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| Reviewed by Jimmy Jimmy Parker

Last Updated on December 8, 2022

Strikingly is a complete web-based builder designed to help entrepreneurs get their websites up and running quickly and effortlessly. Their platform is completely free of code or design expertise, which means even people with no web design experts can design a stunning website in just a few only a few minutes. There is a myriad of factors to be considered when selecting a web-based builder. In fact, there are thousands of options to achieve what you’re looking for in the end with regard to functionality, ease of use, price, and so on. To learn what Strikingly can offer to your business, read on!

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Pros of Strikingly

  • Simple-to-use tools for building websites
  • Attractive themes and flexible designs
  • Switch templates without rebuilding your site
  • Excellent uptime
  • Very simple to make use of
  • Fast to create single-page websites
  • Many options to choose from to determine how simple the layout will be
  • You can create a store using the free site
  • Excellent assistance

Cons of Strikingly

  • More customization than the other web builders
  • Certain features that are standard require the use of a premium account
  • Cheap and free tiers are limited by five web pages per website

What Is Strikingly Website Builder?

Strikingly Review

Sign Up with Strikingly

With the broad range of solutions for building websites, Strikingly lives on the end that’s all-inclusive and includes everything you require to start and expand your site. This is in contrast to solutions where you purchase, install, and manage the various “pieces” of your website in separate ways.

The Strikingly service is like leasing an apartment in a stylish development instead of purchasing the property and owning it as your personal home. You’re still in charge of the decor, cleaning, and all things related to living – however, you’ll leave the plumbing, construction security, infrastructure, and security to the property’s owner. This is crucial since there’s often a direct compromise between control and convenience.

All of the pieces could be just perfect with a web-based builder such as Strikingly but it could or might not be the solution you’re seeking.

Concerning competition goes, Strikingly faces all-inclusive web builders such as GoDaddy, Wix, Squarespace, Jimdo, and (and Shopify for online stores).

In comparison to their competition in this regard, they are focused on speed and user-friendliness. The website template is unique and that you can modify without the need for coding or experience in design (more about that later).

Who Should You Use Strikingly

Strikingly is a great choice for small and personal one-page websites that must look professional. It’s also suitable for casual bloggers as well as small shop owners who wish to sell some physical products through their landing page. It lets you effortlessly move around the editor, adding sections and styles in accordance with your preferences. It lets you even start an online store that is simple and sells either digital or physical items.

Although it’s perfect for projects that are simple, you’ll have trouble making anything more complicated using the Strikingly website. If you’re an aspiring blogger or are planning to expand the size of your company, Strikingly won’t help you in the least. In this situation, it is best to begin thinking about rivals such as WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix.

Plans and Pricing

Strikingly provides a free plan, but with some limitations. All paid plans include an unrestricted 14-day trial for risk-free. Additionally, you can choose to choose the monthly, two-year or 3-year, 4-year, and 5-year plan.

Free (Free of Cost)

The plan for free comes with the domain as well as unlimited sites for free. You can utilize up to 5GB of bandwidth per month and can use 500MB in total space (per web page). You can create an online store for nothing if you need to sell one thing.

Limited ($12 per Month)

The Limited plan lets you connect to a custom domain and allows you to create two websites with limitations on options. The monthly bandwidth increases to 50GB and you will get 1GB of storage total.

Pro ($20 per Month)

The Pro plan also includes an individual domain as well as three websites with PRO features. This plan offers Unlimited bandwidth as well as 3GB storage. You will also be able to access the Strikingly App Store and mobile action buttons and much more.

Strikingly homepage 1

Vip ($49 per month)

Includes everything on the PRO plan, and can increase storage capacity to 10GB. This plan lets you are able the ability to send out newsletters to 2000 contacts. Additionally, your store allows you to offer up to 500 items.

Advantages Of Strikingly

Here’s what I discovered to be the advantages of using the Strikingly website builder, not only when compared to direct competitors such as GoDaddy and Wix as a wholly web-based solution.

Straightforward Sign-Up Process

One of the greatest benefits that come with making use of Strikingly is how simple you can get started to speed on this platform. It’s really just two steps – fill in your details, select an option for your design, and then you’re ready to go!

This is ideal for those who wish to get up and running as fast as they can without the burden of creating an account, choosing an area of interest, etc.

Ease of use

Due to its primary purpose of letting users build landing pages as well as smaller websites for personal or business use that have simple sections, the Strikingly application is simple to utilize.

As soon as you visit the website to sign up for a free account you’ll realize that this website builder for free is designed for beginners and those who enjoy easy things. All you need to do is enter your email address and name together with a password that you choose and you’re all set to go.

Everything on Strikingly is enjoyable to use. The selection of templates and also adjusting the layout and settings of your site’s design is only a single mouse click away. It’s all very simple and even beginners require only an hour or so to figure out how to build the website they want.

Template Design / Functionality

Strikingly also provides a broad range of templates that are mobile-friendly (AKA they look great on any mobile device tablet, computer, or). There’s a broad range of designs to pick from and Strikingly offers them divided into niches so that you can locate templates that have all the features you require.

Then, Strikingly isn’t technically drag and drop (where you select from premade segments to “drop” those onto your page) However, it’s very easy to use. It is possible to alter the look of the pages (like colors and fonts) as well as create pre-made blocks and sections however, you won’t have the option of adding elements at will.

Strikingly homepage 2

There are some obvious disadvantages of this configuration and I’ll discuss them in the cons however, it’s an advantage having the limited design options. This makes Strikingly an ideal choice for DIYers or entrepreneurs who would like a website that is professionally designed but does not have to hire a designer to create something unique or spend lots of time tweaking the design.

If you’ve worked with other free website builders, you are already aware that the very first thing to do when you sign up for an account is choosing the template. It was surprising to find just over fifty templates available when I conducted my study (I believe there will be many more in the near future) and they are divided into several categories.

If you choose to pick your template in accordance with the industry you’re in or simply based on the appearance of the layout you’re considering I’m certain you’ll discover one that is suitable for your requirements. Be aware that when you browse over the template options, you are able to start an entirely new window to view an even more detailed view.

Contrary to other builders which are heavily dependent on the template you pick, the one you pick at this phase can be modified later. I’ll walk you through your options in the next section.

Design Flexibility

Because this platform is devoted to single-page websites, everything is centered around sections. A section is a collection of elements that are combined to create an elaborate unit. For instance, you can discover sections designed to show information, social feeds blogs, store items, and more.

In contrast to other website builders, which let you add elements one by one, Strikingly is completely section-oriented. It means that you are unable to create individual components but instead sections with pre-designed layouts that can be modified later.

Although this might sound like a major negative, it’s important to remember that this software is designed for single-pagers. Each section, however, allows you to customize the elements that are included. Users can select their preferred sequence, and modify images, content as well as other elements.

Strikingly homepage 3

Strikingly is integrated with Unsplash which means you have access to an abundance of free images. You are also able to upload your own pictures anytime. When you click on any of the photos you are able to modify them directly in the Editor. This means you are able to complete all the necessary editing without having to minimize the window to launch a third picture application.

I loved their easy customizable options and animated videos that make one-page websites come to life. Unfortunately, the styles for each section are available for free. To get the entire collection, you’ll be required to sign up for any of these premium packages. We will discuss pricing in the future.

Domain Options

Like all free web builders, the no-cost version of Strikingly includes the option of a subdomain for free. This means that you can choose one part of your domain name, the result being something like If you begin with an automatic name for your website It’s important to remember that you’re able to visit your settings to change the domain name for your site. I had no problems creating

Although there’s nothing wrong with having a free subdomain, it is important to be aware that it comes with an attractively designed branding that appears on your website.

If you wish to have a domain that is custom-designed and eliminate their logo, guess it – you’ll have chosen between the paid options to join your domain to theirs or purchase a new domain.

Mobile Site Optimization

It allows you to quickly check your website’s new design on a tablet, desktop, and mobile device without needing to load your website on an additional device. To access this feature, just select an icon that shows a preview while the editor can display the results.

Strikingly homepage 5

It looks fantastic. I’m truly impressed by the amazing websites created using Strikingly that appear on different devices.

Other than the possibility of previewing the site, there’s little more it is possible to do to improve the mobile experience. If you’d like to take out the mobile-friendly section or hide images or alter how large the font is, it isn’t possible. Just be sure that whatever you have placed on the website will behave properly when displayed in smaller sizes.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) using Strikingly is extremely restricted. It is only possible to alter basic things like the titles as well as descriptions. You are also able to include social images and Favicons quickly, but that’s pretty all there is. For images, you are required to include an alt description. This can aid in optimizing your site.

Because everything is on one site it’s a lot more difficult to optimize for search engines. This is probably one of the reasons there aren’t as many SEO options to choose from. But, I’d like to see more options available in the near future.


While it’s not an online blogger platform Strikingly comes with blogs that allow you to begin your own personal diary type of blog very quickly. All you have to do is create the appropriate section and your blogging will begin.

Their blog section is equipped with useful options for customization to allow you to alter backgrounds, decide the way your latest posts will appear within the blog section as well as how many posts will be displayed on the main page. If you decide to keep any of the articles there it’s only a single click away.

Additionally, the process of writing new blog posts and managing older ones is easy. However, it is important to know that you’re stuck on the basic concepts. Yes, the writing and inserting of media is possible. You can categorize your posts. You can approve or deny comments and also view the statistics, but that’s about it.

In the event that this is only your initial website and blogging will not be your primary concern then you’ll be happy with the features Strikingly provides. If, however, you have plans for blogging that are significant in the near future, I would strongly recommend exploring other alternatives or transferring to a self-hosted WordPress alternative.

Integration of eCommerce

It’s surprising that Strikingly offers eCommerce features. In order to make it better, your brand new online store is just another page of your site’s one-page layout.

Strikingly homepage 4

You can immediately begin selling physical goods on your website. With Strikingly, you are able to group them into categories, control tax, shipping, and even accept payments. Naturally, the options for eCommerce aren’t as extensive and Strikingly isn’t the ideal platform if you’re selling hundreds of products. If you only have the smallest number of items you can market, Strikingly can help you to organize everything and make you money as well.

Recently, Strikingly introduced an upgrade to their Simple Store. It now allows you to sell digital products, and Strikingly will automatically generate download links for customers. This is pretty good!

Free Trial + Free Plan

Another advantage of Strikingly is their 14-day trial for free and a no-cost plan.

The Strikingly service lets you test each plan (even their top-tiered plan!) for 14 days prior to signing up. This is ideal for those who wish to trial drive prior to taking the plunge.

They also provide a no-cost plan that comes with an array of options when compared to rivals including unlimited websites and limited e-commerce capabilities.

There are some cons with the free plan, such as limited storage, limited pages, having to use a subdomain (ex:, and extremely limited integrations — but if you’re looking for a simple site for a short-term project, this could be a solid option.

Some Product Integration

Although limited, Strikingly does offer some integration with their products, like E-commerce capabilities and apps on their store for apps (which provide you with the capability to integrate forms, maps, and other functions to your website).

Strikingly homepage 6

You can also get a personalized email for $25 per year. A note to keep in mind is that these extra integrations or capabilities are available only on paid plans. It’s not necessarily a problem however it’s something to be aware of… particularly since you can get a lot of this functionality at a lower cost than other web builders (particularly when you go the self-hosted WordPress option).

Customer Support

Strikingly comes with a complete information base to help you understand how to navigate through the editor and use the settings. There are videos for those who are new to the program and help you understand how to modify your language settings, add background images, alter the design of your website, and so on.

In contrast to other competitors that appear as if they’re trying to conceal the contact details, Strikingly has everything ready to be accessible in the right-hand corner of your page. Therefore, accessing the documentation is just a mouse click away.

Disadvantages Of Strikingly

Naturally, no evaluation could be comprehensive without considering the negatives. Every piece of software is going to be a victim of complaints. Let’s take a look at the particular disadvantages I have encountered with the use of Strikingly as a website builder.

Pricing + Plans

While Strikingly is a breeze and convenient for DIYers as well as small businesses, they leave much to be wanted when it comes to pricing. Each plan comes with a certain amount of limitations in terms of domains, the amount of “pro” sites you can create, and even the storage.

Also, you can’t use the VIP plan through the monthly installment option. This isn’t necessarily an issue… except if you’re in need of the VIP features and wish to pay on a monthly basis. You’re in a bind. Prices also change depending on the length of time you’re willing to pay for it, which is an advantage in the case of an option for the long term, but it’s a negative if you’re searching for a quick solution.

Limited Feature Set – Design

For any product that is technological, it is nearly always the choice between ease of use and control (think Android vs. iOS)

You can see the trade-offs with the Strikingly web-based builder. The simplicity of their design configuration is a huge plus. It’s easy and fast and focuses your attention on making your content fit into the template that has been created. You can create sections and pages based on the specific requirements of your business however for the most part it’s got everything you require.

If you’d like to expand beyond the basic elements of design, you’re limited to using the builder. You aren’t able to modify anything in the pre-made sections, you aren’t able to create individual sections. The components that you can alter in the template overall are pretty limited.

If your site is expanding or is becoming an integral part of your company the design constraints can be debilitating. Contrary to other builders that try to resolve this problem through extensions, apps, or access to the HTML code of the website, however, there’s no way to build a Strikingly website. It is possible to embed HTML, CSS, or Javascript using the Pro plan, but you aren’t able to alter the template provided to you.

Limited Feature Set – Technical

The design limitations also translate into technical limits.

Technical limitations are features you don’t realize you’d like until you actually want them, only to find out that you cannot get them.

This includes things like connections to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Ads, social sharing options, blogging, and an array of intermediate to advanced marketing tools available online. As I said earlier, Strikingly does give some integrations such as DNS/hosting services and email for a second payment. Additionally, they allow you to embed code in your header on the site to track analytics (but only for Pro packages).

But, there are numerous technical options that Strikingly does not offer or are very restricted.

Let’s take a look at the SEO features of Strikingly. I can change the site’s title and description, as well as add a category or social share images. However, aside from that, I’m pretty stuck to the settings I’m using. There are no Schema options, Open Graph settings, etc., and even less sophisticated options.

Additionally, the add-on products or integrations aren’t as extensive. There’s nothing you can do about marketing your site aside from adding codes for Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics or embedding code in the header of your site and, again, it’s only available to Pro plans.

Overall, Strikingly leaves much to be desired with regards to integrations with products and other technological features that will assist you in promoting your site.


As opposed to other builders for free websites, Strikingly targets users who just want to build websites with just one page. It does this quite well. If you don’t have any particular design specifications in your head, Strikingly will be able to meet your needs for a website.

Making a blog, or an online store is simple however you should be prepared to use just the basic configurations. When you decide to up your game, you’ll require a different website which is why you need to be aware that Strikingly has a sole objective – helping novices create an initial website that does not require anything other than that. If you’re happy with that, then go ahead to sign up for an account It’s cost-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I Have the Option of a Free Website That Uses Strikingly?

Absolutely, Strikingly lets you create your own free website. You can make any number of free websites you’d like using your account. You are able to make use of up to 5Gb per month of bandwidth, and you can also have 500 MB per site. (per website). Another benefit is that you could begin the store online for no cost, which you can only sell one product.

Can I Sell Digital Goods or Services Through Strikingly?

Yes, Strikingly lets you market digital products and services through the Simple Store. It’s as easy as the rest of the platform. You just need to upload a file and then add an appropriate price. If a client purchases an item that is digital through your shop, they’ll receive a download link. They can download the item for the option of up to 72 hours to download the item before the expiration date.

What Transaction Costs Does Strikingly Charge?

If you’re thinking of selling your products through Strikingly You’ll be pleased to learn that there’s no cost! Set up the store and add products and then begin selling without paying any additional fees to Strikingly.

Can I Share My Domain Using Strikingly?

A free trial version of Strikingly includes a subdomain. It is however possible to get an individual domain when you choose to go with one of the paid options. You can then connect your domain to their existing one or buy a new one that will display your Strikingly website.

How Do I Create My Blog Using Strikingly?

Yes, definitely. The Strikingly platform has a blog section that allows users to create blogs quickly. It’s relatively simple to write posts, update existing ones, and add media files to them and the list goes on. Because the editor is easy to use, you’ll also get the possibility to design your blog easily and concentrate on the content you’d like to read. But, Strikingly is not suitable for serious blogging because it does not have the features and options other platforms have.

Is Strikingly a Reliable Web-Based Builder?

It’s all about the type of site you’d like to create. If you’re just looking for an easy landing page and you’re not concerned about the design, Strikingly may be the right choice for you. If you’re on the other side and you’re planning to create an entire website that has a distinctive design then you’ll likely require an even more powerful program. We’ve compiled our top 10 website builders to get ideas.

Is Strikingly Risk-Free?

Strikingly provides a no-cost embedded SSL certificate for each site that they host, which means you get at least a basic degree of protection. However, you must conduct your own malware tests and regularly backup your website to ensure it is free from threats.

Which Is the More Convenient to Use, Strikingly or Wix?

Both are extremely simple to use, however, I would suggest that if you’d like to take minimum time creating your website, then Strikingly is the better choice. It is, however, Strikingly has relatively few templates to choose from and it isn’t able to alter the appearance of your website significantly since it is extremely limited in terms of customization.

Wix offers you a lot more creativity and comes with over 500 templates you can choose from, even with its free version. It can take a little longer to become familiar with it, but if you’re committed to your website it’s worth more time.

Can I Make Use of Strikingly to Create an Ecommerce Store?

Strikingly has e-commerce options however, it doesn’t offer the features required for a full-fledged web store. It is able to sell some items.

Do Strikingly Plans Include Hosting?

Yes, all plans come with fully-managed hosting. There isn’t much control over the hosting you use however for a basic single-page website that isn’t a problem. Additionally, they offer many of the features that you’d expect from a hosting provider, such as HTTPS.

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