15 Reasons to Love WordPress

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Last Updated on May 30, 2023

WordPress has become one of the most popular website development platforms. From online stores to well-known travel blogs, it seems that everyone is using it. It is praised across the internet for its benefits.

But is WordPress really worthy of the attention that it receives? We think yes.

15 Reasons to love wordpress

Here are our 15 reasons to love WordPress:

1. It’s Free

WordPress is completely free. There is no software licensing fee, yearly subscriptions, or hidden costs. Yes, you can pay for WordPress hosting (or just go with shared hosting that supports WordPress – we’ve got web hosting comparisons for Australia, Canada, Singapore, and more), themes or plugins, but that’s not a requirement.

It’s an open-source program, which means the code that makes it work is available to anyone who wants to view, modify, and use it.

2. It’s Completely Customizable

It is possible to make anything that you can dream up with WordPress. It might take coding knowledge to do some parts for full customization, but everything can be changed and tweaked, just as you envision.

3. There are Thousands of Downloadable Themes

A WordPress theme is a set of files that can alter the way your website looks or works. Themes don’t change the way WordPress works but provide a foundation to organize your site around. Many are free, while some of the more custom ones have a price tag.

4. It’s Easy to Use, Even If You Can’t Code

While there is a learning curve, like most new things worth learning, it’s easy to use WordPress without learning how to code and write the backend of websites. Even if a web developer creates your site, it’s quick and straightforward to edit or update without getting into the technical parts.

5. There is Tons of Support Available

Because of its open-source access, many people know WordPress very well and love talking about it. From forums and blogs to slack conversations and large-scale conventions, it’s easy to find and talk to experienced users.

6. It’s Designed for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

WordPress code is organized and clear which search engines like when they crawl sites. SEO helps your website rank higher in search results, so it’s imperative to have good code!

7. It ’s a Secure, Safe Platform

With a large community of people putting effort into perfecting WordPress code, there are frequent security patches and updates released. Unlike small sites with tiny development teams fighting against hackers, the world of WordPress lovers are constantly looking to protect vulnerabilities. It also helps if you’ve chosen one of the best WordPress hosting providers that run custom security scripts to tackle potential malware attacks.

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8. It Has Plugins to Make Your Site Better

With over 54,000 plugins to choose from, it’s possible to customize your site precisely to do anything you want. From setting up an affiliate store to increasing page loading speeds, WordPress plugins help ensure that your website has all of the functionality you desire.

9. It Plays Well With Others

Unlike some programs, WordPress communicates and shares seamlessly with other platforms. You don’t have to stress about your website content not working on social media or syncing with your email list.

10. It Uses All Kinds of Media

Some platforms struggle to load videos or high-resolution images on their web pages. Others don’t allow documents or animations. WordPress not only allows it but makes it easy to upload, integrate, and use.

11. It’s the Best Blogging Platform

Blogging is a great way to increase your website’s SEO and connect with your customers, but it is often a cumbersome and painful process. WordPress makes it easy with scheduling and automatic categorization.

12. You Can Update It From Anywhere

Your WordPress site isn’t only accessible from your personal computer. You can update your blog or change your website around from any computer with internet. They even have a mobile app to make it that much easier.

13. Multiple Users Can Have Access

Each site can have multiple authors with limited access to update or edit different areas. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about who knows the site password and what they might do with that information.

14. It Provides a Great User Experience

The WordPress community knows how frustrating logging into a site to leave a blog comment or purchase from the shop can be. They’ve made it easy for your site visitors to log in and interact with your website, providing a smooth, memorable user experience.

15. It Has a Distraction-free Workspace

WordPress has made it possible to write a blog post or edit a site page without any distractions. Clicking Alt + shift + W hides the navigation and customization options, so you can work without becoming overwhelmed or unfocused.

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As you can see, WordPress is an affordable, functional, and accessible platform that will make your website exactly the way you want it. It can boost your SEO, save you time, and provide a memorable, positive customer experience. The community-driven security updates and support helps keep your information safe and relieves stress. We believe that WordPress is the best choice for building a website.

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