The 4 Best Backup Plugins for Wordpress

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Last Updated on January 27, 2023

Losing all your data due to malware, accidentally missed payments, or a hard-to-find coding error is a nightmare nobody wants to go through. It will throw countless hours of work and a mixture of tears and sweat out the window. This is why it is crucial to regularly backup all your website data.

If you’re using WordPress as your CMS, there are tons of WordPress backups and restore plugins that you can choose from. The best backup plugins for WordPress depends on your needs, but you need to choose according to ease of use, ability to backup your entire site and not just your database, and available support in case something wrong happens.

Best Backup Plugins for WordPress

1. BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin

This premium plugin is the most popular because it is easy to use and has a variety of functions. It allows you to set daily, weekly and monthly backup schedules. It can also backup your files on Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, Stash, FTP, and Dropbox then it will email it to you.

You can also use BackupBuddy WordPress plugin to migrate, duplicate, and restore websites.

It is also not a subscription based service, so you won’t have to pay monthly fees. There’s an $80 yearly fee, and once you buy the plugin, you’ll have access to regular updates, support forums, and 1GB of cloud storage.

2. UpdraftPlus Backup

UpdraftPlus is a free backup plugin which allows you to create a backup of your entire WordPress site. You have the option to store it on the cloud or on your computer. It can also store your files on the other sites that BackupBuddy will. However, UpdraftPlus’s free version can’t migrate or duplicate your site and doesn’t give you access to support forums. You’d have to pay extra for these features.

3. BackUpWordPress

Another one of the most popular WordPress backup plugins, BackUpWordPress is also a complete backup plugin with scheduling functions. It also lets you store your data on Google Drive, Dropbox, and FTP, but you will need to purchase a premium extension for it. The free version also does not let you store your backups on a cloud storage service. If your computer or the storage device you’re using to store your backups becomes corrupted, damaged, or lost, that’s definitely a problem.

Best Backup Plugins for Wordpress

4. Duplicator

This WordPress backup and restore solution duplicates your entire WordPress site and backs up your database. This is great if you want a fail-proof back-up solution. However, this plugin requires advanced technical know-how. So for beginners, it’s better to try other easier-to-use plugins or assign an IT professional to handle this plugin.

Final Thoughts on WordPress Backup and Restore Solutions:

Choosing the best WordPress backup plugins involves taking into consideration your needs and preferences. Do you want to backup only your database or your entire WordPress site as well? Do you need to duplicate your site? How much can you afford? The four WordPress backup and restore plugins discussed here will provide you enough flexibility to meet your needs.

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