Top 3 Reasons to Use CloudFlare

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Last Updated on September 20, 2023

Cloudflare is a content delivery and internet security company based in the United States. The company became popular for its internet security service when they were able to mitigate a massive DDoS attack for two of their customers in 2014. If you have a hosted website, Cloudflare could present you with significant advantages. Here are 3 reasons to use Cloudflare.

Reasons to Use CloudFlare

The Best 3 Reasons to Use Cloudflare for Your Website:

1. Websites That Use Cloudflare Load Faster

On the internet, content delivery is of the utmost importance. If your pages take forever to load or just don’t even load at all, then you’re losing massive amounts of potential profit. CloudFlare’s content delivery network ensures that your pages load faster by bringing your content closer to your audience wherever they may be.

Imagine your webpages loading as fast as some of the top sites, like Google and Facebook. Your customers would be so happy with the services or products you provide that they won’t even think of moving to another supplier. Fast-moving data is definitely a great reason to use this service. It also provides your website with more authority.

2. Enjoy the Security Advantages of Cloudflare

Perhaps the most valuable of the 3 reasons to use CloudFlare is security. There’s nothing worse than seeing your website go down because of a DDoS attack. Such attacks can lead to data loss, which would ultimately lead to lost customers and lost profits.

It can take a while to recover from such attacks. This is why it’s imperative that you’re able to overcome one should it happen.

With CloudFlare’s reputation for beating DDoS attacks, you won’t need to worry about lost data or customers ever again. CloudFlare’s network can match the strength and capability of any DDoS attack, thus they are able to protect the websites and the precious data under their security umbrella.

3.  Cloudflare is Free

We don’t mean to be misleading, but Cloudflare does provide Free services. However, these services are only available for personal blogs and websites. If you’re interested in their services and just want to get a taste of what they offer, you can do that for free as well.

However, if you need professional services for your company website, then they offer plans starting at $20 a month up to $200 a month. The lower plan is for professional websites, while the higher option is for companies that offer e-commerce transactions.

get the best cyber security using cloudflare now

The basic products they offer are content delivery and website security services. If you’re wondering if Cloudflare is worth the price, it’s definitely worth it. If you’ve experienced a DDoS attack or slow loading pages before, you’ll know how much their monthly rates will actually be saving for your company or professional service.

Sign Up For Cloudflare

If you’re interested in Cloudflare and want to see how their service can work for your site, there’s no need to spend any money now. As mentioned earlier, the company does provide free services that you can take advantage of.

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