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Author: Jayson Davis
Last Updated: July 2022

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About MDD Hosting

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With headquarters at Mooresville, Indiana, USA, MDD Hosting LLC’s products and services include web hosting (shared, VPS, reseller, etc.), domain registration, web security, domain transfer, and more. Their data center is found in Denver, Colorado.

MDD Hosting was founded by Michael Denney in 2007 – so that makes the company more than 10 years old now. It was, and still is, a privately-owned company – and it aims to provide personalized services to its clientele worldwide. They’re using cloud hosting as you’ll see in their pricing plans below.


Here’s a list of MDD Hosting’s pricing plans. Note that all their plans get unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited e-mail accounts, and unlimited MySQL databases.

1. Cloud Starter

Get MDD Hosting’s cheapest plan for $5.99 per month (if paying monthly), $5 per month (if paying yearly), $4.50 per month (if paying for 2 years), and $4 per month (if paying for 3 years).

This plan comes with 0.5-core CPU, 0.5GB RAM, and 10GB storage space.

2. Cloud 1

This plan is priced at $9.99 per month (monthly payment), $9 per month (yearly payment), $8 per month (2-year payment), and $7 per month (3-year payment).

This package includes a 1-core CPU, 1GB RAM, and unlimited storage space.

3. Cloud 2

It will cost you $$19.99 per month (monthly mode of payment) if you decide to get this plan. Pay yearly, and you’ll only be charged $18 per month. Pay for 2 years in advance and your monthly charges will only be $16 per month. If you’re paying for 3 years, your monthly rate will only be $14.

This plan comes with a 2-core CPU, 2GB RAM, and unlimited storage space.

4. Cloud 4

MDD Hosting’s Cloud 4 package is priced at $39.99 per month (for monthly payments), $36 per month (for yearly payments), $32 per month (for biennial payments), and $28 per month (for triennial payments).

You’ll get a 4-core CPU with this plan along with 4GB RAM and unlimited storage space.

5. Cloud 6

This plan costs $59.99 per month (monthly mode), $54 per month (yearly mode), $48 per month (biennial mode), and $42 per month (triennial mode).

This plan provides for a 6-core CPU, 6GB RAM, and unlimited storage space.

6. Cloud 8

Priced at $79.99 per month (if you’re paying monthly), $72 per month (if you’re paying yearly), $64 per month (if you’re paying biennially), and $56 per month (if you’re paying triennially).

You’ll get an 8-core CPU with this plan along with 8GB RAM and unlimited storage space.

7. Cloud 10

This plan will cost you $99.99 per month (monthly payments), $90 per month (yearly payments), $80 per month (biennial payments), and $70 per month (triennial payments).

It comes with a 10-core CPU, 10GB RAM, and unlimited storage space.

8. Cloud 12

This MDD Hosting package is priced at $119 per month (if you’re paying month to month), $108 per month (if you’re paying once a year), $96 per month (if you’re paying every 2 years), and $84 (if you’re paying every 3 years).

This plan is powered by a12-core CPU, 12GB RAM, and unlimited storage space.

9. Cloud 14

This is MDD Hosting’s most expensive shared cloud hosting plan. It costs $139 per month (if paying monthly), $126 per month (if paying yearly), $112 per month (if paying biennially), and $98 per month (if paying triennially).

You’ll get a 14-core CPU with this package along with 14GB RAM and unlimited storage space.

MDD Hosting pricing

Below are some things to take note of with regards to MDD Hosting’s pricing plans.

  • MDD Hosting’s web hosting plans don’t come with introductory prices – the prices are laid out in a pretty straightforward manner. Just note that you can save on money when you opt to pay for a longer-term (as you’ll get more discounts this way).
  • The main differences in the plans come in the form of the CPU core, RAM, and disk space. You’ll definitely get more powerful features from higher-priced plans.
  • All plans come with a CDN feature (free). You see, MDD Hosting has a partnership with CloudFlare (a third-party CDN provider). To use this feature, simply turn it on through the control panel.
  • All plans have 1-click install features (via Softaculous). This will allow you to quickly set up CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and more.
  • All plans come with a website builder (MDD Hosting’s SitePad). It’s a drag-and-drop page builder.
  • All plans include daily backups (powered by JetBackup). Your site data will be stored for about 7 days and are available for restoration.
  • All plans are covered by MDD Hosting’s 1000% uptime guarantee – and you can see that on their SLA (Service Legal Agreement). This feature works by giving their customers 10 hours of credit for every hour of downtime. So that’s 1 hour x 1000% = 10 hours. Terms and conditions apply to this, of course.
  • All plans come with 30-day money-back guarantees.


You can contact MDD Hosting’s support team 24/7 in many different ways. Their main form of communication is through the ticketing system. They designed this in such a way that it will enable users to copy/ paste error messages on their report. Really, it’s much easier to do that than to dictate such issues over the phone, right?

You can access their ticketing system function via the support feature on their website. Also, if you prefer, you can directly send your concerns to their official e-mail address. Their response times in ticketing and e-mailing only takes a few minutes.

MDD Hosting does have a phone number (for US and international clients) but it’s only for sales and billing issues. This feature is available Monday to Friday 8 AM to 4 PM Eastern time.

For simple problems, you can also go to their community forums and talk to other MDD Hosting users. It’s a platform for questions and answers and everyone is there to help each other out.

As a standard feature, they also have a knowledge base on their site. This contains information, FAQs, guides, and tutorials about MDD Hosting’s products and services.

Their website also has a server status page that you can check on if you’re experiencing some problems. This way, you’ll immediately know if there are outages, maintenance schedules, and emergencies that are causing the problems on your site.

All in all, MDD Hosting has positive feedback on their customer support feature. They’re known to respond quickly via e-mail and they’re made up of competent and friendly staff.


1. Efficient customer service

We just talked about how good their customer support is, that’s why we listed said feature as MDD Hosting’s number 1 pro. There’s nothing like knowing you have someone to help you with problems on your site 24/7.

2. 1000% uptime guarantee

We’re truly impressed (and happy) with MDD Hosting’s 1000% uptime guarantee. This means that you’ll be able to request for 10 hours of free hosting every time you experience an hour of downtime on your site. It does exclude some conditions such as scheduled maintenance and emergency situations, but it’s still a good deal overall. Besides, they really have a good record of keeping the sites that they’re hosting always online.

3. Fast performance

MDD Hosting’s servers are powered by LiteSpeed – it’s a well-known technology for optimizing speed. You can feel this feature on your site through fast-loading pages (your site visitors will surely feel it too).

4. Straightforward pricing plans

What we like about MDD Hosting is that their pricing system is transparent and easy to understand. Know that there are no hidden fees when you purchase any of their plans and renewal rates are just the same. Of course, you can get more discounts by getting longer-term plans.

5. Lots of unlimited features

As you can see in the pricing section of this post, MDD Hosting is including a lot of unlimited features on their plans (e.g. domains, bandwidth, databases, e-mails, and subdomains, among others). Their higher-priced plans also include unlimited storage spaces.

6. Free site transfers

MDD Hosting has a great migration feature – first of all, it’s free. Unlike other hosting companies that limit this free service to only 1 website, MDD Hosting will help you move ALL your sites.

The only thing to remember about this free service is that you need to inform them of the migration within 60 days after signing up. If said time frame passes, you’ll be charged $10 per site transfer (this is still low, by the way, as other companies charge around $20 per site).

Another thing to remember is that the free migration and $10 per site offers are only intended for accounts that are based on cPanel. If you’re transferring sites that don’t use the standard cPanel, you’ll be charged $25 per site transfer.

7. Money-back guarantees

All of MDD Hosting’s plans are backed by 30-day money-back guarantees. While this is standard practice, it’s still a good thing, right?


1. Limited power of the Cloud Starter plan

Although MDD Hosting’s starter plan includes a lot of unlimited features (e.g. unlimited domains and bandwidth), we still consider the package to be weak. After all, it only comes with a 0.5-core CPU and 0.5GB RAM. It’s quite ok for a basic site, but these limited features almost render the accompanying unlimited features useless.

Realistically, you can only run 1 to 2 websites with the Cloud Starter’s 0.5-core and 0.5GB RAM. Therefore, you really can’t maximize the use of this plan’s unlimited domains and unlimited bandwidth features. If you want to at least take advantage of those unlimited features, we recommend getting their Cloud 2 plan as a starter plan.


MDD Hosting is really good, and we like it. However, the con (even if it’s only 1) is a big deal to us. The whole setup kinda made their Cloud Starter plan’s most impressive features (unlimited domains and bandwidth) almost unusable. And so, you’ll need to pick one of their more-expensive plans to maximize the use of their unlimited features – which, of course, will cost you more money.

While MDD Hosting is quite a good hosting provider, definitely have a looksy at some of the other great ones like SiteGround.

SiteGround also has multiple data centers around the world (MDD Hosting only has 1 data center, though a CDN can get around this issue). It also comes with a lot of free stuff (e.g. SSL, migration, etc.). And if you’re planning on using the WordPress platform for your website, know that SiteGround is optimized for WordPress – it’s even recommended by WordPress for WordPress-use.

Be sure to check out our SiteGround review to be able to compare it with MDD Hosting. After comparing both, you’ll be able to make an informed decision as to which one is better and which one is right for you.

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