Struggling to find a suitable WordPress hosting company in Singapore? Or simply just don’t know who to select from the many providers? We have taken the time to research the best WordPress hosting providers and our findings will hopefully make your decision a much easier one. We based our research on a variety of criteria such as performance, cost, support and reliability. We hope this information will assist you in selecting the best WordPress hosting provider.

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#2VodienS$109.1View Plans
#3A2HostingUSD $3.928.8View Plans
#4CloudwaysUSD $78.7View Plans
#5WP EngineUSD $3.958.2View Plans

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About WordPress Hosting for Singapore

WordPress powers nearly a quarter of the websites on the internet. When you consider exactly how many websites exist on the net, even 25% of those is a staggering number.

As such, it is no small wonder that it is becoming increasingly easier to find proper WordPress hosting sites. Most companies know exactly how influential WordPress has become, and they offer top web hosting services for WP to anyone who is searching for it.

Learning WordPress can seem daunting, since there are a lot of terminology and components to it. However, once you master WordPress as a platform, the internet is yours on a platter. The ease of WordPress as a website creation tool has spread like wildfire, and even today thousands of websites are created with WordPress constantly.

With such a popular choice for website creation, should you choose to utilize WordPress – which is highly recommended – then you will also want to do your research on the right and best hosting platforms for you. Having a host can help you increase your traffic with boosts in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and even sales, if you are creating a website intended to produce goods or services. Even something like a WordPress blog will greatly benefit from hosting, since more people will visit your website.

How do you know which host is the right one for you? It really depends on you and your site’s purpose. The best hosting for you will be whatever best suits your needs. Here are a few things to consider while searching for the right host.

What to Look For

Server Location

Many believe that you absolutely have to have a server location that is in your town or area, but that is not true. While server location is, of course, important, there is no need to break the bank on a location that is the exact city you are in.

You can even stretch your boundaries a bit more than that. In many cases, a website created in Canada can easily use a server from the USA. Keep it close, but it does not need to be exactly where you are. Find something that will fit your budget and location but remember that server location is not the most important aspect of a hosting website.


This one is definitely important in looking for hosting. Simply put, uptime for a server means the percentage of time that your chosen server will be running smoothly. Servers are not faultless, so it will be nearly impossible to find a server uptime of 100%. However, you can find uptimes of 99.9%, which is the minimum recommended to strive for if you can fit it in your budget.

Many people think that an uptime of 99.5%, or somewhere around there, is suitable, but you must consider the whole picture. The .5% that the server is not working smoothly could mean even a few days of lost functionality for your website, which could mean big losses for your website. That is why you should search for hosts that offer 99.9% or higher for uptime.

Do not take the amount at face value, either – be sure to research the hosting platform to make sure that the numbers can be backed up by other sites using that host!


Storage is important, but the reality is that storage is often overhyped. As such, many hosting websites will boast massive storage plans, but the fact is that those hosting platforms probably made sacrifices elsewhere to make room for that much storage.

A decent sized website or a large blog would fit perfectly in 2G of storage. When looking for a host, take a good look at your website plans and know that you probably do not need 10G of storage. Keep it simple, and know what purpose your site will serve.

Back Ups

Often, hosts will offer daily, weekly, or monthly backups as part of their hosting plans. Backing up your website is a massive benefit to anyone, since the internet can be volatile and there is always the potential to lose data.

When looking for a hosting plan, consider backing up your website as part of the package. Look for hosts that will offer this. You can save yourself a lot of possible trouble in the future if you are able to back up your site frequently.

Extra Domains

This is not necessary, of course, but it is something to consider when making an investment like a host plan. You may begin with only one domain, but you never know if you may want to create a few more down the line. Keep that in mind when looking at hosting plans, and always be prepared.

WordPress is a safe bet for creating a quality website, but finding the right host is not as easy. Make sure you take all these factors, and your needs, into account when looking for the right match for your website.