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| Reviewed by Jimmy Jimmy Parker

Last Updated on December 8, 2022

The drag-and-drop editor of Wix allows you to build professional websites without knowing the basics of programming! It comes with hundreds of themes and a variety of tools. Wix simply lets you create and sell on your site. Easy to learn and flexible, Wix can be used for everything from personal portfolios on the internet to small-scale business websites. If you’re interested in learning more about this amazing website builder, stay tuned!

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Pros of Wix

  • A lot of flexibility and creativity freedom, which means you are able to easily modify the template to make it look exactly how you would like it to.
  • Everything you require to expand and grow The impressive features and huge app store means that it’s got all the tools you need regardless of the size of the website you’re creating.
  • A great online store selection The best online store Wix has an extensive selection of tools for e-commerce, making it an excellent choice if you’re considering opening an online store.
  • The drag-and-drop tools of Wix’s builder make editing its editor easy to make use of, even for novices without any technical expertise.

Cons of Wix

  • It’s a bit overwhelming when you first start the Wix editor. There are many options for design and features that can be a bit overwhelming at first.
  • To get more advanced features it is possible to pay extra for the installation of third-party applications.
  • It’s impossible to alter your template after you’ve published your website, without starting with a new template.

What is Wix?

Wix Review

Sign Up with Wix

Wix is a web-building tool designed to help users with no programming skills build their own site or online store.

It’s a hosted service which means it is run from its servers (‘in in the cloud’). This means that there is no software you need to install on any other server and you don’t need to purchase hosting services.

As long as you’ve got an internet browser and have access online, you are able to develop, maintain and market the Wix website.

Who Should Use Wix?

The stunning designs are made specifically for small-scale businesses and restaurants, as well as online stores as well as artists like photographers and musicians. They’re designed to be compatible with phones and tablets and customized with any of the many applications available on The Wix App Market.

When compared to other builders for websites that we’ve looked at, like GoDaddy as well as Jimdo, Wix gives you an abundance of options. Therefore, if you’re satisfied with a traditionally styled website, you may find it simpler with these web builders.

wix homepage

Wix offers a free plan if you don’t mind having your site address structured http://yourwebsite.wix.com/yourwebsite. The only limitations are on features and file storage and not on pages or the types of pages. The paid plans they offer aren’t the best in terms of pricing (they actually come with a drawback which will be explained in a moment) However, they’re affordable enough for businesses that are more interested in the”done-for-you” aspect than the cost of a dollar every now and then.

The plans let you build a website in a short time without any technical complexities and all the necessary components are included for you.

Their pricing is reasonable, however, it’s worth keeping an eye on the limits and whether you really need the extra features (ie more hours of video instead of using YouTube and Wistia).

Each plan has a tiered discount for the time you join.

In addition, they will provide you with an estimate of the “true” price upfront and provide a discount after you’ve selected your plan.

There are four levels of Wix web hosting plans.

Free Plan

Wix lets anyone join a no-cost Wix plan. You will have use of the Wix Website Builder, which includes Wix Editor, Wix Editor Wix App Marketplace, an unpaid Wix Template, Wix support, and 500MB of storage.

The most important limitations are

  • you have to display a Wix advertisement on your Wix website
  • you are limited to a domain in the form of: username.wixsite.com/siteaddress
  • you are only allowed one GB bandwidth for a month (instead of unlimited bandwidth)

Unlimited Plan

Its Unlimited Plan increases storage space in comparison with that of the Combo Plan, but also offers a variety of premium Wix applications as well as $300 worth of ads vouchers. I’d suggest taking a close look at whether you’d really want to use these advantages. It all boils to storage.

Combo Plan

The Wix Combo Plan has 2 GB bandwidth, and there are no advertisements on your website. It gives you the full benefit that comes with the Wix platform, with a capacity of 3GB. It also comes with a no-cost custom domain for the duration of a year, meaning that you can have a ‘yourwebsite.com’ address.

VIP Plan

The Wix VIP Plan increases storage space when compared to its Pro Plan, but also provides priority customer support. I’d suggest taking a close look at the possibility of using these advantages. It all boils to storage.

Pro Plan

The Wix Pro Plan increases storage space in comparison with its Unlimited Plan and includes a variety of premium Wix applications. The plan also comes with an automated logo design. I would suggest looking into the possibility of using these advantages. It all boils to the storage capacity.

Business Unlimited

Wix’s Business Unlimited plan includes subscriptions, storage capacity advanced shipping options, as well as the capability to gather user reviews.

Business Basic

The Wix Business Basic plan has all the features needed for a simple eCommerce website. It doesn’t include subscriptions or multiple currencies.

Business VIP

The Wix Business VIP plan adds the capability to sell on marketplaces, as well as customized reports, as well as a substantial rise in USPS discounts and automatic sales tax.

Wix Is a Tool for Different Websites

Stores Using Wix Online

Wix provides everything small-scale business owners can possibly require – an eCommerce solution that is top-quality with strong tools for SEO and marketing and also particular templates specifically designed for stores on the internet. Your customers can choose from a variety of choices to shop with the ability to sell physical and digital objects. The editor lets you build a store that is completely customized and fills it with sophisticated third-party integrations, like Google Analytics.

wix homepage 2

Although Wix is an excellent choice for stores that are online, however, it comes with an important drawback: you cannot relocate your store. Once you’ve signed up for Wix your store remains on the platform. Scaling can only be done in Wix’s system, and the platform does not allow exporting your website.

Wix for Commercial Websites

Wix has a wide range of tools specifically designed for businesses, and you are able to browse the store for apps and purchase additional extensions for your site. This builder offers the top tools for editing your website that you can use, and when you combine them with Wix’s SEO and marketing capabilities and extensive customization options you can make the website you’ve always wanted.

While Wix allows you to customize your site but it’s not equipped with all the tools you may require. In order to get that, you’ll need to go to Wix’s app stores, and for the preferred tool, you’ll need to pay cash.

Wix for Portfolio Sites

Due to Wix’s almost infinite customization options, whether seeking to design an impressive portfolio site to showcase your artwork or to market your work online This builder is an excellent choice. The tools to sell art are there and this builder is sure to satisfy the needs of beginners as well as more experienced webmasters.

Unfortunately, the majority of tools are suited to visual artists. Third-party print-on-demand Integrations and digital downloads and templates that focus on visuals aren’t very helpful for artists with different talents. The builder can be versatile. Many graphic designers and artists use it to create their portfolios.

Wix for Blogs

Wix is an excellent blogging platform for new and creative writers. The editor for blogs on Wix lets users make formatting adjustments to your content, including hyperlinks, bullets, and much more. Wix can also allow you to customize your blog’s title tag along with the meta-description and allows you to change the default URL for your blog posts.

Yet, Wix is one of the more expensive blogging options given that there are many blogging platforms that permit users to post their original writing for no cost. Wix is a free service. Wix’s plan isn’t very extensive and includes Wix’s logo on it. The most affordable plan that comes with Wix costs $16.00/month and is quite expensive.

What We Like About Wix

Massive Template Collection

Wix offers you a selection of more than 800 templates. This is significantly greater than its main competitor Squarespace which offers about 140 templates. Additionally, all Wix’s Wix templates are completely free and are not the case with other online store builders such as Shopify as well as BigCommerce.

The designs look professional and visually appealing as long as you fill them with care. Wix websites certainly don’t need to look like a DIY design.

The templates also make effective use of typefaces and spacing to make an impact. They work best when paired with high-quality images and video backgrounds.

wix homepage 3

In terms of photography, Wix offers a huge collection of professionally taken images as well as vector art which you can download at no cost. If you’re not satisfied with the images then you can buy Shutterstock photos and videos directly through Wix at a discounted price.

The templates are organized in logical categories, so you’ll be able to choose a template that will meet your needs quite quickly.

The large variety of templates lets you be very specific. For instance, in the category of online stores, there are a variety of sub-categories that are available, including jewelry, food, fashion electronics, and more. The Music templates include various sub-categories for musicians, singers, DJs, and many more.

When you select your template, you’ll notice it on Wix’s Wix website builder offers high-quality examples of text, images, and layouts. They will help you start and will give you a mental look at what you need to include, and will help you prevent writer’s block.

However, it is important to be extremely careful when choosing a Wix template, because once you’ve chosen one, you aren’t able to change to a different one.

While you can modify the fonts and colors on your Wix template If you wish to alter your style in more radical ways, using a different template you’ll end up having to redesign your website completely.

Some of Wix’s competitors are more flexible – Jimdo for instance lets you switch templates with no loss of content as does Shopify or BigCommerce.

Intuitive Drag And Drop Interface

We are now at the core of Wix which is its drag and drop feature. I won’t go into too much on this aspect but this is the reason why most users visit the site. What I find more important in the user interface is user-friendliness.

Some might claim that Wix isn’t as powerful in its drag-and-drop interface as other website builders have however I believe it is the best of both worlds. It makes it simple enough for newbies and offers plenty of options to transform your website into a true powerhouse through extensive means.

The thing I find the most impressive concerning the Wix editor is that it comes with an editor for mobile devices. It lets you review and edit your website precisely as it would be displayed on a mobile device. It is completely manageable and independent of the main editor, which means you can truly customize the mobile experience, rather than depend on an adaptive template.

Of course, everything could be enhanced by coding should you wish. But, it appears to be going through a slight alteration recently. Wix is believed to be modifying the coding option to make it more. It’s targeted at developers and is currently in Beta.

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)

The purpose of Wix ADI is to make it simple to create your own website even if you dislike computers and don’t have any IT knowledge in any way.

Wix ADI creates your website by asking you fundamental questions and obtaining any details available through an internet search for your company.

Editing can be done using the drag-and-drop interface that will automatically lay out the pages automatically (see the video below for a demo). For those who are new to web design and those who want some basic tools, this could be the most suitable variant of Wix to work with.

One nice aspect of Wix ADI is the possibility of converting sites built with it into Wix Editor format at a later point — so that in the event that you become bored with the capabilities of Wix ADI, you can change onto one of the mature Wix versions. Wix.

Extend Your Site Features With Wix App Market

The reason I didn’t focus too much on this drag-and-drop interface in the above is due to this app market in Wix. Instead of offering users a few tools to add features within editing, Wix has an entire range of “Apps”.

They are similar to plugins that which you can use to accomplish particular tasks within your Wix website. Perhaps, you’re looking for an area for your blog? Viola simply enables it; alter the settings, and you’ll have it. If you’re wondering how vast these apps could be I’d like to highlight the areas they cover.

  • eCommerce – If your site has something you want to sell, sign up for an account on Wix and you’ll sell in the flash of an eye. You’ll need an Online Store app that not allows you to sell on your website but also allows you to expand to other platforms, like Amazon as well as Facebook!
  • Events – For active businesses that host a lot of events The Wix Events app helps you organize and present many events. It handles every aspect of booking tickets to an RSVP process so that you can concentrate on your core business.
  • Forum – If you’re focused on content or you want to provide an avenue for customers to discuss your product with other customers or you start a forum immediately. No coding, no database, just click it.
  • Chat – Adding this application will allow you to chat live with customers who visit your site. This lets you extend customer service and bring it to a new level.

Market Your Site Easily

Use Email Marketing

It could be more appropriate for businesses however, email marketing is a tool that can aid in leads. Instead of sitting around waiting for your customers to visit your site, once you’ve accumulated a subscriber base you can deliver your content directly to your subscribers!

There are many tools for marketing via email Some are good, others not so great, however, the integration of one in conjunction with Wix is an amazing feat from their side. It’s especially beneficial for small-sized businesses to incorporate this functionality within the software they’re using.

Make Social Media Posts

Another strategy for marketing that you can count on using Wix is to use social media. Wix provides you with the tools you need to make social media-related content. It’s like a basic picture editor but isn’t very extensive.

wix homepage 4

It is, however, beneficial in times of need. This is particularly true for people who simply want to be in one location. With this option, you don’t have to use various programs and services to keep your website up and running as well as social networks. If you are familiar with Canva It’s like Canva.

All you have to do is pick an image, and then alter the text to match it, so that you can post an image that’s fast, beautiful (or funny) depending on your site’s users.

SEO Management Is Integrated Into the Software.

If your content is the mainstay of your site SEO is the blood of your website. These strategies are essential in order to be found on Google (or different search engines). SEO can help you sell your website to search engines and encourages them to place you further high in the search results.

As the default settings, Wix assists you in this, and all you need to do is provide it with some guidance. For instance, let it know about your website and what you’re focusing on, and then it will take care of the work for you. It can do this by permitting you to fill in keywords and other metadata.

When you have a Wix system that allows you to add these items to headers, images, and other elements on your website, Google scans them each time it passes through your website. The more precise and detailed you can make your metadata, the more it will be ranked on search results.

A different aspect of SEO includes an URL (address) format that Google will consider relevant. Wix allows you to alter the URL for each page to ensure it matches what you want Google to be aware of.

Tons Of Extra Features

Apart from its primary function functionality, which is a website builder that allows users to build web pages quickly, Wix is going far further than just the extra mile. It has created an entire suite of products and tools that help users create websites that are successful.

A few of these additional features are available in Wix App Market. Wix App Market. Some are integrated directly into the core Wix system. There are many in-built tools that are ideal for website owners to use and have. All of these are available together in one package.

Automated Responders

If you’ve been using Facebook messaging in the past you’ve probably observed that a lot of businesses have chatbots that respond to messages from users. Certain websites also provide this service in the form of live chat.

With Wix, you can choose to automatize your website too! It can happen in many ways. For instance, if a person contacts you via your site, you can set up Wix to receive an acknowledgment message sent to the user immediately.

It’s another feature that’s business-friendly and an asset to possess.

Invite Contributors

The main word of today is collaboration. in this case, Wix lets users engage with you via your site. This could be beneficial in many ways. For instance, if you’re a developer who was creating an application for a client You could invite customers to see the draft and allow them to have a say or suggest modifications.

In the event that you’re working alongside a copywriter, you could invite them and fill in gaps in which you’ll leave placeholders for the text. Maybe you’re running your own company and you’re looking for some feedback from employees. This can work in a variety of ways.

Tasks and Reminders

While you’re creating your website make use of Wix tasks and reminders tools so that you’re always conscious of the things you’ll need to accomplish to finish your website. In actuality, I discovered this useful even after the fact, as I manage a lot of websites.

Every time you sign into your account, just click over to go through your list by adding new items or marking items off as you finish it.

Payments Integrated

Another product that falls in the category of business, Wix allows those sites that are involved in eCommerce to use a variety of payment options. The primary options are a bit limited. You can make use of PayPal or any other type of payment that is manual, such as cash (something similar to an ATM banking) or a cheque.

It’s not the only default but it is a good starting point. If you’re looking for additional options, you could make use of certain apps available that are available on the Wix market. For instance, one of their applications for Online Payments allows you to accept credit card transactions as well including reminders for payments and invoicing.

Logo Maker

This is also in the same class of tools similar to the quote generator mentioned above. A logo, as simple as it may seem and is something virtually every website will require. Why not create an easy logo and then add with a variety of extras to your website? An enormous thank you to Wix for incorporating both of these tools.

Create Quotations for Customers

Another thing to note is that it is geared toward business users. It is extremely beneficial for small-sized businesses, as well as sole-proprietors. Wix offers the ability to prepare quotations for your services to clients. It comes with templates. All you need to add is the details of the customer, the terms, and expiry dates for your offer.

To be honest, this was not something I expected to find in a website builder, particularly one that provides a free account. It’s not something that could be the deciding factor in a purchase however, it goes to show the amount of thought Wix has put into the creation of their site and the requirements of their clients.


If you’re not conscious, Google is now doing its part for a more safe Internet by encouraging website owners to utilize SSL. While the majority of web hosting websites today offer SSL in one way or another, it’s nevertheless encouraging to see website builders such as Wix start offering this also.

HTTPS ensures that any interactions that visitors make on your site are secure. This fundamental security opens the way for transactions like online shopping and exchanges of personal information and more. Websites that are not HTTPS compatible will now be displayed warning messages.

HTTPS websites also get a better ranking in Google search results.

Lots Of Help And Support

The main thing about every service is the amount of customer support and assistance provided. In this regard, I have to be grateful to Wix. I’ve noticed that no matter my task, there’s an entry in the knowledge base for help, or perhaps an instructional video!

wix homepage 5

Wix Answers – A Dedicated Support Platform by Wix!

Support for Wix was at first quite good However, they’ve increased the level of support over time. Actually, they’re one of the companies that have their own support staff instead of outsourcing everything.

Although it sounds wonderful, I think the actions speak louder than the words. For Wix, they’ve certainly put the concept into action by launching WixAnswers. The spinoff company is committed to customer support and hopes to provide support services similar to ZenDesk.

While it may be of little significance to Wix users, however, it has significant implications. One of them can be the fact that if Wix were not skilled in dealing with support issues it wouldn’t be the reason they started the company that’s dedicated to offering support.

Reliability and Security

One of the major benefits of the use of Wix is that, aside from taking the basic precautions regarding passwords, you don’t need to be concerned about security. This is all handled for you and you don’t need to think about complex technical aspects.

Security is especially important when you’re operating an online store since the costs of a website’s failure, in this case, is extremely high.

If, however, you are using self-hosted platforms like WordPress the developer or you won’t just require a grasp of security issues and configuration, but also configure your website manually to ensure it’s secure on that aspect.

Wix offers a variety of security options included with your Wix subscription. The most essential ones are:

  • Automatic disaster recovery If Wix detects any unusual activity in a certain area, it will move user traffic to the closest stable site which means that your website is less likely to experience interruptions.
  • Two-factor authentication will allow you to secure your account, not only with an account password but also with another method of authentication (SMS or email, or even an authenticator application).
  • PCI compliance allows you to make credit card transactions safe and safely
  • An SSL certificate provides the visitors of your site an encrypted connection between your site and their browser, which means the information a user gives to you through your site (form fillings, etc.).) remains safe.

In essence, the security capabilities of Wix are robust and, with its managed infrastructure, it is highly reliable. The way that Wix handles every aspect of concerns regarding security and reliability for you is one of the primary advantages of making use of Wix.

Alternatives to Wix

Wix is among the most popular website developers, yet it’s definitely not all that is available! There are a lot of excellent alternatives to Wix that are available.

If you’re looking to construct a primarily content-driven website, then Squarespace is an ideal alternative to Wix.

Squarespace is geared towards the same small-business market. The primary advantage against Wix is the fact that it offers highly flexible websites as well as has a cleaner interface.

It is, however, slightly more expensive, and its e-commerce features aren’t quite as robust as Wix’s

If your primary interest lies in online sales If you are interested in selling online, you’ll find that BigCommerce or Shopify will likely meet your requirements much superior to Wix.

Amazon, as well as Etsy, are other choices to look into Both of these platforms function in a different approach in comparison to Wix in the sense that they are not separate website builders, however, they are online marketplaces in which you can market your goods.

If you’re on a spending budget, Big Cartel or GoDaddy may be worth a look. These platforms may not be as well-equipped as Wix however they are both very affordable.

Canva is also an appealing alternative for those with a budget that is extremely tight and requires a brochure website (the benefit to making use of Canva is the fact you receive a range of tools for creating other marketing materials both offline and online).

If you’re someone who is looking to alter an image to the highest level, you may be interested in Webflow which offers gorgeous designs that you are able to edit in depth. However, the ability to code is generally necessary to get the most out of the tool.

There’s also WordPress that can be used as a powerful platform for showcasing content and also facilitating eCommerce. There are two different versions to choose from – hosting and self-hosted.

Hosted WordPress is available at WordPress.com It is similar to Wix — it works in a browser and hosting is available, and further features are available through applications (or “plugins” to employ the proper WordPress term).

Self-hosted WordPress generally requires more configuration and maintenance on the part of the user.


The conclusion of the Wix review is fairly simple: It’s the most effective web-based builder for small websites (not greater than thirty pages) that must look perfect. What makes it better than Wix for bigger projects?

The navigation menu can’t actually accommodate complex structures for websites since there’s only one level. Weebly or WordPress generally work best for large websites. In this regard, Wix’s Content Manager might be a viable alternative, thanks to the fact that it uses dynamic pages. However, this definitely adds complexity.

Wix offers the broadest variety of prebuilt designs available for all kinds of industries. As with many other site builders today It’s impossible to change to a different design after you’ve chosen one. That means you’ll need to change it by hand or begin again from scratch. Positively this limitation is Wix’s biggest strength the unbeatable flexibility of the theme you select.

What Wix has done this is definitely remarkable in many ways, with an impressive development speed that’s nearly unbelievable. Make sure to test using the free plan prior to making the switch to a premium plan to see what’s best for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Wix Legitimate?

Absolutely, Wix is an authentic business. Wix is a publicly traded NASDAQ company with an unconditional 14-day refund guarantee on all the premium services offered by Wix.

Why Should You Use Wix Instead of Employing a Web Developer?

Apart from the exorbitant price many developers charge in comparison to the extortionate cost of most developers, using Wix you’re in control of your site. The freedom to work with other people means that you can make modifications to your site at any time you want. It’s a great method of being in control while also reducing costs.

Are You Able to Create Multi-Lingual Websites Using Wix?

Yes! Create a website in your native language and, when you’re prepared, you can translate it using Wix’s latest tool – Wix Multilingual. Backgrounds with text as well as hyperlinks, SEO settings and Wix Stores can all be translated into another language. It’s great!

Do You Need Be Paying For Your Hosting Services With Wix?

Hosting costs are included in your monthly fees. It’s the same with your security and domain. If you’re on Wix’s no-cost plan, you don’t need to pay a dime – however, you’ll have the Wix domain and Wix advertisements on your website.

What Is the Cost of a Wix Website?

It all depends on your objectives and the amount you wish to invest in your site. It is possible to build a completely free website with a lot of limitations, and you can build it yourself with you can build it on your own. You could also pay over $500 per year for a fully-featured eCommerce site that comes with numerous premium themes and extensions.

Is Wix Secure?

Wix is secure for payments and other business assets. As with all SaaS businesses, they are susceptible to being hackable, but since they are an enormous openly traded business, they have the best security available and employ huge security personnel.

Is Wix Great with SEO?

Wix has solved a lot of its previous SEO issues and is now appearing in Google search results organically.

Is Wix 100% Free?

Wix offers a free plan, but it has several limitations as well as Wix advertising. The free plan is great to try and test however, a paid subscription is worthwhile to have a lasting website.

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