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Last Updated on November 24, 2022

A robust solution that’s easy to use, HubSpot CRM provides both the option of a free, competitive plan as well as extremely efficient paid plans that meet a wide range of needs for businesses. We have chosen HubSpot as the most effective free CRM software as it is a simple entry into CRM options for freelancers as well as small-sized companies. Its no-cost version HubSpot provides enough features to enhance your sales processes and data management for customers without cost. To learn more about this amazing tool, read on!

By the way, Hubspot offers a drag-and-drop website builder. But if you think their website builder won’t suffice your needs, you can check out our best website builders in Canada and best website builders in Australia articles!

Pros of Hubspot

  • HubSpot provides click-to-call as well as the recording of calls to assist your team in managing your customers
  • The free version permits unlimited users as well as up to one million contacts
  • HubSpot provides great free CRM software
  • New feature for integrated payment processing
  • Offers a free version
  • Robust feature set

Cons of Hubspot

  • Certain features have a steep learning curve
  • A few common features are offered at higher-priced levels

What is HubSpot CRM?

hubspot review

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Through its cloud-based customer relation management (CRM) platform, HubSpot CRM helps companies regardless of size track and nurture leads as well as analyze business metrics. HubSpot can be used by all B2B and B2C businesses with a wide range of sectors such as accounting sales, marketing, construction and retail, real estate, and many more. It has features like both inbound and outbound sales and sales automation and sales pipeline management. It also offers customer relations management and tracking emails as well as contact management, lead management, and many more.

HubSpot CRM offers a visual dashboard that displays a live view of the sales process in its entirety. With the CRM tool, it is possible to track customer interactions in real-time via social media, email, and live chat as well as phone calls. Every interaction is saved in a timeline organized by leads. It is the HubSpot CRM marketing tool that provides lead generation and marketing automation capabilities to help companies create emails, manage them as well as keep track of how the emails are functioning.

Hubspot Pricing

Contrary to most CRMs which only provide a trial for free, HubSpot has a free version that’s actually accommodating. The only obvious limitations are the single-user account, and the lack of the most advanced functions (namely team document storage, team members, and integration with websites on the low end while analytics and automation at the top level). A one-person business probably doesn’t require them, and the features you can get with the free version are more than enough.

Smaller businesses will require small businesses to consider the Starter price. It costs just $45 for two users, but you can bump it up to $23 per additional user. One of the main differences in comparison to that of the version for free is that it has support for the brand new payments feature that we didn’t test. It allows you to manage online payments and display them in your Salesforce as data points. There’s also an SDK to connect a phone system, and also the ability to save documents within HubSpot accounts. HubSpot accounts.

When you’ve reached five users you’ll qualify for the Professional tier costs monthly for $450 and any additional users cost you around $90 per. This is when the most advanced features become accessible, including assistance for sales teams of different sizes and the above analytics and forecasting, custom reporting integrated video messaging, and the product library. For a CRM with an end-to-end interface that is comparable to the features of the Editors’ Choice winners, this is the place you should begin.

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There’s also an Enterprise level for at least 10 users, which will cost you one hundred dollars per month. any additional users costing more than $100 per. It includes all the features included in the Professional category, as well as some advanced features like predictive analytics and artificial intelligence for conversations, and more precise permissions with the custom object.

In the end, HubSpot certainly isn’t the least expensive CRM solution however, the free version is affluent enough to make it attractive to people who are just beginning their journey. With a price of over $20 per user for the cheapest paid tier, and more than 100 for the top but, it’s not quite as competitive as the Editors’ Choice winner Zoho CRM for instance.

Even the tip-top Ultimate level costs just $52 per month per user in comparison to HubSpot’s $99. Zoho has a more extensive capabilities list than HubSpot and its capabilities in the higher tiers are likely to please most users. However, the area that makes Zoho able to beat HubSpot in addition to price, is the near-total customization capabilities through its Canvas Drag-and-Drop interface editor and a more sophisticated and easily accessible artificial intelligence feature with Zia. HubSpot hasn’t responded to those questions yet, although it might in the near future.

Full-Featured CRM With a Premium Price

The truth is that HubSpot isn’t as good as Zoho in this regard, as do many among the CRMs we’ve tried (other the two Editors’ Choice choices, Apptivo CRM Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning Professional). It’s still one of the top choices due to one reason: it is a hit with small-sized companies that need to set up their CRM quickly. It’s likely that you’ll need assistance in importing large data sets as well as setting up a large number of users. In addition, users will require basic instruction to comprehend how data flows through the system. However, neither of these hurdles will take the amount of time as they do with Salesforce and Zoho CRM.

HubSpot customers could start using their CRM within one or two weeks of the purchase. Zoho CRM or Salesforce customers can expect an extended lead time. If speedy and easy is what you require and a cost that’s not too low isn’t a problem, HubSpot is definitely a platform worth investigating. Do your best to make it happen when digital marketing and the help desks are your next priorities also.


HubSpot’s top features are concentrated on the marketing and sales aspect, which makes sense as the company began with these areas as its primary main focus. However, it also has some great advantages to those who want to use the free CRM only. It’s a blend of paid and free functions that distinguish HubSpot in comparison to other CRMs.

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Automation and Analytics

Automation or Analytics can be the most advanced options offered by HubSpot however, you will not be able to use these features without having to pay for higher price levels. Automation lets you build processes or sequences. Sequences focus on chaining email autoresponders. They happen in a particular sequence or in accordance with certain triggers. You can choose a standard sequence and apply it to your own or modify it and save it for your own custom use. It is also possible to create your own sequence. The builder is simply an array of data entry boxes that will ask you for the type of communication, reaction, or trigger, as well as the sequence in that you want the events to take place.

The workflow builder is like sequences but it’s designed to focus on the tasks and notifications facing the inside, not on customers. Controlling approval processes or notifying sales reps of the lead’s new status and similar workflows could be constructed in this way so that they can be completed without any intervention. Similar to routines HubSpot offers a set of pre-configured workflows that you can either use or alter and build your own entirely from scratch. Both appear intuitive. However, making either from scratch will require an amount of time to study the HubSpot knowledge base for users or the relevant video from the HubSpot Academy series (all completely free).

Analytics is a more sophisticated type of dashboarding and reporting and dashboarding, however, it is only available in the more expensive pricing ranges. If HubSpot CRM has everything you require for your business, then Analytics may not be the top priority. It’s focused on marketing. It lets you monitor a range of website visitor metrics and connect it to your other channels for marketing, like email, content, or even events. The reports are well-designed and have excellent visuals, and reports can be fully customized. However, unless you’re planning to integrate your marketing into the CRM system, it will not be very useful. Additionally, it’s not something you can utilize right from the start; you’ll have to take some time to learn.

Reports and Dashboards

Dashboarding and reporting are basically identical in HubSpot. You can pick one of the many canned reports HubSpot provides as a default, alter that report, then save it under a different name. In contrast to some of our lesser competitors, like Pipedrive and Salesflare, HubSpot lets you make completely customized reports by starting from beginning to finish.

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The report creator for custom reports takes some time to get familiar with the interface, but it’s basically a two-step process. First, you’ll need to define the primary information you’re seeking (Sales Marketing, Sales, and so on) as well as the subcategories you are looking for (Contacts and Deals for instance in the case of a report specifically geared toward sales). After that, the next step is to open an extremely intuitive report maker which lets you align the fields that you’ll need in your dashboard with the way you would like your dashboard to appear (a pie chart or bar chart, for example). The dashboards aren’t revolutionary in terms of visuals however it’s nice to make an entirely custom report.

Sales Hub

The users who decide to use the Sales Hub are able to complete their CRM effectively, and simplify all aspects of the marketing, sales, and management of customer relationships. The Sales Hub allows you to monitor and sort prospects (and create customized views of the information) as well as send automated email messages about prospects to the sales personnel and gain insights from advanced tracking of emails and targeted sequence. It also includes built-in reports and lead scoring predictive, which are ideal for businesses with limited internal knowledge of data.

HubSpot is a user-friendly CRM software that allows you to make calls to customers and record the calls from within the program and gives you a wide selection of templates. You can also add sales and marketing hubs to can make the system more effective.

Marketing Hub

It is an additional addition to the CRM that is free that comes with the same pricing structure as HubSpot’s Paid SaaS solutions. In the Marketing Hub, you’ll be able to use the Lead Analytics dashboard as well as the attribution reports, in addition to blogs and content creation tools. The Marketing Hub hosts social media and email marketing tools, administrative user roles and calls to action, marketing automation along with Salesforce integration. If you are a business looking to implement an ERP system with a ton of marketing possibilities Inbound marketing tools from HubSpot are worth taking a look at.

HubSpot Templates

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HubSpot Marketplace HubSpot Marketplace provides a source of free templates that are available to use throughout the HubSpot product line. Most popular add-ons include templates for landing page blogs, templates for blog posts, email templates, and bundles of templates that are ideal for brand new business owners. While templates like these might seem like a minor benefit but other CRMs have fewer templates, even with paid subscriptions, and small-sized businesses that do not have in-house design teams usually depend on templates that save time.

HubSpot for Startups

HubSpot has an effort to be appealing to startups. One important way to do this can be done is by offering its HubSpot For Startups Program. Although the requirements for application such as qualifications, acceptance rates, and requirements aren’t publically available, HubSpot advertises that eligible startups can enjoy substantial reductions on SaaS solutions. The figures advertised can be found as “90% off HubSpot software for eligible seed-stage and 50% off HubSpot software for eligible Series A startups.”

HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy is filled with the tools needed by DIY-oriented companies. Through HubSpot Academy’s portal, HubSpot Academy portal, you have access to a vast catalog of training resources technical documentation, certification overviews, and classes, as well as discussion groups for community users and forums.

Click-to-Call and Call Recording

You and sales agents can contact clients directly through the CRM system and then record the entire conversation. The call will be automatically added to the timeline of the client which makes it searchable and searchable for later information.

Quick Setup, Great Interface

Although there’s always more you can customize and do within HubSpot the SaaS service is easy to establish the basic features. Integration without code with Outlook or Gmail is possible even at the free plan, and the easy-to-install templates are a breeze to utilize. Even the most modest of companies can be able to quickly master entering or importing contacts, as well as setting up user accounts due to not just the ease of syncing, but also the dazzling user interface.

HubSpot Advantages

Because the basic version has an array of features that are quite robust, HubSpot is excellent for small businesses and new startups. If you are a sole proprietorship, side-hustlers, and micro-businesses HubSpot is a great alternative to handling customer relations in the traditional way.

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Many CRMs offer an initial trial or even a subscription but there are typically a number of restrictions and caveats. HubSpot is unique because it is a free CRM with no expiration date, and unlimited users, and up to one million contacts. Additionally, it has a fantastic setting for click-to-sync that works with Gmail and Outlook that making it incredibly easy to integrate your existing email accounts with HubSpot.

The clean interface is simple to use – you’ll not require an IT professional to guide you through the process. HubSpot’s CRM free includes a task dashboard, automated sales logs, contact, and lead management, as well as sales pipeline management capabilities. The library of online instructional guides and invoice template generators, email signature generators, and marketing plan templates provides those who are DIY-minded with a fantastic selection of choices.

Its free-of-cost version of HubSpot CRM is great but the majority of small-sized companies do not want to put much time and effort into the implementation of a system that’s not scalable. HubSpot’s selection of SaaS products is far more extensive than the CRM that is free which makes it a platform that the majority of SMBs aren’t likely to outgrow.

To enhance your features as time passes You are able to upgrade to HubSpot’s specific sales and marketing tools. The tiers of subscriptions are arranged to enable you to grow as you expand your business. HubSpot is a major player in the field of time developing tools and resources to help startups and small-scale businesses. HubSpot Academy offers a variety of online classes and certificate courses on subjects as diverse as design, sales software, and marketing. This, along with the additional features included in the paid subscription levels creates HubSpot an effective system that expands as your business grows.

Although the service is completely free HubSpot does not limit the CRM capabilities of its users. It isn’t stingy with the features, the number of customers, or contact. It also can scale according to your needs to help your business of any size.

Customer Support

HubSpot’s customer support is satisfactory. Chat functionality on its website is more efficient than the majority. However, asking questions that go beyond sales data can be a challenge. It’s evident that HubSpot is trying to get users to look up the online resources rather than call customer service This is suitable for those with a technical background and lots of time but can be annoying for those looking for an easier method of contact.

Once you have registered on your account you’ll be able to use the help button anytime. You also have the option of connecting to HubSpot support and choosing your preferred mode of contact (phone or email, and live chat). Similar to any helpdesk system, precision is essential and the effectiveness is often dependent on the explanation of the problem. HubSpot lets you include screenshots with your help ticket. This allows you to clarify issues better, but those who are unable to write down the technical issues or questions in writing might find the responses to be a bit slow and unresponsive.

HubSpot offers support to customers via email, phone, or live chat. However, the time to respond varies.

Alternatives to HubSpot CRM

Although HubSpot offers a wide range of features that help it establish itself as a leader in the CRM software field. However, competing products such as Insightly and Zoho CRM could be better suited for specific businesses.

Insightly is an effective and versatile CRM system that has earned its place as a market leader in its field by offering sophisticated automation tools, powerful lead management capabilities, and customized dashboards to assist in the management of deal pipelines. With an extensive selection of features to manage projects and contacts, Insightly is a viable alternative to HubSpot. But, the absence of a free plan may make it seem unattainable to small-sized businesses.

In the same way, though Zoho CRM has powerful lead management and capture tools, integrated marketing with automated workflows. But the absence of customization for certain features and the lack of options for customer service make it not suitable for teams with larger numbers.


Overall, HubSpot is a strong contender on the list of top CRM software, but its most notable feature is the incredible variety of features offered with the no-cost plan. The plan is simple and easy, to begin with, and features like the questions that are asked during setting up make users feel respected and supported throughout the onboarding.

The CRM’s quality tools included for free are unmatched in terms of ease of use and ease of use, including tools such as email optimization, shared inbox, and the easy report and deal creation that can streamline the workflow of teams.

The platform is perfect for medium-sized and small enterprises since it offers the level of transparency required for communication with clients and makes everything accessible which allows employees to put their focus elsewhere.

Although customer support on the free plan may feel somewhat restricted, however, the Hubspot chat function that is included in the dashboard is easy to use and fast. Its HubSpot Community, as well as Knowledge Base are thoughtful finishing elements, offering users many resources to improve their CRM abilities.

Although the free plan may be great for small businesses the premium plans offered by HubSpot are ideal for mid-sized businesses that require more power or greater capabilities. The upgrades to features that are included in the CRM Suite Starter plan are reasonable for businesses that are slightly larger with upgrades such as one-on-one technical support, more limit for marketing email sends and list segmentation, as well as up to 10 dashboards for reporting.

However, prices can increase significantly when upgrading to Professional ($1,600 monthly per user) and bigger teams may need to look into alternatives.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is It That Makes Hubspot Different?

What is what makes HubSpot’s CMS distinctive is it integrates with other HubSpot hubs and expands the possibilities that the CMS is able of. For instance, making use of the HubSpot CMS together with HubSpot’s free CRM, or Marketing Hub allows you to get the most benefit from seamless integration between your marketing tools as well as your website.

Who Is Hubspot Owned By?

Brian Halligan is the co-founder and the Executive Chairperson of HubSpot the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service.

Is Hubspot Simple to Learn?

HubSpot has perfected its user experience as time passes. In actuality, it offers a straightforward layout that makes it simple to navigate, even with the many tools on offer. Even for a beginner, you’ll find it easy to navigate HubSpot.

What Is the Reason Hubspot So Popular?

HubSpot is gaining popularity due to the fact that it’s incredibly easy to learn and has an easy and easy-to-use layout that’s user-friendly, even for those who aren’t technologically adept. There are tons of templates and tools to assist you in establishing your business, even if you’re just a complete beginner.

Do Large Corporations Use Hubspot?

More than 113,000 businesses across the globe currently utilize HubSpot. Although smaller and mid-sized companies are the main players that use the platform, larger companies benefit in the same way.

Have You Heard That Hubspot Has Been Compromised?

HubSpot was the victim of a cyberattack that resulted in information belonging to a range of well-known cryptocurrency companies stolen as the company has confirmed. In an article on its blog, HubSpot said that an attacker hacked into the account belonging to the company’s employees and then used it to target its customers who are in the field of cryptocurrency.

Which Is Better? Hubspot Than Salesforce?

Salesforce is ahead of the pack when it comes to the most advanced features and customizing. HubSpot is less steep on the learning curve and provides comprehensive sales and marketing tools at a reasonable cost (even for free! ).

Who Do You Think Hubspot Is Best For?

HubSpot is a CRM platform that combines everything that scaling businesses require to provide top-of-the-line customer service in one location. Our well-crafted, not patched solution helps teams develop using tools that are effective on their own but are more effective when used together.

Can Hubspot Be Reliable?

HubSpot ranks as our number one choice for CRM due to two reasons: it comes with an extremely extensive free version that beats out the majority of paid CRMs in the market and you can apply it to your sales, marketing, and customer service departments. It’s an ideal choice for nearly every business that exists.

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