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Author: Jayson Davis
Last Updated: October 2021

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About StableHost

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StableHost was founded in 2009. It’s a small, privately-owned company with only about 15 people running the business. This is a company that has remained debt-free throughout its 10 years of existence. Still, it slowly but surely grows as they put their earnings back into the business for further improvements of their products and services.

This “small” company has data centers for its global audience. Right now, they have one in Chicago, one in Phoenix, and one in Amsterdam.

It’s their clustered hosting technology that sets StableHost apart from its competitors. Unlike traditional web hosts which only allow for one server, you can host your website on StableHost’s clustered system.

Shared cluster technology works by storing your website on a random server which is monitored every 60 seconds (24/7) for errors. Now, if a problem is detected (during the rotational 60 seconds), your site’s hosting will be automatically moved to a well-performing (working) server.

Yes, Clustered hosting means your site won’t be down for more than 60 seconds if (and when) hardware failures are experienced.

Another advantage to clustered hosting technology is its automatic load balancing feature. Because of this, visitor spikes won’t present a problem as server resources will be automatically scaled up in such cases.

StableHost pricing


1. Starter

StableHost’s Starter pack has a regular price of $3.50 per month but is now being offered for only $1.75 per month. If it’s your first time to create a site, this plan will suit you just fine. Note, however, that you’re only allowed 1 website with it – powered by 1-core CPU. However, it comes with unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth. The package also includes 25 MySQL databases.

2. Pro

StableHost’s Pro plan is more suitable for you if you intend to host multiple websites. You can get this plan for only $3.75 per month (introductory price), but its regular price is $7.50 per month. This package allows for an unlimited number of websites that will run on a 1-core CPU. Like the Starter package, this plan also includes unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, and 25 MySQL databases.

3. Platinum

StableHost’s Platinum plan is intended for really large websites as it comes with very powerful hosting features. Prices start at $28.50 per month (this plan is customizable according to your needs). With unlimited websites, unlimited storage space, and unlimited bandwidth, your websites will run on a 2-core CPU. It also comes with 50 MySQL databases.

StableHost prices

Here are some things to take note of with regards to StableHost’s pricing system:

  • Their Starter and Pro plans are currently being offered at 50% off.
  • The main differences among the plans pertain to the number of websites allowed, CPU, and MySQL connections.
  • All plans come with unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth.
  • You’ll need to contact StableHost if you’re interested in their Platinum plan. They’ll custom-make a specific plan for you then.
  • All plans get a 99.9% uptime guarantee. And should StableHost fail to deliver on this, they’ll credit your account with 1-month’s worth of credit for every hour of downtime (at their discretion).
  • The Platinum hosting gets priority (VIP) support.
  • Only the Platinum plan gets free repairs when hacked or compromised.
  • Only the Platinum plan includes Spam Experts spam filtering feature.
  • All plans get DDoS protection.
  • All plans allow access to StableHost’s SiteBuilder.


StableHost is offering its clients 24/7 customer support. You can contact them via e-mail at any time of the day. However, if you’re on Platinum plan, you’ll also get phone support (also 24/7).

For self-help articles, guides, tutorials, and more – they have an extensive knowledge base on their site.

StableHost has overall good feedback with regards to their customer service. Their response times vary from time to time, but you’ll usually get a response within a few minutes.


1. Good customer service

Ok, let’s start with their more-than-OK customer support. No matter what type of plan you decide to get with them, you can be sure that they’re there to help you 24/7. Just shoot them an e-mail and they’ll get back to you asap. Their customer service team are also known to be knowledgeable, professional, and friendly.

2. Good Uptime guarantee

StableHost has an uptime guarantee of 99.9% – and believe us when we say that they seldom fall (or not at all) below this percentage. They also promise to compensate their users if they fail on this promise.

3. Speed is good

StableHost uses SSD drives which is waaay faster than traditional drives. Also, your site will always be placed on a well-functioning server (they have auto-detection of defective drives and auto-transfers to working drives).

4. Clustered hosting advantages

We’ve already talked about the wonders of shared clustered hosting. It makes zero (or almost zero) downtimes possible.

5. Lots of unlimited resources

Look again at the pricing plans above. You’ll see that StableHost is giving their customers unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth on all their plans (yes, even the cheapest one).

6. Great security features

StableHost comes with A LOT of security features for free.

7. Affordable prices

StableHost has reasonable prices for all their plans. Their introductory prices are especially low (with 50% discounts).

8. Use of standard control panel

If you’ve used a standard cPanel before, you’ll find it easy to use StableHost’s control panel. Beginners also won’t have any problems with it as the standard cPanel is known to be user-friendly.

9. Get free website builder

All StableHost plans get their SiteBuilder for free. This will allow you to easily create a website from scratch and put it up in a matter of minutes.

10. 1-click installs

StableHost includes Softaculous. It’s accessible from the control panel and you can use it to quickly install CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and more.

11. Free SSL certificates

StableHost has a partnership with Let’s Encrypt. There’s no need to pay for SSL certificates when you choose to go with them.

12. Generous money-back guarantees

All of StableHost’s plans come with 45-day money-back guarantees.


1. Limited features on their cheapest plan

The cheapest hosting plans are almost always known to carry limited features – and it’s the same with StableHost. Yes, their Starter plan is definitely cheap, especially since it’s being offered at 50% off right now. However, know that you can only host one website with it. Therefore, this plan is only suitable for a beginner. Still, it comes with unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth – so you really might not outgrow it too soon (as long as you only have 1 website, that is).

2. There’s no free domain included

We just can’t help but compare StableHost’s hosting packages with other hosting providers. It’s quite a disappointment that their plans don’t include a free domain (you would’ve saved a few dollars with such a freebie). You see, most hosting companies include a free domain if you pay for any one of their plans for a year (or more). And usually, the free domain name is only valid for a year – after which, you’ll have to renew it on your own. That’s why we’re a bit disappointed with StableHost – they would’ve made their customers happier with just a year of free domain name…


All in all, we like StableHost – especially their unique shared clustered hosting technology. Not too many hosting providers have this, you know. Its main advantage is that your website will always be placed (automatically) on well-functioning servers and drives. And if a problem is detected, your website will be quickly hosted on the best available server. Note that system monitoring is done every 1 minute to ensure 100% (or close to it) uptime.

StableHost only has 3 pricing plans to choose from – but they’re enough. Although their cheapest plan (Starter) is quite limited in terms of allowed websites (just 1), it still boasts of unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth (these unlimited features are not that common on cheap plans).

Their superb customer support team are also worth mentioning. It’s comprised of people who truly care about their customers and are always willing to help. They also know about their products well – and can surely find a solution to every problem that you throw at them.

Also, don’t forget about their 99.9% uptime guarantee which is truly reliable. Their speed is also a factor to consider for SEO and overall user experience (they’ve got you covered on this as well).

Last, but not the least, we want to emphasize their 45-day money-back guarantee. StableHost is one of the few hosting providers that are quite generous with their money-back guarantees (most web host only give 30 days). We recommend taking advantage of those 45 days to fully test their products and services (and see if you want to stick around for a long time). This is a no-questions-asked guarantee – so don’t worry about them trying to talk you out of canceling should you decide to do so.

StableHost may be a small company but they always deliver big to their customers. You have nothing to lose by signing up today. Yeah, like right now.

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