I loved the experience of working together with these lovely people! Now I know my blog is going to be hosted on a great, reliable platform. Cheers guys!

Chloe White
Joe Manser
Lynsey Muir

Just what I was looking for, thanksssssss


Haydn Harrington
Sylvia Poole
Alima Marquez

Yas, you just saved me so much time 🙂

Ruby-May Lovell
Piper Allen

I actually took the time to list every single host and sort them. SiteGround came out on top, great info.

Graham Cross

Just like the others, wanted to thank you for the research, it confused me massively before I came across your list.

Domonic Kaye
Layla Horn
Jawad Newman

Went with Siteground, they're sooooo quick at setting up, all went super smooth! Thanks guys.

Ben Wells

Thanks for making this easy!

Alessio Griffin

Also chose Siteground, love the support, super responsive 🙂

Izabelle Huff
Zaynah Nelson
Riaan Lamb

SiteGround was the best decision I ever made (previous host was sh*t), thanks guys.


Saved me some time, thumbs up!

John Masar

This is my 4th host switch... wish you guys were around 4 years ago.

Robert Liser

None needed, but I like what you're doing 🙂

Bree Wright

Starting a new blog, your research really helped. Thanks!

Liz Brown
Osman Arnold

Thx, definitely saved some time with this 🙂

Catrina Daniels

Setup with SG was suuuuuuuuuper quick!

Jess Roche

The renewals on these are pretty high, other than that, solid info.

Ned Hardin

Jayson helped us in switching hosts and even did the migration for us.... for free!


The guys at Hosting Foundry went above and beyond to find the best host for our situation (which ended up being SiteGround), they didn't have to that. Thanks guys.

Lisa Moser

thanks to hosting foundry, I finally found my ideal web hosting provider. In our case it turned out to be green greeks. thanks jayson!

Alex Evertose

I loved this site - I scrolled through all the details of the hosts to check which would be the best for me. Jayson even helped me with migrating my site over. Would definitely recommend.


Great site, helped me alot.