Wordpress vs Joomla: Which CMS Is Better for Beginners?

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Last Updated on March 26, 2023

Almost every business, ranging from small to large, wants to build a website for whatever purposes. The problem is that for small businesses, hiring a different set of hands to oversee the website creation may be too costly. The owner of the small business and the existing staff, moreover, may not have the slightest idea how to start.

Thankfully, there are now open source content management systems (CMS) accessible to everyone. So it’s just a matter of choosing the best CMS for beginners. Two of the most popular CMS’s today are WordPress and Joomla. It’s often tough to crack the difference in WordPress and Joomla because they offer similar services, but it’s important to understand where the two differ. Here, we will hold a three-round discussion of WordPress vs Joomla for beginners.

Wordpress vs Joomla

Best CMS for Beginners: WordPress vs Joomla

We will compare WordPress vs Joomla for beginners by choosing which is the more SEO-friendly CMS, easier to customize, and has simpler processes.

SEO Friendly CMS

No matter what the purpose of your website is, you want an SEO-friendly CMS. The SEO capabilities of each CMS largely depend on the plugins or extensions they offer. WordPress offers the Yoast SEO plugin which is pretty much a dream come true for webmasters. It categorizes your SEO score and will also tell you if your web page is SEO friendly. It also shows you how to improve your score in each area AND rates your post’s readability.

Joomla also has its version of an SEO plugin, Easy Frontend SEO, and it allows you to edit your meta descriptions and other similar functions that Yoast offers. However, it is more complicated and difficult to get used to than Yoast is. So for beginners who want an SEO-friendly CMS, WordPress is the way to go.

Easy Customizing

Both WordPress and Joomla offers easy ways of customizing your website. The themes and layouts are easy to change in a single location, and you often don’t need to have advanced coding skills. It’s a matter of browsing, selecting, and activating.

However, WordPress is known to offer more themes than Joomla. Wordpress has a minimum of 3023 themes. They also have a Google search return of 31.5 million results (not all themes, some plugins) while Joomla returns just 16 million results.

Both CMS’s have fantastic themes; it’s just a matter of personal preference if you will choose the one with the most available options.

Level of Complexity

The best CMS for beginners is the one with the least complexity. The one that offers users an easy way to build and modify a website without breaking a sweat. WordPress is known for its simplicity and user-friendliness whether you’re a beginner or an expert. Anybody with basic knowledge of what a website is can build and customize WordPress sites.

On the other hand, Joomla is loved by users for its complexity, making it a favourite among more experienced web developers. If you’re aiming to learn complex processes on how to build a website, Joomla is perfect for you. However, if you want maximum ease and a user-friendly interface, definitely go with WordPress.

The Verdict: Joomla Versus WordPress for Beginners

Beginners would have an easier time with WordPress. WordPress is easy to use but still highly competent, making it arguably the best CMS for beginners. It is also an SEO-friendly content management system because of its amazing plugins, so you won’t have to worry too much about ranking your site.

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