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The Best Web Hosting for Small Business

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To put it in a most basic premise, the “web” is “the whole world made smaller.” And it’s not just the information that anyone can access, anytime, all the time; it’s the real-time, what’s-actually-happening events in the world. Live streaming is everywhere now (sometimes too much) and you have to ride this tide to be able to make your business succeed. If you are just starting out your business or wondering why you seem stuck in a plateau, why not try web hosting? Here’s a short preview of what web hosting is.

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What is Web Hosting

If you have internet in your house, then your internet service provided (ISP) will most probably have a service offer for web hosting. Sometimes they may even offer to build a website for you. Web hosting is an internet-based service which authorises or permits individuals and/or businesses (small or otherwise) to basically “show the world what you got.” These ISPs often have a separate plan fo that, so ask them.


Web hosting companies typically provide not just the building of your custom website, but also internet connectivity, and the accreditation to post your website on the internet. As you know, you can’t just make an internet address for your business and advertise it on social media. It’s a much longer and more complex process than that. There’s a lot of factors involved like reliability of the web host, and more importantly, security of the data you will be saving.


Small Hosting

This is the simplest type of web hosting. A lot of ISPs even offer this for free. You host your own website, have your own internet address, and even upload your own database though a very user-friendly interface wither web-based or offline. And did I mention ISPs offer this for free? What’s not to like?


Well, usually the most essential element to online business is security. This is what most (if not all) customers want to be assured of; that when they input their credit card numbers and other sensitive information, it will stay sensitive and not be phished by third-party softwares and malware (do you see those ads that pop out while you’re browsing some website? yup, that’s them). And if you’re availing of the free small hosting services, then it’s a big possibility that the security level is not that, well, secure.


Large Hosting

Now that I’ve scared you into not doing small web hosting, let me also do a waiver here. There is no impenetrable security company, even with the largest web hosting services in the world (i.e. even the Pentagon was hacked, so there you go). However, when you sign up with a bigger web hosting service, they have a more large-scale, more powerful security software that can defend against 99.9% of the online pirates out there.


And this is very important for your customers and for yourself to protect from future lawsuits and loss of business. Your business needs to provide that guarantee of not just security but also database management, so you don’t get lost in the clutter of all the data in your website. There are a few options that these larger hosting companies offer—shared web hosting, reseller web hosting, managed hosting service, and even cloud hosting (which is a great option because even when your hardware breaks down, the data is stored safely with the web hosting company).

the largest web hosting services in the world

Next Step

So now, you must choose what kind of web hosting you need. You must decide if you want get involved in the host management or you’d rather concentrate on your business and let expert companies handle that for you. There are literally innumerable online companies that specialise them.


Find a company that offers the best security, uptime reliability, and other services that you will need for your small business. So find the perfect one for your business now and start your path to success.