How to Add WhatsApp Share Buttons in WordPress

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Last Updated on September 20, 2023

How to Add WhatsApp Share Buttons in WordPress

WhatsApp sharing in WordPress, let’s get started!

The first thing to do is to install the WhatsApp Share Button plugin. After activation, go to Settings > WhatsApp Share Button to set up the plugin.

Manually Add WhatsApp Share Button Using The Shortcode

The plugin includes a shortcode that you can place on any part of your WordPress website to show your WhatsApp Share button.

Add [whatsapp] on your pages and posts where you want to show the button, super easy.

Using The Shortcode To Share Any URL in WhatsApp

By default, the shortcode ([whatsapp]) automatically utilizes an URL from the currently being displayed page or post. But you can change this by adding any URL you wish users to share using a shortcode such as this:

[whatsapp title=”YourSite” url=””]

Automatically Show WhatsApp Share Buttons in WordPress

The plugin lets you include WhatsApp share buttons both manually, and automatically.

There are a few settings you can run through for the automatic way.

NOTE: the plugin uses CSS code to determine the size of a screen and only display the WhatsApp button to those whose screen is smaller than 1024px. If you’re testing using the application on your computer, resize your browser’s screen until you can see the button.

You can show it on your blog posts or pages as well as on your homepage. You can also select the position of the button to appear either before or after the content.

The final option on the page for settings includes a UTM parameter on your shared URL. This is especially useful for tracking links within Google Analytics.

Hit the save button when you’re happy.

That’s pretty much it, hope this helped!


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