The Downsides of Managed WordPress Hosting

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Last Updated on September 20, 2023

WordPress has become an extremely popular platform for blogging and marketing. Because of this, companies that offer services to run the technical side of WordPress increased in numbers. There are many providers to choose from for managed WordPress hosting, we created comparisons of the best WordPress hosting providers for Canada, Australia, Singapore, and more.

The services offered by the hosts can be to increase the site’s speed, provide security, provide backups, manage updates and more. That’s just some of the beauty that managed WordPress hosting can do for you. However, there are still the downsides of managed WordPress hosting we should talk about.

Managed WordPress Hosting

High Price Tag

The cost of having managed WordPress hosting can be expensive but worth it. You pay for the services provided by the hosts. However, the high price tag for it still may not be cheap for everyone to afford.

The high price tag, however, is worth every penny if you already have a large company and the services to be provided for you is valuable and significant for your company. If you are just starting out with WordPress, you may not want to pay such a high price tag because chances are, you may simply not need it yet.

You might also feel limited with less control over the management of your WordPress. The high price is but one of the downsides of managed WordPress hosting.

Less Control

Because the technical side will be taken cared of by the host or the management service provider, you will have less control of your WordPress account. This does not mean however that you can’t add in anything else but as for cache plugins and the such, the host will be the one doing the updating.

Less control, however, doesn’t equal to a very great disadvantage. Less control can just mean that other stuff such as the technical side of WordPress is managed by someone else which is what you actually paid for in the first place.

limitations of wordpress hosting

There are Limitations

Because managed WordPress hosting is WordPress-based, the system only works for WordPress. There are limitations and more of them including having only limited types of plugins to use. But as stated earlier, having less control doesn’t necessarily mean more of a disadvantage.

There are limitations and that might exactly be just what you want. You pay to delegate some of the workload to others and having less control shouldn’t be much of a problem. There are always going to be limitations with any platform that you use. So just make sure that it works for what you need.

You might want to study and think more about having a managed Wordpress hosting service. Besides the high price tag, you should also remember that there will be less control for you and remember there are limitations.

Those might surprise you If you are just starting out with blogging or WordPress in general. The high price tag and having less control, however, should be okay If you already have a large company. The downsides of managed WordPress hosting don’t pose as a major inconvenience.

Even if there are limitations because you paid for the quality service of having other tasks delegated to others to work on the technical side of WordPress. Remember, if you want to scale your business, delegation is crucial. You need to focus on other tasks to start growing.

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