Welcome to Hosting Foundry, as a collective of web agency owners, between us we have accounts with around 35+ web hosts. So you might say we know a thing or two about hosting sites (and creating them). We’ve compiled our own top 5 of the best web hosting companies for Singapore, sorted by looking at 4 factors: Usability, Performance, Support, & Cost/Value ratio. Enjoy!

Best Web Hosting Singapore: Our Top 5

RankWeb Hosting CompanyCost/moRating out of 10View Plans
#1siteground2USD $3.95 | 67% Discount9.5View Plans
#2VodienS$109.1View Plans
#3A2HostingUSD $3.928.8View Plans
#4CloudwaysUSD $78.7View Plans
#5WP EngineUSD $29 8.2View Plans

Finding a Suitable Web Host in Singapore

Web hosting is an integral part of the digital world today. It is the entity that allows the internet to function the way it does. If you are looking to start your own website or just want to become more tech savvy, then web hosting is definitely something to become familiar with. The basic premise is that a web host stores all of the pages of a website on a server and makes them accessible to consumers and visitors through the internet. Often-times a domain is required in order to use the services of a web host. However, there are many different features and types of web hosting that will be detailed below. Hopefully, this will serve as a guide when making decisions in regards to web hosting in Singapore.

Shared Hosting

In this form of web hosting many websites are stored on a single server. This is cost effective because much like insurance, the cost is spread out among many customers. However, it may not be able to handle very complicated websites that want to run advanced software. Shared hosting also may not work for sites that anticipate a large amount to traffic. The main advantage is that it is a service that is widely available and allows each site to use its own domain name.

A major drawback to shared hosting is that the servers only have a certain amount of memory and if one website eats up more memory than it should, then all other sites stored on the server will suffer. The storage, processing power and bandwidth all have to be shared among all of the sites using the server and can be unevenly divvied up as well. Sites using a shared hosting service tend to operate more slowly because many different applications are run from the servers. Shared hosting services are highly unreliable because the clients are at the mercy of the other sites using the server.

If customers in Singapore want a dependable, secure form of web hosting, then they may want to consider other options. However, if you are just looking for a simple, inexpensive service for a small enterprise then shared hosting may be perfect.

VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and this type of web hosting is more equipped for websites that anticipate high traffic. It is also more secure than shared hosting. However, it is a little more expensive and still not the most secure form of web hosting.

VPS hosting works as a combination of dedicated server hosting and shared hosting. Basically, it is a service that stores multiple websites on one physical server but it is different because each website is operated through its own virtualized server. This eliminates unfair allocation of storage and bandwidth, giving clients many of the benefits of dedicated server hosting but at a much lower cost. VPS is a good option for business owners who want a decent amount of security but still do not want to break the bank.

Dedicated Server Hosting

In dedicated server hosting, a server acts as a host to just one website or domain. It is the most secure form of web hosting, but it is also much more expensive because each website requires a server that is solely dedicated to that one site. However, this form of web hosting is highly customizable because the server can be configured in the best way to serve the only website operating out of that server. It is also extremely reliable because no websites are competing for storage or bandwidth.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a more advanced type of web hosting that doesn’t use one singular server to host websites. Instead, it utilizes multiple servers in many different locations in a cloud computing environment, so the website’s information is not all stored in one place. This lightens the load so that several smaller servers can handle the information instead of requiring one large server. It is a more economical option than dedicated server hosting, yet it is not quite as secure. However, depending on your company’s needs, it is still likely to be a better choice than shared hosting if you have a little bit more money to spare.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a form of web hosting where clients buy a certain amount of hard drive and bandwidth from a server at wholesale prices and then turn around and resell them to third parties in order to gain a profit. This is a good way for aspiring web hosting firms to slowly enter

the field as well as for companies that want to provide additional services for their clients.

With reseller hosting, you can tailor specific web hosting packages to your clientele and make a profit while expanding your customer base. If you want to provide your customers in Singapore with a unique web hosting experience, then reselling server space may be a good move. Alternatively, if you want to buy web hosting serves that have been resold, you will likely be able to find a customized experience. However, it is important to be aware that there has been a middleman who may have raised the prices extensively.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is a more comprehensive form of web hosting that provides general WordPress site upkeep in addition to the basic services of a web hosting company. It is highly specialized and adapted to WordPress users and provides a lot of useful services. These services may include automatic updates and backups, which can be invaluable to a busy entrepreneur.

These services do come at a higher cost than more basic shared hosting services, and many basic websites may not find them necessary. However, these services tend to offer impeccable speeds and top-notch security. High speeds are very important to businesses for a variety of reasons, one of which being that it is one of the criteria used by search engine to determine search rankings. Plainly speaking, managed WordPress hosting is a much better overall service with the only major setbacks being that it is only usable for WordPress sites, and it is much more expensive.

Web Hosting Singapore: What to Look For!

Server Location

When looking for a web hosting company, there are many basic features that need to be considered in order to make an informed decision. The first of these is server location. It is best if you choose a server that is located in a country with a strong infrastructure so that the internet connections are stable and unlikely to become interrupted. The location should also be physically near the target market so that there are fewer networks to go through and the pages load faster for customers who want to access the site. This rule obviously applies worldwide, whether you’re searching for the best UK website hosting, best hosting NZ, best web hosting Australia, best web hosting Canada, etc.


Next, the storage on that server needs to be sufficient to support the websites and the amount of traffic those websites receive. If the server does not provide enough storage for the pages of your website, then consumers will be unable to reach the site.


Consumers will also want to make sure that the uptime is as high as possible. The uptime is the percentage of time in which the server is running and available. It is the opposite of downtime in which the server is unavailable. During downtime, your website may not work, and you could lose customers. It could also result in a search engine deeming your site unreliable and giving it a lower search rating.


You also need to take into account how much support the web hosting service provides. You also need to consider how backups are done and whether or not they are automatically provided by the server.


Another important feature to check for is backup functionality. Backing up your data ensures that important information doesn’t get lost, especially if something as disruptive as a hack or virus occurs. Web hosts usually provide some form or other of backup, but it’s a good idea to check with the service to ensure that they have that component built into the system.


Bandwidth is something very important to consider as well because it is the amount of data transfer that is allowed by the server. How much you need depends on the size of your website and the number of visitors you anticipate. It is imperative to ensure sufficient bandwidth so that all potential customers have access to the website. However, it is something that can be difficult to precisely predict, so it is important to see what the web hosting service you choose offers.

Number of Websites/Domains

Finally, an important thing to consider in the web hosting business is the number of websites or domains allowed on the server. This is one of the main ways that web hosting services differ. Whether there is one website on the server or one thousand you will still want to evaluate the presence of all the other factors above in order to make the best decision.

Hopefully, this guide will allow you to make a more informed decision about your web hosting choice. It is an important choice that can greatly impact the future of a business’s online presence, which in turn impacts the future profitability of the business. Make sure to consider all the factors so that you can have the best website in Singapore.