Selecting a suitable WordPress hosting company in Canada is no longer a difficult task. With WordPress now powering over 27% of the websites in the world, hosting companies would be stupid not to provide suitable hosting options for WordPress websites. To save you time, we have reviewed the best WordPress hosting companies in Canada and our findings are below.

RankWeb Hosting CompanyCost/moRating out of 10View Plans
#1SiteGroundUSD $3.958.7View Plans
#2Green GeeksUSD $3.959.3View Plans
#3web hosting canadaCAD $3.49 (down from $6.99)9.6View Plans
#4A2HostingCAD $4.85 (was $9.90)8.8View Plans
#5BluehostUSD $3.95 (down from $7.99)8.2View Plans

WordPress hosting details

About WordPress WordPress Hosting for Canada: The Details

Without a doubt since its launch, WordPress has been the leading CMS for creating web pages, blogs, etc. Since 2005, WordPress has become the leader in its industry, with over 27% over the internet now running on WordPress.

To host your WP site, you have a LOT of options, as most Canadian web hosts allow support WordPress. That being said, not all hosts are created equal, and some even go as far as to create separate hosting packages specifically for WordPress, with special features to maximise the performance.

Features to Look for When Researching a Good WordPress Host

When looking for a WordPress host in Canada, there are many qualifications that are needed to receive the highest quality service as well as the most out of WordPress hosting. Here are some of the key requirements to look for when deciding on a web hosting service for WordPress:

#1 Server Location

In the fast-paced world, everything is judged based on speed. Having said that, sites that run on servers located in the country or area of their target audience is ideal, in our case Canada. This means customer satisfaction and the website’s ranking will be higher. Websites with servers located outside a target consumer’s area will likely experience timing out issues and deter potential consumers from using that site, especially if it is consistent. Be sure to choose a host whose servers are local.

#2 Uptime

Your website’s uptime is a factor as well. If the site is not running, you’re simply not getting traffic. Uptime is dependent on your host, and if the hosting company is experiencing major issues with their equipment, this may decrease the site’s uptime as they work to correct the issue. Be sure to select a hosting company that will convey your website as a reliable one. Some downtime will be needed eventually, but any good hosting company will also make efforts to schedule any necessary downtime during periods of low site traffic.

#3 Storage

This is a crucial factor for a quality host. Web hosting companies need to provide adequate storage options for your website’s needs. Websites, that generate large amounts of content, offer data for download, or the option for consumer uploading will need space for that data. So, if this is how you need your site to run, inadequate storage simply will not do. Be sure to hire a host with proper storage options.

#4 Support

Customer support is a must have if you are operating a website. With web hosting, everything is in flux, always. This means needing a host that offers flexible hours for customer support to answer any questions and help solve any issues that may arise. Good customer support will have a working knowledge of all things related to hosting and know how to resolve requests professionally.

In addition, they will also have an adequate understanding of issues related to WP specifically, not just their own equipment and services.

#5 Backups

Things happen and whatever causes a data loss to occur, it is absolutely vital to know that all of your content and data is backed up. Like any good server or hosting company, a solid and commendable host will regularly perform backups of all server data to a separate system. This will ensure that despite whatever the natural or cyber world may throw at their servers, they have accounted for all your data. This will ensure not only data retention but also that your website will be backed up and running more quickly.

#6 Extra Domains

In some cases, you may have already purchased a domain and need hosting for it – that is fine. However, in many circumstances you may not have all the different domains (e.g. .net, .org, .biz, .us, etc.). A good webhost will provide options for obtaining extra domains. This is good for two reasons. The first is that extra domains allow you to have those sites forwarded to a main site. This means the ability to cast a wider net.

The second option is to use those extra sites to generate new content and thus have each site earn its own high rankings from a search engine optimization stand point.