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| Reviewed by Jimmy Jimmy Parker

Last Updated on December 8, 2022

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About Dynamic Hosting

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Are you looking for a 100% Canadian hosting provider? Well, you’ve found Dynamic Hosting – its headquarters, data centers, servers, and cloud backups are all located in Canada.

Dynamic Hosting was founded way back in 1999 – so it’s a good ol’ 20-year old company now. Since it was established, they’ve prioritized providing consumers with good web hosting services and customer support. They’ve also taken responsibility for the environment and have adopted green hosting as part of their mission statement.

Throughout the years, Dynamic Hosting has received several awards and recognitions such as the following:

  • Top Canada green host (awarded by WebHostRanking)
  • One of the best green hosting providers in Canada (awarded by 100Best-Web-Hosting)

Their services include shared, VPS, Cloud email, and more. For this review, however, we’re just going to talk about their shared hosting plans. Read on and find out in the end if we’re recommending it or not (and why).

Directly below is Dynamic Hosting’s pricing plans. Prices are in Canadian dollars.


1. Keep It Simple

For $6.95 per month, you can get Dynamic Hosting’s most basic (and cheapest) plan. You can only host 1 website with it and it comes with 5GB storage space and unlimited bandwidth.

The Keep It Simple plan is exactly what it is – simple. The company has intended it as a good starting point for a website or blog. Notice its very limited storage space – only 5GB. But then, you don’t have to worry about bandwidth as your site starts to grow.

2. Unlimited

Dynamic Hosting’s Unlimited package is (again) exactly as it implies. For the price of $12.95 per month, you can host an unlimited number of websites with it and get unlimited storage space and bandwidth as well.

If your main priority in choosing a plan is having unlimited everything, this package would surely interest you.

3. Managed WordPress

Again, this package is named for its exact purpose – it’s especially made for WordPress sites. It costs $19.95 per month and comes with unlimited everything – websites, storage space, and bandwidth.

Dynamic Hosting prices

Here are some notes regarding Dynamic Hosting’s prices:

  • Keep It Simple is Dynamic Hosting’s startup plan. It’s quite limited especially in its allowed websites (you can only have 1) and e-mail features (only 1 e-mail account).
  • Both Unlimited and Managed WordPress plans come with unlimited storage space and bandwidth. You also get unlimited e-mail accounts on these 2 plans.
  • All 3 plans include free SSL certificates, backups (90 days), free restores (from backups), 1-click WordPress installations, and WordPress security.
  • Only the Managed WordPress plan gets the Never Get Hacked guarantee along with weekly security patching.


Well, we’re telling you right now that Dynamic Hosting excels on their customer support. It’s one of their main goals and also one of their selling points.

You can check out their knowledge base on their website if you’re into self-help and figuring things out through researching. Their content is regularly updated to make sure that new issues are covered in their materials. According to Dynamic Hosting, 80% of problems encountered by their customers are solved (and can be solved) through their knowledge base. Yes, impressive indeed.

They also have a ticketing system where you can send your concerns via e-mail. For this, they take from a few minutes to about an hour to answer back. Yes, it can be a pretty long wait if you’re desperate for help. We suggest reaching out to their support people through other means if you can’t wait.

Dynamic Hosting has a 24/7 toll-free number – and their phone support is very reliable. It really is available 24/7 and you’ll get instant answers with this line of communication from the Dynamic Hosting team.

You can also reach them via live chat (also 24/7). And again, you’ll get instant response from their agents when you click on that chat button on your dashboard.

As we said, Dynamic Hosting excels on customer service. Their response time is quick (instant) with live chat and phone support. You can use their e-mail ticketing service for less important matters.


1. Great customer service

As you’ve just seen above, Dynamic Hosting is almost perfect on this aspect of their business. They provide you with several options on how to contact them and their response times are pretty quick (except for e-mail as they have mixed reviews on this).

2. WordPress-friendly platform

If you’re planning to use WordPress, Dynamic Hosting makes for a good hosting option because it’s particularly supporting WordPress. They have a built-in WordPress installation wizard to help you quickly set up your site and they also provide free WordPress security (e.g. auto-updating). Their plans also include WordPress themes and plugins. Their Managed WordPress plan even comes with a guarantee that it will never get hacked (how’s that for security and total peace of mind?).

3. Free website transfer

If you’re planning on transferring your website from another hosting company to Dynamic Hosting, know that they’ll help you with it. In fact, they’ll do it for you – for free.

4. Free backups

Your site will be automatically backed up every night (for 90 days). With this feature, you’ll be able to restore your site to a previous version if something bad happens in a day.

5. Good overall security

Dynamic Hosting has built-in security features to protect all the domains that they’re hosting. For one, they have a firewall that will block malicious threats when it senses these anomalous attacks. They also have security features to detect impending, suspicious, and advanced threats. They also employ IP banning when needed.

6. Free SSL certificate

We’re placing great importance on SSL certificates because Almighty Google itself has made it a ranking signal. Having that https on your site’s URL is a good sign and it’s good for business as well. People will deem your site more trustworthy and authoritative if it comes with an SSL certificate.

What’s nice about Dynamic Hosting’s SSL certificates is that they’re including these for free and for life. With other hosting providers, their free SSL is sometimes good for only 1 year (and then you’ll have to pay for it every year).

7. Money-back guarantee

Money-back guarantees are always good as this shows that a company is confident that you’ll like their offers/ services. In the case of Dynamic Hosting, they’re giving 30-day money-back guarantees on all their plans.

And take note, this is a no questions asked money-back guarantee. It’s important to know that as some web hosts will try to talk you out of it. You know, they’ll ask you to apply for money-back guarantee over the phone – and then convince you otherwise (we hate that). Dynamic Hosting is not like that, mind you.

8. Environment-friendly

As we’ve said before, Dynamic Hosting has several awards on green hosting. The company is really serious about this endeavor and have supported renewable energy from the very beginning. Right now, they’re still supporting this cause and are continually doing their share to help save Mother Earth. They’re also getting the help of their customers by asking them to place a code on their websites to display a badge (that the site is powered by wind) and raise awareness on the issue.

If you’re also interested in contributing to this goal (saving the environment), you’ll be more inclined to get a hosting plan from a green web host like Dynamic Hosting.


1. Limited cheapest plan

Dynamic Hosting’s Keep It Simple plan is too limited for our taste. Imagine, you’re only allowed 1 website and are only given 5GB of storage space for it. What can you do with that? Not a lot. Other web hosting companies have better startup plans – that’s why we don’t like this even if it’s their cheapest plan. Value for money? No.

2. Only 90 days of backup

Although Dynamic Hosting’s pricing plans include free backups, note that it’s only for 90 days. After that, you’ll need to pay for this feature.


Did you see that? We only have a few cons for Dynamic Hosting – yes, it’s really good. However, we’re not really recommending their cheapest plan because it’s just too limited. If you like their features and overall positive review, we suggest going for their Unlimited plan even if you’re just starting out. It’ll give you more freedom to explore and enjoy building your site, that’s why.

Do take note of all the pros we listed in the above paragraphs – the whole setup and the freebies (performance, backups, security, etc.). They all provide you with peace of mind and easy restorations in case of problems.

Now, if you’re considering WordPress hosting (or plan on creating a WordPress site), we highly recommend their Managed WordPress plan. It’s actually cheap compared to other WordPress hosting providers out there. The plan includes a lot of WordPress features, quick installations, and top-of-the-line security measures. We especially like their Never Get Hacked guarantee – oh, we surely like the sound of that (don’t you?). It’s exclusively offered only on their Managed WordPress plan, remember that. Talk about peace of mind from those hackers.

Are we recommending Dynamic Hosting? Well, yes – but not their Keep It Simple plan. However, we highly recommend their Unlimited and Managed WordPress packages. This company is truly one of the best Canadian web hosting providers. Go get their plan now.

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