan, you may change it in the first 30 days to claim your refund. If you choose to end the plan prior to the first 30 days, the plan will expire as stated in the contract.

Is It Possible to Make Money From My Duda Website?

Yes, you can include advertisements (e.g. banners) or affiliate links, as well as Google Adwords, for example.

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