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| Reviewed by Jimmy Jimmy Parker

Last Updated on December 8, 2022
A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is an outstanding web hosting company that prides itself on its reliable, fast, and secure service. From its blazing-fast Turbo Servers to its free SSL certificates, A2 Hosting makes sure its customers get the best hosting experience possible.Thanks to its wide range of plans, A2 Hosting is suitable for everyone from small business owners to enterprise customers.

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  • Lightning-Fast
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Scalable


  • Cheap Plans Are Limited

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About A2 Hosting

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When it comes to a hosting company, customer support and reliability are the top concerns. A2 Hosting is rapidly building its reputation for the fastest loading times and outstanding customer support at an affordable rate. Since opening its doors in 2003, A2 Hosting now hosts thousands of leading websites. They have servers in 2 locations in the US, one in Amsterdam (great for hosting UK sites), and one in Singapore.

In this A2 Hosting review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about their service before you buy. We’ll touch on topics such as pricing, customer services, and the pros and cons of using A2.


A2 Hosting offers monthly, yearly, 2-year, and 3-year plans.

The longer you commit, the more you’ll save on your hosting package. The 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year plans are all paid in full at origination.

A2 Hosting pricing

There are four different plans available from the international web host:

  • Startup
  • Drive
  • Turbo Boost
  • Turbo Max

The Startup plan allows you to have one website with up 100 GB of storage. Unfortunately, you don’t get any of the A2 Hosting backup services.

With the Drive plan, you can have unlimited websites and storage.

The Turbo Boost plan gives your hosting an extra kick in terms of RAM and includes several useful WordPress plugins.

The Turbo Max plan offers the same as the Turbo Boost but includes twice the resources.

Choosing a plan does not limit you in the selection of several additional services, including additional storage, Single Page Applications (SPA), filters, and SSL certificates.


A2 Hosting offers 24/7 round-the-clock customer service via email, live chat, and phone. Another noteworthy feature is the company’s vast available resources in its knowledge base. You can browse through several articles and forums that touch on a wide range of topics, but they offer a winning customer support team if a solution is elusive.

Directly contact a live A2 representative within a few minutes using the chat function. The team can typically resolve small issues in less than 15 minutes. However, more significant inquiries may take between 24 and 48 hours.

If you aren’t tech-savvy, or this is your first time navigating a website, the A2 Hosting team can walk you through the entire process. The experts are knowledgeable across the board, from purchasing a domain to taking your site live.

Some users have gone from a new idea to a live website in less than 24 hours, thanks to the phenomenal A2 Hosting customer support team.



When it comes to choosing the right hosting company, speed is a priority. A2 Hosting is well-known for extremely reliable server speeds, especially if you’re hosting a simpler website.

A2 Hosting has several server locations internationally, including New York, Singapore, and Australia, so you shouldn’t have any issues with the loading speed wherever your visitors are based.

Money-Back Guarantee

One excellent aspect of choosing A2 Hosting is that it’s essentially risk-free. Not only does the host offer extremely affordable plans, but they also have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you decide to go with A2 Hosting but you aren’t satisfied with their services, you will receive money back, no questions asked.

A2 Hosting can also offer you a prorated refund if you want to cancel your contract.


When working with A2 Hosting, scaling your site is incredibly easy. If you’re launching a new website, you can first opt for their shared hosting plans. After you gain traction in your niche market, you can then seamlessly transfer to a dedicated hosting plan with your support representative.

You can develop your business at your own pace, and A2 Hosting will keep pace alongside you.


Expensive Renewals

Although A2 Hosting offers affordable entry-level plans, its renewal rates add up quickly. In the beginning, it offers first-time customers an amazing discount. However, clients are expected to pay full price to renew the relationship.

There is also only a 15-day window to renew a plan before account limitations appear.

Cheap Plans Are Limited

The Startup plan with A2 Hosting is great, especially if you’re building a simple website. However, the features are extremely limited when you compare it to other hosting options.

With only 100 GB of storage, you can expect your site to slow down significantly once you fill it with content. The Startup plan also doesn’t offer any backup or server rewind services.


Rounding off the A2 Hosting review, it is an extremely reliable company on an international scale. It consistently provides its customers with high-quality services at incredibly competitive rates.

If you’re a startup, freelancer, small business, or blogger, A2 Hosting is a fantastic choice. However, you won’t get the best value for money with their basic plans if you need more flexibility. If you want unlimited storage and other useful features, you’ll need to upgrade.

On the plus side, the A2 Hosting customer support team is dependable and well-equipped for troubleshooting issues. If you run into problems or have further questions about switching plans, these experts will quickly point you in the right direction and help you move forward.

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