3 WordPress Plugins to Limit Login Attempts

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Last Updated on January 26, 2023

If you own a WordPress site that requires users to log in, you’re providing privileged information. It also means that somewhere out there, people without access to your site are interested in that information and will be trying different ways to gain access. One of these is called a brute force attack. You can prevent these types of attacks by limiting the number of times a user can try to login to the site. Some of the top WordPress hosting providers auto-install a login limiting solution, but just in case, here are 3 WordPress Plugins to limit login attempts that you can install yourself.


Limit Login Attempts

How to Adjust Limit Login Attempts Settings

One of the primary WordPress plugins you’ll encounter to limit login attempts is the “limit login attempts” plugin. Short and sweet. While this plugin is effective against people trying to login multiple times in a row, it may not provide much protection against sophisticated brute force attacks. Although, it does have mechanisms to slow down attacks such as these. The plugin hasn’t been updated for a while, but will still be able to do the job.

To make the most out of this plugin you’ll need to adjust the settings so that they are as optimized as possible. This means adjusting the number of attempts a user can try to login, the time it takes before applying a lockout, and how the plugin identifies login attempts.

Protect Your Site from WordPress Failed Login Attempts with Login Lockdown

Login Lockdown is another plugin that can be used to protect your site from brute force login attempts. What’s amazing about this plugin is that not only will it monitor a person that tries to login continuously but failing, it will lock out the account as well.

As the site administrator, you’ll have the option of reviewing the account and finding out the exact reason for the number of failed login attempts. If you determine that the attempts were carried out by unscrupulous software, you can decide what to do with the account.

WordFence Limits Login Attempts

Perhaps one of the most complete WordPress security measure plugin is the one called WordFence. The plugin not only identifies brute force attacks but also slows them down and limits their instances.

Moreover, WordFence also scans your blog to check for any changes that may result in vulnerabilities. As you might already be aware, logging in to the site is only one way to obtain data. Other ways include finding vulnerabilities in the code that may allow hackers access to important data on the site.

wordpress plugins that improve website security

Protect Your WordPress Site at All Times

One of the reasons why you would need to protect your site at all times is because by doing so, you’re also protecting the site’s reputation. If word gets out that the data on your site has been compromised, your customers will no longer trust you with their important information.

As such, you’ll lose business in a blink of an eye and it will be difficult to recover from such a loss. These 3 WordPress plugins to limit login attempts will help secure your site, but there are more should you want to discover other plugins.

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