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how to buy a domain namePlanning on getting a domain registration for your personal or business website?

Nowadays, if you want to build your professional portfolio or want to market your business, creating your own website is the best way to establish and make your name or company known.

When building a website, you have to buy your own unique domain name as the official name for your website. If you don’t have a domain name, you can never launch your website over the internet.

So what are domain names and how to buy a domain name?

Domains are names that are used for websites, and they must be distinct and not be the exact name of other websites, as this causes disambiguation over the web.

If you are still new to website building, here are the things you need to know about purchasing domains to launch your website over the web.

Where To Get A Domain Registration

To get a domain name registration, you will have to register the name you want for your website with the help of a domain name registrar.

For example, if you are registering your website with a name “samplewebsite.com”, you will have to go to a domain name registrar and pay a certain fee in order to get and exclusively use it for a certain time, depending on how long you want to own the name.

Note, too, that when registering a domain name, yours should be unique and distinct. This means that when you try to register a “samplewebsite.com” and somebody else already owns it, you can not acquire it so long as it is still registered to the current owner, unless if it expires and the owner won’t renew it.

However, when you see there is already a domain name that is the same as the one you’re about to register, you can still retain your name but with a different extension. As in our case above, if somebody else owns “sampplewebsite.com’, you can still use the “samplewebsite” name but should be paired with other extensions besides “.com”. You can still come up with “samplewebsite.org”, “samplewebsite.net”, or other extensions as long as they are not used by other users.

Here are the things you need to know to buy a domain name:

How To Buy A Domain Name

You have to purchase a domain name from a web hosting service company in order to get a domain registration. Once you get a domain registration, you will use it as the official name of your site, where you have the sole rights to use the name until its expiration.

At first, you may find it risky buying a domain name. However, once you get to know how to buy a domain name, getting multiple ones for different websites will be as easy as 1-2-3.

Follow these simple steps on how to buy a domain name and get one now for your personal portfolio or small business website:

1. Think of possible domain names you would like to use for your website. There are a million names to think about, so be creative in picking your choices.

2. Secure that you have either a credit card or a PayPal account. These are your ways to pay for your domain registration, as most registrars allow only online transactions through credit card and PayPal in order to purchase and register a domain.

3. Acquire the primary and secondary nameservers of your web host. They are usually found on the FAQs page of their website. If they are not posted, you may email them. The primary and secondary nameservers are needed as they will be used to direct your domain name to your website for you and other visitors to access.

4. If you don’t have a web host, you can ask your domain name provider, the registrar to park your domain name on a temporary location while you are still obtaining web hosting. This allows you to reserve your domain name so as it will not be used by other new users.

Is getting a free domain registration possible?

You might still be new to website building and are quite hesitant on buying your own domain as you might not be able to fully use it. In such cases, you may want to consider getting a free domain registration to try and tweak. If you are looking into how and where to get a domain registration for free, here are the things you need to know before even getting a free domain registration.

where to get a domain registrationGetting a Free Domain Registration

There are web hosting services who allow people to get a free domain registration. With these companies, you can register a distinctive name for your website without any fee. Some web hosting companies today even provide the domain name owners with full experience of getting a free domain registration like they are premium and paid domains.

However, there are always limits when you register free domains.

Because you are getting a free domain registration, some web hosting business companies may also give you a free advanced DNS, 24/7 support, WHOIS privacy, SSL, and a discount of affordable subdomains. However, they may limit you to some other major features such as not being able to register a domain name with a “.com” extension.

Most people are more familiar with the “.com” compared to other extensions. Also, we may find the “.com” extension to be more authoritative and more credible. Besides, it is the most popular domain name extension, so when you use other extensions, your visitors may be redirected to another website which has the same name as yours but with a “.com” domain.

If you do not want to limit this feature and other important features such as fast and secure data transfer and storage, check out where to get a domain registration when registering a domain name for your website.

Register Your Domain Name Now

Are you planning on building a website?

Don’t wait until somebody else gets your domain name. Look to registrars on where to get a domain registration and reserve your website name now.