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Here’s How to Host Your Own Website

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Running a website for your startup business is a brilliant idea. Hosting your own site can develop your brand’s visibility and credibility. More so, your own website adds value to your products and services as its online presence alone is an excellent way of reaching out to customers.

As a novice in website hosting, your budget plays a crucial role. Learning how to host your own website will allow you to control and monitor the strengths and weakness of your platform. Interestingly, you’ll gain knowledge and skills in the technical world of website hosting.

Here's How to Host Your Own WebsiteHow to Host Your Own Website: Guide

Host a Website from Your Computer

Yes, you can host your own website directly from the convenience of your desktop. Your first step is to secure a static IP address which is connected to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Make sure that your internet connection is reliably fast and efficient 24/7 and will allow you to host a website.

Get a stable system for your desktop. Note that this is challenging to Windows but still possible. Linux is recommended as this is the simplest and more affordable. Finally, you need to buy a web server software to create your web pages and link your domain name to your website.

Avail a Free Web Host

The good news is that a variety of free hosts are available to support your website. It is essential to determine as to which type of website you plan to host. Note that blogs and video sites have different host requirements.

Review the terms of service of these free web hosts and ensure that they don’t take possession of whatever is posted on their free sites. Also, make sure that they don’t set restrictions on the type of site that you want to establish. Moreover, take into account user comments for the hosts like how they suit you and how fast they can resolve malfunction issues.

Purchase a Web Hosting Plan

Before buying a web hosting plan, decide on the kind of website that you want to create and the type of software that you will use. Look for hosting choices that can quickly and efficiently manage your website’s requirements and budget. We built comparisons for the best web hosting services in Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, and more.

Confirm that the terms of service don’t have any limitations that will prevent you from posting a specific content on your website. Make sure that the web hosting plan that you plan to purchase suits your website’s needs. Take into consideration their reliability regarding a resolution to malfunctions and the quality of their customer service.

3 Ways on How to Host Your Own WebsiteImportant Reminders

  • Always keep copies of all your web pages in case the host malfunctions.
  • Make sure that the domain name is under your name and not the company.
  • If you plan to create a professional website, do not use free web hosts due to the number of ads that they post on your website.
  • Hosting a website from your pc poses a lot of security risks.
  • If you are unsure of how to host your own website, seek the guidance of a professional.