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Author: Jayson Davis
Last Updated: July 2022

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About Fasthosts

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Fasthosts is a web hosting company based in the UK (headquarters is at Gloucester Quays, South West, England). It was established by Andrew Michael in 1999 and it just keeps going and going (and growing) every day. With data centers also located in the UK, it now hosts over 1 million domains not only in the area but all over the world.

This is an award-winning UK web hosting company we’re talking about here. The following are just some of its awards and accolades:

  • Deloitte & Touche ranked the company as the 10th fastest growing company in Europe in 2003.
  • Netcraft (an internet specialist) awarded Fasthosts as the world’s top Windows 2003 web hosting provider.
  • Fasthosts has been recognized by Business XL magazine as one of today’s top 50 companies in the UK.

Fasthosts offers a lot of services like Shared, Cloud, and dedicated hosting. They also register domain names and handle business class e-mails. For this particular post, we’re going to look at their shared hosting plans.


1. Ignite

This plan has an introductory price of only GBP 2.50 per month (its regular price is GBP 5.00 per month). You’re allowed to host only 1 website with it and it comes with 10GB SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth. You’ll also get basic SEO tools when you purchase this plan.

2. Momentum

As Fasthosts’ mid-range hosting plan, this package will cost you GBP 5.00 per month if you get it now (regular price is GBP 10.00 per month). It includes 3 websites, 20GB SSD storage, and unlimited bandwidth. It also comes with advanced SEO tools to help you rank your site on various search engines.

3. Ultimate

Currently priced at only GBP 10.00 (regular price is $20 per month), this is Fasthosts’ top of the line offering (it’s also the most expensive). You’re allowed up to 100 websites with it and it comes with 120GB SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth. It also includes advanced SEO tools to boost your site rankings.

Fasthosts prices

Here are some things to remember with regards to Fasthosts’ pricing system:

  • They’re currently offering 50% discounts on all their shared hosting plans.
  • As a new customer, you’ll be required to get a 1-year contract when you sign up to any of their hosting plans. Also, after the first year, you’ll need to renew at their regular prices.
  • You still need to pay 20% VAT as this is not included in their pricing.
  • Their Ignite package (their cheapest plan) is quite limited in features. You can only host 1 website with it and it only comes with basic SEO tools.
  • Note that their Momentum plan is so much powerful than their Ignite plan. Not only can you host more websites with it, but it also comes with 2 times storage space.
  • Know that Fasthosts’ Ultimate plan is waaaay more powerful than their cheaper plans combined. It comes with waaaay more websites and storage space.
  • All their plans include 1 free domain for 1 year – you can save some money on this feature as some hosting companies charge for this.
  • Fasthosts support popular CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and PrestaShop. They have 1-click installations for these.
  • Keep in mind that Fasthosts uses SSD (Solid State Drives) storage. This is A LOT faster than the traditional drives and will ensure faster loading sites (and pages).


Fasthosts has a lot of support options for its customers – namely, live chat, phone, support page, support community, system status page, and more.

You can access their live chat feature through your account (you need to be logged in).

Their phone support is available 24/7/365.

Go to Fasthosts’ support page and you’ll find a whole lot of useful materials on different topics. They even have downloadable guides in PDF format.

Their support community functions much like a forum. When you create an account there, you’ll be able to ask questions from fellow users. Of course, you can also opt to share your knowledge with them (it’s a give and take setup with forums like these, you see).

We also find their System status page to be very useful. It’s the place where they post system issues, maintenance schedules, and more. You can check this page every now and then to know what’s going on with them (as this will affect your site).

Fasthosts does have a good format for its customer service, right? Well, unfortunately, we can’t vouch for their performance (in reality). They’re getting mixed reviews from their users on this aspect of their service (which is a big turn off for us). While there are reports of quick responses from well-trained people, some say that it takes more than two submissions of tickets to solve certain problems. And worse, there are reports of their staff taking more than a couple of days to respond to queries and issues.


1. Unlimited features on their cheapest plan

Yes, you heard that right. Fasthosts is one of the few web hosting companies that include unlimited bandwidth on their cheapest plan. And although it doesn’t come with unlimited storage, the 10GB SSD space is big enough to handle the basic storage needs of small websites.

2. Free SEO tools

All of Fasthosts’ plans come with free SEO tools. The cheapest plan has basic SEO tools while their 2 other plans get advanced SEO tools. These free tools will surely help with your SEO efforts.

3. Free domain

You can save 1-year’s worth of domain cost when you sign up to any of their plans.

4. Multiple CMS app support

You can use any of today’s popular CMS platforms to run your site (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, PrestaShop, etc.). You can install these apps with just 1 click from the control panel section of your account.

5. They use SSD drives

Having SSD drives will contribute to your site’s overall speed. Expect fast-loading pages because of this feature.


1. Free SSL certificates not included

We’re really disappointed with this one as this is a feature that’s present in most web hosting plans today. Fasthosts didn’t even bother to include the Let’s Encrypt free SSL (which won’t cost them a thing) in their system. Well, having an SSL certificate is a must these days as it has become very important for security and SEO purposes. So, this will be an added cost to you.

2. No CDN feature

As we mentioned before, Fasthosts’servers are located in the UK. Therefore, your site can appear slow in other countries. Because of this, we expect Fasthosts to at least have a CDN feature to help speed up data transfers to other countries. But then again, they don’t have this – not even CloudFlare (which, again, will not cost them anything to include in their system). It would have been a free option to have for their customers. So, if you have customers outside the UK, you’ll have to get CDN on your own to resolve this issue.

3. Unreliable customer support

Because of the mixed reviews we’ve seen regarding Fasthosts’ customer service, we can say that they’re not that reliable on this aspect of their service. Note that you need a really good customer support system when running a website as problems are unavoidable on the internet world.


To tell you the truth, we’re not that impressed with Fasthosts. It’s OK, but there are better web hosting providers out there.

If you’re still inclined to go for Fasthosts, take note of the cons that we listed in this review – especially the no SSL certificates and no CDN parts (as these can cost you additional expenses). Also, their customer support team might not be there for you when you need help. This is actually the deal breaker for us as customer service is very VERY important in web hosting.

Here’s a suggestion. Go check out SiteGround as it has more specialized hosting compared to Fasthosts (it’s one of the most popular web hosting providers today and has become everyone’s favorite, it seems). They offer free SSL certificates and include a free CDN in the form of CloudFlare. Their customer support is also superb (and reputable, to say the least).

Pricewise, you’ll also see that SiteGround’s prices are competitive and affordable. They also have introductory prices to help you save money on the first few years of your hosting with them. To give you an idea, know that their cheapest plan only costs GBP 2.75 per month. It already comes with 10GB storage space and a lot of bandwidth. Their shared hosting plans are also highly scalable – so you wouldn’t have to worry about outgrowing their packages anytime soon.

Now, if you’re particularly planning on creating a WordPress site, know for a fact that SiteGround is a recommended web hosting company by WordPress to run WordPress. No, Fasthosts is not recommended by WordPress, even if you can also install WordPress on it.

Think about all the pros and cons of Fasthosts and compare them with SiteGround (to make an informed decision as to which company to choose). But if you ask us, we say go for the tried and tested SiteGround instead.

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