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5 WordPress Plugins You Can Use for Faster Loading Speed

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There now exists several ways to increase loading speed of sites such as content delivery networks. For your WordPress site, however, services of a content delivery network may cost too much and you may not actually need a content delivery network for your site, at least not at the moment (assuming you have a decent WordPress host).

However, there are WordPress plugins you could utilize in order to increase the loading speed of your WordPress page. Here are five WordPress plugins to optimize loading speed.

5 WordPress plugins to optimise loading speed

The Cache Enabler

The Cache Enabler is made by KeyCDN. It is a light caching plugin which takes nearly no time at all to set up. It has a lot of features including setting up of cache expiry time. This feature provides you the option to clear cache with just a click. In addition, you can even post ID’s which you exclude from your cache. The Cache Enabler can be a great help to your site.

The WP Super Cache

One of the commonly used plugins in WordPress for easy and faster loading speed is the WP Super Cache. The plugin for optimization has over 5 million downloads, which can maximize performance. It also has an advanced setting menu which allows for checking other features in the plugin. The WP Super Cache has support for different caching types. It can also serve static html files and has CDN support.

The W3 Total Cache

Another plugin which optimizes and improves the load speed of your page is the W3 Total Cache. This feature already has CDN support, database caching, browser caching, object caching, minification features and many more ways to improve the load speed of your site. In addition, it can be a great booster for improving the load speed of your site. Try it out and see if the W3 Total Cache is an ideal optimization tool for you to improve the load speed of your page.

The Better WordPress Minify

One of many plugins that can help you improve the optimization and performance of your site is the better WordPress Minify. This plugin relies on the enqueueing system in WordPress. It is multi-site compatible, available in different languages and has many other features to better optimize your page. Find out if the better WordPress Minify is the plugin which can improve the optimization of your site.

The BJ Lazy Load

The BJ Lazy Load is another way to make page loading faster. The BJ Lazy Load has a process of lazy loading which only loads certain elements when they are needed. The features of this plugin allows for replacing posted images such as gravatar images and thumbnails. It also replaces frames with placeholders until content loads and loads scaled down images with responsive characteristics.

boost your website's speed using these plugins

Use the 5 WordPress Plugins to Optimise Loading Speed

There are a lot of plugins which can dramatically affect the load speed of your site. Choose the ones which best maximizes speed performance while lowering load time of your site. Choose the ideal plugin for your needs and not just because of the magnitude of its features.


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