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| Reviewed by Jimmy Jimmy Parker

Last Updated on December 8, 2022

Eukhost is an excellent UK web hosting company that focuses on providing reliable and secure hosting solutions to its customers. Eukhost also provides a wide range of services for businesses, such as domain registration, website builders, and specialized WordPress solutions.

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  • High-performance servers
  • Free daily backups
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • OPcache for better performance


  • UK-only data centers

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About eUKhost

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With headquarters at Leeds, England, eUKhost Ltd. is now more than 15 years old. It was founded in 2001 and is one of the first European company to offer web hosting services throughout the world. Its data centers are located in the UK (Nottingham, Wakefield, and Maidenhead).

This post will cover its shared hosting plans. However, know that they also offer Cloud, VPS, reseller, and dedicated servers hosting.


1. Basic

For GBP 3.73 per month, you can get eUKhost’s starter plan called Basic. It comes with unlimited websites, 10GB storage space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited e-mail accounts, and 10 MySQL databases.

Although this plan has a lot of unlimited features, note that it only has 2GB storage which is very limited. Yes, it may be good enough to host small websites – but it may not be able to handle the demands of bigger sites. We even doubt that a photography niche site (with lots of images) will survive on this plan. The same goes for online stores with a lot of products (a small online shop with very few products can more or less make it).

2. Intermediate

Priced at GBP 5.60 per month, you can get eUKhost’s mid-range plan. Like the Basic plan, it also includes unlimited websites, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited e-mail accounts. As a more powerful plan, it comes with 20GB storage space and 30 MySQL databases.

Needless to say, eUKhost’s Intermediate plan more than makes up for the limitations of the company’s cheapest plan. It’s important to note at this point that 10GB of disk space is quite large.

3. Advanced

This is eUKhost’s most expensive plan, and it currently costs GBP 7.47 per month. You can definitely host an unlimited number of websites with it and it comes with 30GB storage space. This plan also carries unlimited bandwidth and unlimited MySQL databases.

This is obviously eUKhost’s most powerful hosting plan, but note that it doesn’t come with unlimited disk space. We mentioned it because unlimited storage space is usually offered on the most expensive hosting plans (compare it with other web hosting providers and see for yourself).

eukhost plans

Here are some things to remember when it comes to eUKhost’s pricing plans:

  • You can choose from 3 payment terms – namely, semi-annually (every 6 months), annually (every year), and biennially (every 2 years).
  • All of the plans include a free domain name if you opt to pay for 1 year or 2 years.
  • Unlike other hosting companies, eUKhost doesn’t have introductory prices. Therefore, the current price list is pretty straightforward. And although you won’t get discounts on your first few years, your renewal rates will also remain as is (no price increases – yay!).
  • We suggest going for a 1-year plan to at least get a free domain (and save on domain expense for the first year at least).
  • Available domain extensions (for free domain) include .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info,,, and .eu. You have a lot of options on this, as you can see.
  • All their plans have uptime guarantees of 99.9% – and we’re telling you right now that you can count on them on this. Downtimes are very rare with eUKhost.
  • You’ll get free daily backups when you decide to host your website with eUKhost. They have a partnership with R1soft on this – you’ll have peace of mind that you won’t lose important data in times of unexpected tragedies.


You can expect a lot of support avenues with eUKhost and it’s one of their best features. For starters, they have a forum where you can communicate with other users. It’s a friendly and useful platform for everyone as members try to help each other out. You can also get moral support from fellow webmasters here.

eUKhost also has the standard knowledge base on their site. So, if you want to figure things out on your own, you can look at their articles there. They have FAQs, guides, tutorials, and more.

You can also submit a ticket through the contact form found on their site. This makes for a good option if you don’t want to log into your e-mail.

Our favorite avenues of support from eUKhost are their phone support and live chat. These live person to person interactions are both available 24/7 (which is so cool). Other hosting companies only offer these options during office hours or on limited times on a particular time zone – but not eUKhost. Customers from all around the globe can reach them through phone and live chat at any time of the day, every day.

eUKhost also has a service status page where you can monitor their current state of affairs. You can check on their page if you’re experiencing something on your site and see if something’s going on before submitting a ticket or contacting their customer support. Their status page will display the current situation in real-time such as normal operation, major outage, partial outage, maintenance (scheduled or emergency), etc.

We actually like eUKhost’s customer support because they’re really prioritizing this aspect of their business. They’re known to be reliable on their promises for availability 24/7 and all their customer support staff are friendly and knowledgeable. You’ll love dealing with them and you can be sure that they’ll help you with whatever the problem is.


1. Excellent customer service

Well, we just raved about their customer support – so this one is to be expected. eUKhost offers a lot of avenues for support and you can contact them in many different ways. Expect quick answers and quick solutions when you’re dealing with their customer service people.

2. Daily backup is free

The company has teamed up with a third-party backup provider to provide you with this service for free. You see, data recovery is easy when there’s a daily backup. How’s that for peace of mind?

3. Unlimited websites on their cheapest plan

Now, this is quite unusual, and it’s one of the things we like about them. You see, cheapest plans almost always allow for only 1 website – but not with eUKhost’s Basic plan. Therefore, you can transfer more than 1 website to this hosting company. And if you’re just starting out with 1 website, you’ll appreciate the fact that you can always add more (and as many as you want) if you so desire. This one is quite cool.

4. Free domain

Although eUKhost only provides for a free domain name when you subscribe to a plan for at least a year, it’s still a notable feature. You can save on the cost of one domain, you see.

5. Money-back guarantee

Yes, eUKhost has a 30-day money-back guarantee. Even if this is a standard practice among hosting providers, we still count it as a pro for obvious reasons. We suggest taking advantage of those 30 days to fully test their site (your chosen plan’s features) so that you can ask for a refund if you’re not totally happy with their services.


1. UK-only servers

This is not really an issue, of course, if you’re looking to host a site in the UK. But if you’re looking to target the US, or Australia, there are better alternatives.


eUKhost makes for a good choice if you’re particularly looking for a UK web hosting company. It’s actually good, and it’s OK.

As you can see in this review, eUKhost’s pros somehow outnumber the cons – which is a good sign. Basically, the problem lies with their cheapest plan. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – it’s too limited in terms of storage space (just 2GB). And to add insult to injury, it comes with an unlimited websites feature – as if you can run a lot of websites with only 2GB of disk space. We won’t even recommend it for 1 website if you have demanding needs (sites with lots of images will easily hit the 2GB limit). Therefore, if you’re really decided on getting eUKhost as your hosting provider, at least get their Intermediate plan.

Hey, we actually have a better idea. Why don’t you consider SiteGround instead? Its startup plan is cheaper (only GBP 2.75 per month) and you’ll get more storage space of 10GB (that’s 5 times more than what eUKhost has to offer).

Know that SiteGround is also officially recommended by WordPress for WordPress sites. So, if you’re planning on using the WordPress platform, SiteGround makes for a more suitable option.

Think about it, will you? Compare eUKhost’s features and offers with that of SiteGround and you’ll see what we mean.

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