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Common WordPress Issues

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Whether you are a beginner blogger or a WordPress expert, you know that WordPress is an indispensable content management tool with endless template and plugin options.

In fact, WordPress was used by more than 27.5% of the top 10 million websites in 2017.

But, you probably knew that. And you know that all these options lead to just as many troubleshooting questions. What follows here is a collection of random questions I have been asked by novices as well as the WordPress expert and my best answers for them.

Common WordPress Issues

Why Is My WordPress Page Loading so Slowly?

Since slow load times can cause a drop in page views, this is a big issue. There are several possible reasons your site is loading slowly.


Certain plugins can cause a page to load slow. There is, of course, a plugin that can find which one is the culprit, called P3.

Once you find the plugin that is causing your page to load slowly, you can remove it and replace it if need be.

Web Host

If your web host isn’t the greatest, you could see significantly lower load times on your WordPress site. This may be a case of “you get what you pay for.” You may need to pay a little more for better web hosting, the major benefit being better load times for your site. And if you’re not using a CDN, make sure the data center that is hosting your site is as close as possible to your target market. If you need help deciding which host to go for, we have done the research and created comparisons for the best WordPress hosting for Australia, Best WordPress hosting Canada, WordPress hosting Singapore, and more.


Again, a plugin like WP Super Cache may be the answer here. A good caching plugin generates static HTML files from your site that are lighter than standard WordPress PHP scripts.

The web server will serve that lighter file instead of the bulkier ones. The happy result is that your load times will be must faster for your users.

GZip Compression

If you have not enabled gzip compression to minimize the size of your files, do so!

The gzip handler compresses output before the web server sends it to the user’s browser. As a result, the user downloads less data. This also lowers bandwidth usage and speeds up your WordPress website.

Why Did I Get the White Screen of Death?

There is more than one reason why some WordPress users encounter blank screens, otherwise known as the “white screen of death.” Sometimes the cause is complex.

More often than not though, there is an error in your wp-config.php file.

Try starting over with a  fresh wp-config.php file. This can eliminate common errors like extra spaces or characters.

“Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance?”

This error message occurs because WordPress is in maintenance mode after you install an update.  Updates keep your WordPress website functional. Occasionally, though, the system doesn’t clean up all the files from the update process.

If you get this message after updating your site, you probably need to remove your .maintenance file manually.

To remove the file, log into your website via your FTP program. Then delete the .maintenance file from your root folder. Your website should now work.

The above are just a quick handful of WP issues and questions. As you work your way up to becoming a bit of a WordPress expert, you will ask and answer many more for yourself.

WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems for a reason. It will continue to expand and add features, much to the delight of its users.