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A Basic Overview Of WordPress Pricing

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WordPress is free! Being an open source software, WordPress allows its users to have full control over the websites they built using it. They can also modify their websites in such a way that they cannot be revoked as WordPress does not require any license agreement.

This is true if only your need for a website is very basic. However, if you are building a website using WordPress and you require for far more transactional or complicated website, then you may have to spend a little. Here is the basic overview of WordPress pricing depending on your needs.

building a website using WordPress

Free WordPress

If you are looking at starting small, then you may want to take advantage of the free WordPress. Commonly, free WordPress is used by hobbyists, bloggers, or beginners. This hosted version of WordPress gives you the independence to start any topic you want.

You can start as many blogs as you want with this. You have full control of the website you have created.

Limitations in using free WordPress include the selection of only pre-installed designs and the inability to install plugins. The WordPress will also run ads on your blogs and without any revenue on your part. If the free service suits your needs, you may want to consider getting a domain to start to establish your brand.

Self-Hosting in WordPress

If you want to have everything on WordPress, then you may opt for a hosting service they offer. You will have access to hundreds or thousands of plugins and themes for your website needs.

With the freedom to access and utilize these, reasonable costs also apply. You will need a web hosting account to kickstart your project. You have a freedom to choose where to host your website keeping in mind the costs among web hosts may differ.

Web hosting is another level of concern, but WordPress is capable of extending such services. With the thousands of choices, it is a relief to settle for the one you are already familiar. It is possible to have a WordPress website running on a different web host or both the website and the hosting running on WordPress.

Web Hosting Using WordPress

Depending on your budget and needs, it is necessary to determine whether you need web hosting or not. If you only want to pay $5 a month for a web hosting, then is advisable to stick with WordPress.com.

Some of the best hosting sites to pair up with a WordPress website are WP Engine and DreamHost. WP Engine costs $29 per month, and their services are customized for WordPress websites. They also have an intricate security system to protect your website from any attacks.

DreamHost costs $11 per month. This is best when hosting a website running on WordPress alongside other applications. They also work well with WordPress, but the optimization algorithm does not give priorities to a WordPress site.

make your WordPress website run

Miscellaneous Costs

Aside from web hosting costs, there are other costs which one might want to consider. For instance, despite the free themes, there are themes which you can buy with all the added features and functionalities. The same is true with plugins.

It is not a requirement to purchase these to make your WordPress website run. You can take advantage of the free WordPress site anytime you want, or you may opt for a paid website, still, depending on your needs.


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