Domain names: What is WHOIS Privacy?

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Last Updated on December 1, 2022

If you are looking a launching a website of any kind, then you are likely going to register a domain name. When you register a domain name, however, ICANN requires that certain personal information is required, including your full name, email address, phone number, and physical address. From there, this information becomes public through the WHOIS lookup. Spammers, marketers, and identity thieves can all access this information with ease. This is unsettling to a lot of people, and with good reason. That’s where private WHOIS services come in, as it ensures that your personal information does not become publically accessible.

There are a lot of reasons people choose to use WHOIS privacy services to keep themselves protected. Doing so comes with a lot of benefits and prevents disaster from striking in many cases.

Identity Protection

It’s no secret that you shouldn’t be giving your home address to strangers. Unmasked WHOIS information makes details of your private life available to the public, and not everyone who looks at it will have the best of intentions. When anyone with an internet connection can access your personal information, identity theft can result from such carelessness, the effects of which can be far-reaching and incredibly damaging. To prevent your information from falling into the wrong hands, consider WHOIS privacy when you register your domain name.

Block Spammers

With your email address and phone number available publicly, spammers will be relentless. Your inbox will fill up with junk mail and spam faster than you could possible believe, and telemarketers will be calling you at the most inconvenient of times. Registering your domain with WHOIS protection spares your inbox from being flooded with unsolicited mail and a voicemail box too full to receive messages from people you truly know. The annoyance of this problem can last for ages, and it’s extremely difficult to get the callers and emails to stop. Fix the problem before it even arises by registering your domain with WHOIS privacy to keep personal information private, as it should be.

Prevent Unwanted Offers

If anyone can see your personal information online, you may get contacted by people interested in purchasing your website or domain name. While some people might see this as an advantage, you may not be looking to sell your website or its domain, and these offers can quickly become annoying. Even if you do want to receive such offers, this should be your decision and making your personal information public should be something you do intentionally. A much better way to receive such offers is through a ‘Contact’ page on your website, so you can direct these offers right where you want them.

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