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| Reviewed by Jimmy Jimmy Parker

Last Updated on November 24, 2022

Finding the right email marketing tool can be a daunting task. There are just various factors to take into consideration, particularly the features and the pricing plans. GetResponse is among the most effective email marketing tools available out there and is extremely popular. But is it the right tool for you? In this GetResponse review article, I will discuss pretty much everything you need to know about this amazing tool. Read on!

As one of the most popular email marketing tools, GetResponse also comes with a website builder. But if you don’t feel like using theirs, you can check out some alternatives from our best website builders in Canada and best website builders in Australia articles.

Pros of GetResponse

  • Website builder and AI design tool allow users to build websites quickly
  • 24/7 chat support and email
  • One month trial free of charge without credit card
  • Advanced features for marketing automation
  • Templates with a large variety
  • Webinar funnels
  • Conversion funnel and landing pages Included
  • Ideal for scaling, it supports both large and small-sized businesses

Cons of GetResponse

  • This landing page maker is great. However, some templates look old-fashioned
  • There is no refund if you decide to cancel your annual plan

What Is GetResponse?

getresponse review

Sign Up with GetResponse

GetResponse has been around for many years now. It was founded in 1997, the year SEO Simon Grabowski launched the first autoresponder.

The result was an effect of dominoes, beginning with the registration of one year later.

Since the beginning, GetResponse has been expanding its offerings and expanding its workforce across the globe. The software has also earned attention from publications such as Website Magazine which awarded GetResponse as the second-highest email marketing service in 2011.

Now, however with the more fierce competition that is brimming with bells and whistles to the delight of customers How has GetResponse been able to remain on top of the game?

The constant growth of the company and its capability to adapt to changes in the market is among GetResponse’s top features. It hasn’t rested on its achievements and continues to offer users with the top email marketing tools to help them expand their businesses.

GetResponse pricing

GetResponse provides a lifetime free account that allows as many as 500 contacts. It gives the ability to send out email campaigns, a site builder (10 pages maximum), and a landing page builder.

However, there are limitations on certain features, but paying will allow you to bypass these limitations. But, if you’re just beginning this might be sufficient to meet your needs.

What are the paid plans? There are a variety of plans to pick from. Each plan comes with the opportunity to try a trial period of 30 days for free.

The more expensive plan you sign up with greater the number of features that you’ll be able to unlock. Additionally, the cost for every plan increases when your number of subscribers exceeds 1,000 contacts.

To reduce the cost of your subscription, enroll in a 12-or 18-month contract to receive 18% or 30 percent in savings, respectively, off the price of your subscription.

This is the breakdown of various plans that are available.


The cheapest plan offered by GetResponse is $12.30/month (paid annually Monthly and two-year plans are also available). Here is a list of features available:

  • Basic customer support (24/7 online chat, email, and phone support).
  • Over 150 integrations to third-party platforms.
  • Create endless lead funnels, and only one (1) sales funnel.
  • Limited automation capabilities (drip campaigns followed-ups on open and click and contact tagging for only).
  • Everything falls under email marketing landing pages, forms/surveys, and e-commerce tools. Templates web-based builder, and monitoring and reporting.


Perfect email marketing for affiliate marketers who want to expand their business. It starts from $40.18/month (paid annually, monthly, and two-year plans are available).

Apart from the things that are included in the basic plan here’s an additional list of items that are included in this plan

  • You can join at least up to three (3) Users (including yourself) in one account.
  • Make unlimited lead funnels, plus five (5) sales funnels as well as webinar funnels.
  • You can host up to 100 webinar participants Unlimited registrants Live webinars are unlimited, as well as 3 (3) hour recording time.
  • Everything that falls under the automation feature as well as the ability to design five (5) custom workflows.


Established businesses that want to make use of the capabilities of GetResponse’s marketing via email and webinar capabilities should consider this option. It starts at $99 for a month ($81.18 per month, paid over 12 months, and $69.30/month to be paid over one year).

  • Web push notifications as well as webinars that are available on-demand.
  • You can join at least 5 (5) members (including yourself) on one account.
  • Create endless lead funnels, sales funnels, or webinar funnels.
  • You can host up to 300 attendees for webinars Unlimited registrants as well as unlimited live webinars along with up to six (6) minutes of storage for recordings.
  • Everything is under the automation feature and the capability to build infinite custom workflows.


This plan is for companies that wish to manage their business using the top functions of GetResponse. For a quote, you need to register for a customized estimate.

Here’s what’s included in this plan in addition to the features that are included in the professional plan.

  • Support for customers is a priority (24/7 live chat, phone, email, and Slack customer support).
  • Access to transactional email messages (paid add-ons)
  • Get campaign and deliverability advice to get the best outcomes.
  • You can join up to the number of (10) members (including yourself) within one account.
  • Hosting up to 300 attendees for webinars Unlimited registrants as well as unlimited live webinars along with the option of recording for six (6) minutes of storage for recordings.

GetResponse Features

Instead of talking about how awesome GetResponse can be, better to dive into the dirt and see the software in action.

GetResponse homepage 2

Here are the main characteristics and how each work together to improve your company.

Email Marketing

The company’s flagship product remains one of the tops available.

Making beautiful emails that your readers will want to read is easy with GetResponse.

Email Creator

It all begins by choosing from the predesigned templates.

Instead of designing a layout by hand, you can choose the template you want to choose for your email campaign. You can test the template first, and then see whether it’s in line with the look and style you’re hoping for within your emails.

To make the search for the perfect template simpler, only show templates that are in the category which best meets your needs.

From here, you can click on the sections or blocks you’d like to modify.

Its WYSIWYG editor allows you to edit the content which your visitors will be able to get to see once you’ve finished editing it.

You can also alter the design on every block or section by altering the settings. Even if you don’t possess any design expertise altering the color of the block or text size can be simple in just a few clicks.

You can move and drag blocks or sections you wish to include in the template to personalize it.

There’s also an eCommerce area within the email editor, in which you can include the Product box as well as Blocks for Recommended Products. However, you’re able to make use of these features if you have established your store on GetResponse.

If you’d like to use the same design of email on other campaigns You can save the one you are using as an example. Then, you can access your customized design from the section for Design and Content (just go to the My Templates tab) to use it in the future.

After you’ve finished the design and are able to determine who’ll receive the email, you’ll need to set a date for the time when the email will go out to them.

You can email it instantly or set the time when your recipients receive them.

If you want to make it even better, set the perfect timing to ensure that subscribers get your email at the ideal time, based on the date they first opened their emails from you.

Analytics of Email

To ensure the effectiveness of your email campaign You must be aware of how your recipients were able to open it.

Even if you think that you’ve created the most successful email campaign available There’s a good chance that not all your customers agree with your sentiments.

If you’re not sure, you should know the performance of your campaign with your followers to know what went well and/or not and help you improve your next campaign.

GetResponse homepage 3

In order to do that, go through the analytics of the campaign to determine the various indicators that define the campaign’s overall performance.

On the dashboard, you’ll get an overview of the response of your subscribers in response to your email marketing campaigns.

It shows how many emails you sent out were delivered to your customers, and the open and click-through rates.

In the deeper analysis, you’ll learn more regarding the campaign, including rates of bounces and unsubscribes as well as the number of complaints it received.

By weighing all of this in, you’ll have a better understanding of what caused your campaign a complete hit or miss, and how it is possible to do it in order to ensure greater outcomes.

If you’d like to look at the development of your list The reports section will display the data in graph form in addition to other variables (demographic or subscription methods and devices).


Let’s suppose you’re planning to design an email or a set of emails that you want to send to a set of subscribers in a timely manner. Because it is impossible to send out the emails in a sequential fashion manually, GetResponse makes this more efficient for you by using its autoresponders feature.

Create the first autoresponder you will need by choosing the time at which the email is sent to the subscriber to your list.

For instance, you could make use of autoresponders to welcome new customers by sending them an email welcoming them as well as hyperlinks to your site that they must explore to help them become familiar with your company.

After you’ve established the autoresponder’s timing and the type of email you want to send, you can create the email and then publish it in the same manner as in the previous example.

Although autoresponders are an excellent way to get new subscribers, the feature is more effective when paired with the marketing automation feature which we’ll be tackling in the coming days.

Just to give an idea, you could make it easier to automate sales as well as engage by creating multiple autoresponders to build a drip-feed strategy!

Management of Lists

When creating a list you’d like to attract people who are active and engaged with your brand to sign up. But, you’ll only be able to achieve this if you send them emails that motivate them to take part and stay active.

The GetResponse List Management feature helps you accomplish the latter by first segmenting your subscribers and creating conditions for your subscribers.

For instance, you could group people who registered using another form and display an individual message on your website (more on this in the future).

After you’ve created a segment specifically for them, you are able to create a customized campaign for that segment, which they will get from you.

This will create interactions with all of your segments more lively and personal. This will help to improve engagement, even if it’s not converting.

Another way to assist you in managing your subscriber lists is by making each subscriber’s subscription conditional.

You can make it easier to get more precise about the subscribers you have by segmenting them based on criteria like geolocations contacts, and other.

So, for example, you are able to sort subscribers that have to meet certain criteria and then create specific email campaigns for each.

In List Management, you can also provide a profile for every subscriber. Click on each to learn more about them.

You can track their recent activities in relation to the emails you’ve sent to each of them. You can also make notes on each, as well as other details that may aid in converting your customers into clients.

In a sense, GetResponse works as a CRM. Utilizing the data you get here will help you identify your subscribers and give context to each one of them.

Forms to Sign-Up

Of course, it’s not possible to start an email marketing campaign if there aren’t subscribers to forward them to.

Luckily, GetResponse has got you covered.

First, the sign-up form allows you to gather the contact details you’ll add to your contact list.

Making a form is simple. Select from four options to design forms, and choose from the many templates that are grouped into categories so that you do not have to begin with the beginning.

GetResponse homepage 4

Similar to creating emails, users are able to modify the fields you have already created and layout and make new ones when the necessity arises.

After you’ve completed the form, put it up on your website by copying the code onto any page. You may also ask your web designer to create this for you or have GetResponse host it on its servers. In the case of the latter, you’ll need to provide the URL to your target audience.

If you’d like your form to have a different look You should be able to locate the type you want in the list of Builder Apps.

Select the application of the form you’d like to design and edit in the app before publishing it.

There are other alternatives to build the form using simple HTML (if you’re comfortable using your coding abilities) or by using integrations or plugins from the most popular websites (WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop, etc.).

Transactional Emails

If you own an online shop there is more to the software for marketing emails apart from just collecting email addresses and sending out emails.

It is essential to have a tool that will send out emails to those who have forgotten to take their shopping carts out and provide receipts to the customers on each transaction.

With GetResponse its Transactional Email feature lets you connect to its API or SMTP to send transactional emails to your customers.

Automating this system lets you concentrate on the big picture. the tool’s 99percent reliability in email delivery and stable infrastructure guarantee that you’re never getting off the hook too easily.

You can review and analyze the effectiveness of these emails to enhance your sales potential.

Pages for landing

If you are looking to convert visitors into subscribers or customers, you can make use of web pages to convert them into customers instead forms.

You can make one by choosing from the templates that are available organized by types (promotion download, sale, promotion, and so on. ).

The process of creating pages for landing is easy thanks to its user-friendly drag-and-drop builder.

For A/B testing with landing pages simply click the + icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page. This will allow you to create as many variations as you want.

This is crucial in helping you figure out which one is more effective in converting your customers.

After you’ve completed creating your page’s landing, you’ll decide on the domain you’d like to use for the landing page. You can choose between three pre-set domains that are owned by GetResponse.

If you do have an online presence, it’s recommended to make the landing page available under your domain name for branding for branding.


If your guidebooks don’t help increase sales for your company Then you must go to the next level by implementing webinars.

Online presentations that people can attend to gain more information about a subject is an excellent way to educate the public about your services and products.

Being the reason they enrolled in the webinar suggests they’re curious about the content you’ve got to say and provide. In turn, you’ll be able to gain more customers customers in a single webinar.

GetResponse is the sole email marketing platform with the ability to host webinars built into it. What’s more, is that it integrates well with other features of the platform to enable you to set your webinars much simpler instead of using third-party software.

GetResponse homepage

In order to create a webinar, you will need to create the details of the webinar, such as the URL for the webinar as well as the date, time, and more.

You could also schedule the webinar to take registrations beforehand and determine the email lists you’ll add them to.

After you’ve saved your settings, and moved into the next phase, you’ll need to make landing pages and forms that allow your viewers to register for the webinar prior to it.

From this page, you can build autoresponders to remind users when the webinar is scheduled to occur and keep them up to current on any updates.

Utilizing your existing list, you could promote your webinar via email so that people are able to sign up and be updated about the event as well.

When the webinar has taken place, that’s where the fun begins.

GetResponse offers more than adequate tools to run a successful webinar in which you can answer questions from attendees and interact with them in real-time.

If you missed the webinar, you’re able to capture the entire webinar and send them the URL so that they can access it any time they’re able.

Marketing Automation

If you’re looking to earn more sales and revenues through autopilot, you should take advantage of GetResponse’s market automation capabilities.

As we said it is possible to create a number of autoresponders to build drip-feed campaigns. This lets you make use of the software since it will automatically send emails to the appropriate segment of your database.

To accomplish this, you must set up a process to achieve your desired outcome.

If you prefer to build the workflow yourself, you also have the option to select from templates for workflows that have been pre-designed that include built-in elements.

The workflow builder will show you the types of emails your subscribers will receive.

In your template, you are able to add your own elements using the right to modify and personalize the workflow to suit your preferences.

What makes tools for marketing automation so effective is the conditional logic component.

The purpose of every email marketing campaign is to help people to the conclusion of the email campaign. This is accomplished by letting the workflow take care of the task for you.

In this way, by incorporating conditional logic into your equation you can get the ability to design personalized automated emails based on your customers’ actions.

For instance, if the recipients received an email but did not open it, they will receive an email with a different subject in comparison to those who opened the email.

Once you’ve finished your workflow, click each item to add the message that you would like subscribers to receive.

Simply click on the Create New Message button to launch your drag-and-drop editor and create your message.

Conversion Funnel

The above functions are parts of what GetResponse has to offer for your company.

If you’re looking to connect everything the Conversion Funnel lets you build the pieces and put them together to create high-converting funnels that are guaranteed to convert visitors into customers.

The first step is to decide what is the purpose of your funnel.

If you’re looking to create an email list of leads, GetResponse offers a variety of lead magnets you could make use of to fill your funnel. However, if you’ve got your own magnet that’s you’re even more successful.

The next section informs you of the next steps you’ll do for the complete funnel.

Conversion Funnel eliminates the hassle of designing campaigns that convert well. It is comprised of a sign-up form, landing page, and emails.

All you have to do is fill in the blanks and wait for the conversions to begin rolling in!

Website Builder

This is right, GetResponse can help create complete websites.

GetResponse homepage 5

It’s not going to give you the same flexibility that you get using dedicated web builders, but for such a feature, GetResponse is really worth the price.

If you’re looking to create an easy site in a short time then this is an excellent alternative. AI Builder eliminates the stress of the design process for websites and lets you select from a range of designs that are suggested according to the type of business.

After your site is completed and you are able to personalize it further using the drag and drop builder.

E-commerce Store

Are you looking to sell physical or digital products? You can.

GetResponse has this capability and also ties into its Conversion Funnel instrument.

This means you can design completely functional sales funnels without the need to connect several different marketing tools.

What are the integrations that you can make with payment processors? GetResponse connects to Square, Stripe, PayPal, and more.

GetResponse Alternative for Marketing Via Email

There are obviously many competitors to GetResponse. How does Getrespones stack up against other tools for marketing? The main options are:


MailerLite is a low-cost marketing tool for email. When compared with GetResponse, Mailerlite is cheaper and provides superior-looking templates. It has fewer options, such as there are no webinars.

Sign Up with MailerLite


ActiveCampaign is an automated marketing service that has an added sales CRM. ActiveCampaign is more robust in its automation tools and similar pricing. ActiveCampaign offers an email form, forms, and landing page builder sales CRM, lead scoring SMS, messaging, and chat

Sign Up with ActiveCampaign


SendinBlue is a great option for small and medium-sized businesses, but it is not the best choice on an enterprise scale. It’s affordable. However, many users will find the software to be sufficient. Its capabilities aren’t as great as GetResponse.

Both companies provide a no-cost plan. Sendinblue can be used for free up to sending out 300 emails per day, and GetResponse is cost-free for up to 500 contacts.

Sign Up with SendinBlue


Let’s close the GetResponse review.

Based on the features listed above it’s clear the reason GetResponse is one of the best companies in the field of email marketing.

It’s difficult to compete with the email marketing and automation services that it provides to its customers.

What further makes it easier to use GetResponse is the variety of templates for emails, forms, and webpages for landing, workflows, and funnels.

Even if there is no clue about how email marketing software like this operates in general these templates will assist you in filling the gaps so you can convey your message with greater effectiveness.

It also allows you to sell physical or digital products. It is also possible to create websites that are simple to construct.

It’s a full-stack marketing tool that’s unlike anything else we’ve ever tested. It has everything you need within one application to start an effective business without the need to manage more than 8 different tools.

But, GetResponse isn’t for everyone. If you’re only searching for an electronic marketing program, its entire features may appear to be too much.

However, GetResponse is one of the top options to engage your audience and turn them into buyers. It is recommended that you can sign up for a 30-day trial for free to test it out.

Sign Up with GetResponse

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is the Difference Between GetResponse Contrast to Mailchimp?

The major distinction is that GetResponse has sophisticated marketing automation. Mailchimp is more well-known for its simple email marketing to people of all ages. After a few years more experience you’ll be able to appreciate the GetResponse platform more. Although many newbies start with Mailchimp, they’ll soon decide to move on to one of the alternatives to MailChimp. GetResponse is an excellent choice.

Where Is My GetResponse API Code?

You’ll be able to find the GetResponse API key when you log in into tools > integrations and API API”. You’ll need to click the “Generate API key “Generate API key” button Give it a name and select “Generate” and you’ll have your API key.

Does GetResponse Own a CRM?

Absolutely, GetResponse comes with a CRM for higher-end plans. Even with lower-cost plans, you’ll get contact management tools like tags, scoring as well as event and site tracking as well as automation capabilities. If that’s not enough, the system also connects with CRMs such as Hubspot, SalesForce, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and many more.

Does GetResponse an Effective Email Marketing Tool?

Absolutely, GetResponse is good for email marketing. It’s a user-friendly marketing and marketing automation program. They provide a simple way to create and send out emails to market your business. You can design high-converting newsletters, autoresponders automatic funnels, and much more. Getresponse is great for list construction, sales conversion, and cart abandonment campaigns.

How Much Does GetResponse Cost?

GetResponse offers a free plan for up to 500 subscribers, which comes with unlimited email. The pricing for GetResponse starts at $19 for 1,000 contacts and increases to $119 for the eCommerce Marketing Plan. The cost of each plan rises when the number of subscribers you have up.

Which Is Better? Aweber, or GetResponse?

Aweber, as well as GetResponse, are similar to email marketing software. However, its cost, capabilities for webinars as well as sales funnel builders and advanced marketing automation capabilities makes GetResponse the better option.

How Much Does GetResponse Cost?

GetResponse costs a minimum of $15/month for 1k contacts maximum. The cost increases if contacts grow or you opt for a more expensive plan.

Is GetResponse a CRM?

It isn’t a strictly CRM tool. It allows you to track your contacts and evaluate them in a way that helps you identify leads who are primed to convert.

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