The Top 5 CDNs for WordPress

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Last Updated on January 27, 2023

If by chance you own a WordPress website and would like to be more serious with your blogging or managing your company’s website, you can use a CDN (content distribution network) to make your site load faster. Not only will the site load more quickly, but it will also improve statistics like the bounce rate of people leaving the site.

Studies show that web users will only wait about three to five seconds for a page to load before they leave. With the fast-paced world we live in today, everyone wants everything right now. A CDN can help provide that for your website.

There are many CDNs out there and you will want to choose one depending on your needs. Your site’s popularity can be a factor in choosing your CDN. Imagine a CDN as a network of servers placed around the globe which cache content of a site like CSS, Javascript files and images.

CDNs for WordPress

The CDN provider takes copies of your content and makes them available to servers so anyone can load your site via the server nearest them, some of the best WordPress hosting companies even offer their own CDN (for a good WP host, have a look at our comparisons of the best WordPress hosts for Australia, Canada, and Singapore). You should get to know the top five CDNs for WordPress so you can have a reliable CDN provider. Here are the top five CDNs for WordPress.

CloudFlare CDN Provider

The top five CDNs for WordPress usually offers a free trial. This allows them to have more clients in which satisfied users will subscribe to the CDN provider. After the trial, the monthly fee is twenty dollars. For each succeeding website, there is a five dollar monthly fee.

Unlike many CDN providers, CloudFlare doesn’t charge for bandwidth usage if your site suddenly receives an increase in popularity. CloudFlare can make your site load twice as fast. The site also has sixty-five percent fewer requests and sixty percent less bandwidth and is more secure.

CloudFlare has twenty-eight data centers throughout the world, and they use a technology called Anycast, which routes users directly to the nearest data center. You can obtain a free trial of CloudFlare for one month and if you’re satisfied, you can then subscribe to keep quality service.CloudFlare CDN Provider


Another quality CDN provider is MaxCDN, which also offers a free trial, if your usage is over fifteen TB/month. The trial includes everything that MaxCDN offers, such as unlimited bandwidth.

The length of the free trial is negotiable, which allows you to choose just how long you would want to try out their service. All MaxCDN features are available with this offer. As for pricing, their basic plan includes one hundred GB worth of bandwidth for two websites at nine dollars a month.

MaxCDN can aid you with Javascript, CSS files, images, media and more. MaxCDN has servers around the globe, including the United Kingdom, China, the United States and Australia, with plans of adding more in the future.

Rackspace Cloud Files

While Rackspace Cloud Files does not offer any free trials, their fees are certainly affordable for their service to be a viable option. You can pay as low as ten cents for your first terabyte of storage and twelve cents for your first terabyte worth of bandwidth.

Most businesses would consider that a win-win scenario. Rackspace Cloud Files use Akamai to have files available and sent rapidly. They have over two hundred global edge locations ensuring users will receive their content even regionally.

The partnership between Rackspace Cloud Files and Akamai have made the CDN the largest distributed computing platform. So the service is basically guaranteed to be a winning factor for your website. Their customers include giants from different industries such as Facebook and Twitter. Rackspace Cloud Files may not have a free trial but will not let you down.

The Best CDNs for WordPress


CDN77 offers a fourteen-day free trial. So when it comes to satisfaction, CDN77 is a great choice if you aren’t sure what to expect. Their rates start at forty-nine per terabyte and clients from the U.S. and Europe can use up to thirty terabytes. Clients from other regions pay more.

CDN77 is different from other CDNs as they claim high quality streaming in their video and gaming delivery. CDN77 is fairly new on the scene, as they started operating three years ago. And yet, CDN77 has made a rapid progress in which they have built twenty-five data centers in twenty-one different countries.

If you are in need of a CDN for streaming games, CDN77 may be the ideal CDN provider for you. CDN77 is great for quality game streaming as well as the distribution of specialized software applications. You can check out more details about the CDN77 at their website.

Amazon Web Services

A free trial of Amazon Web Services includes five GB of Amazon S3 storage, two thousand get requests, twenty thousand get requests and fifteen GB of data transfer out each month for up to one year. Amazon Web Services has Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront.

Amazon storage can start at three cents per gigabyte for standard storage and CloudFront starts at twelve cents per month for the first ten terabytes of storage. Pricing differs for regions outside the United States. Amazon Web Services also has a sterling reputation for being effective and reliable.

With Amazon S3 or Amazon CloudFront, your choice can be based on your needs. Amazon Web Services made a name for both Amazon S3 and Amazon Cloudfront. Amazon Web Services may be the CDN provider for you.


Amazon Web Services

The Top 5 CDNs for WordPress

There are a lot of different CDN providers on the market. However, you need to choose what is best for your needs. Your site depends greatly on your CDN, because of the service it provides. Things like bounce rate and actual views of your web page will mean the difference of your site being a success or a failure.

It’s very important that you have a CDN provider which is experienced at offering stable, reliable and quality service. Hopefully, you can decide to choose from one of the five CDNs we have listed above.

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