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| Reviewed by Jimmy Jimmy Parker

Last Updated on December 8, 2022

Zyro is definitely one of the best website builders out there. It offers a top website builder, with low-cost hosting, and lots of awesome tools, which makes it a complete solution for your site construction requirements. It’s safe to say that Zyro is a fantastic choice for those who are new or small business owners. Even those with a lot of technical and programming knowledge may still make use of Zyro of course.

If you feel like you won’t get satisfied with the impressive features and low-cost plans of Zyro, don’t worry; here are our best website builders in Australia and best website builders in Canada articles. Check them out and see if you can find some Zyro alternatives!

But for now, let’s focus on Zyro. Read on!

Pros of Zyro

  • Unlimited storage capacity and bandwidth included in all plans
  • It is a useful photo archive
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Comes with a logo maker
  • Cool AI-powered tools that are cool
  • Drag-and-drop interface that is easy to use and simple to use
  • Excellent uptime

Cons of Zyro

  • Editing photos could use more options
  • It won’t let you change templates.

What Is Zyro?

zyro review

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Zyro is a fast website builder platform designed for users who have no technical abilities. In reality, there’s no requirement for the majority of its customers to have any knowledge of websites. As long as you’re experienced with user interfaces that use graphics, you’re able to utilize Zyro.

In addition to Web design GUI, Zyro also offers related tools that could prove useful. They include an AI script for content production, an AI heatmap for focus control aid, as well as a huge collection of images available as sources.

How Easy Is Zyro to Use?

Zyro is a basic builder. One of its major advantages is its simplicity of use. If you modify your site with Zyro’s drag and drop builder, grid formats are available as a reference. This makes the positioning of various content elements (like images or text boxes) extremely difficult to get right, as they’ll snap in their place when the user moves them!

Zyro also works with Unsplash which is a stock photography site with more than one million images that you can put on your website for no cost. Naturally when it comes to business websites specifically, supplying your own personalized, brand-named photographs is still a good idea. However, it’s good to know you’ll have lots of other options for images in the event of a need.

What Is the Best Website to Make Use of Zyro to Help You?

Different tools are designed for different tasks. This is true for web builders. What exactly is Zyro best for? What’s it not? Let’s review some popular website areas and check out how this builder works on each of them.

Zyro for Blogs

Zyro comes with a blogging tool It’s about the most you can tell about the software. If you’re familiar with dedicated blogging platforms such as WordPress and Blogger, you’ll find the Zyro suite extremely restrictive.

zyro homepage 1

Editing your post will be the same as creating a site You’ll be able to move and drop elements in your article and combine them. It is useful for editing pages however, for text editing it’s a bit complex. Avoid using Zyro when your main goal is to write blog posts. If you’re a professional seeking to post an occasional blog post, Zyro is perfectly fine however that’s not my personal preference.

Zyro for Portfolios

Zyro was created to be used as a portfolio site. Simple website creation and gorgeous image-focused templates are great when you’re in search of an easy website to present your work.

There are more than 130 templates that cover a variety of areas – even a separate section of professional CV sites. If you’re looking for a simple way to create a stunning portfolio, Zyro’s bent to create exactly the thing.

Zyro for Business

Zyro comes with a variety of business tools, with one of the most interesting is definitely its artificial intelligence (AI) tools like the smart heatmap and the features for content writing. In addition, there are some useful tools for marketing and analytics.

In the same way, dedicated email marketing services and social media post services are not available. However, while the features aren’t as extensive, everything that exists works flawlessly. It all comes down to you and your requirements.

Zyro for Online Stores

Zyro provides a low-cost and fully-equipped eCommerce platform that starts at $3.59a month. There are no commissions charged by the builder, visitor remarketing, discount codes, and gift cards. Let’s not forget shipping and tax management. All this is possible through Zyro.

It is true that Zyro isn’t the most robust with regards to eCommerce since new functions are being added regularly. For the cost, it’s one of the top eCommerce alternatives you have.

Pricing and Plans for Zyro

Zyro offers 3 plans: one for regular websites and two plans for eCommerce sites. Prices begin at $2.69/month which is many times lower than the most popular website builders will cost you. It’s no wonder that it’s the top choice on our list of the cheapest website builders. It is a low-cost website builder. It’s important to note that in order to avail of this offer, it is necessary to enroll in an ongoing contract. This is the way to get the most affordable price per month.

zyro homepage 2

It’s worth noting that Zyro offers a limited-time trial period for free. You can try the website editor however, to create websites, you’ll have to make a payment. It’s good news that Zyro comes with a money-back assurance, which means you’ll get your money back if you’re unhappy with the plans that are premium.

Zyro eCommerce Plans

Zyro also offers two eCommerce-capable products: what’s different?

There’s the business plan which is the least expensive plan that includes some of the eCommerce features. The plan lets you sell up to 100 items which is quite spacious. But, although you can accept online payment, it’s only possible with Stripe. There’s also an application cost of 1 percent. When taking all of these aspects into account, I’d say this option is ideal for those who want to incorporate eCommerce capabilities on your website however it’s not your primary source of revenue.

The lowest price for the business plan comes for a 48-month contract ($3.59/mo). In addition, the annual price rises to $4.49/mo. A monthly bill is offered with the Business plan. The cost to use it’s $14.99.

The Advanced Store plan adds all of the above. It also it gives you the chance to develop your online store in several languages and also includes the ability to recover abandoned carts, automated tax calculations, and even product filters. It’s an excellent choice for users who have a high level of expertise. In particular, considering that you are able to sell unlimited items.

The cheapest cost to purchase Advanced Store is with a 48-month membership ($/mo). The annual price rises to $17.09/mo. A monthly bill is offered with the eCommerce+ rate, which to get it at $39.99.

Yes, it’s great value for money. Shopify’s plans begin at $29.00/month and the Wix is able to handle eCommerce. Wix plans start at just $23. Squarespace has a price of $23.00 per month, however, it will also come with a 3% transaction fee.

Zyro Website Plans

The most affordable Website plan frees users of storage and bandwidth limitations and includes all the modern marketing tools and an unlimited domain name for the duration of a year. It’s a great choice for small-scale businesses that want an affordable option. In the end, it’s only one dollar more than $2.69 each month.

The cheapest cost of the web plan is an initial 48-month commitment ($2.69/mo). The annual cost goes up to $4.41/mo. A monthly bill is possible, which is the website plan’s price of $9.49.

Zyro Features and Advantages

Low-Cost Solution

Zyro’s low cost stood out the most for us. It allows you to get your site up in a matter of minutes without having to know WordPress as well as HTML. Hire a web developer to save hundreds of dollars each year. The basic Zyro plan starts at $2.90/month and the more expensive plans start from $4.90/month. The plan is also commission-free, which means you’re entitled to 100% of the earnings from your online sales.

Fantastic website performance: Zyro includes Hostinger web hosting which means you can enjoy fantastic speeds and uptime. In the Pingdom Website Speed Test, it was a 98 on the scale. Furthermore, Zyro offers a 99.9 100% uptime guarantee, which means that your clients and customers will always be able to find and access your website.

Automatic Cloudflare Inclusion

The majority of site builders allow users to incorporate Content Distribution Network (CDN) services such as Cloudflare; Zyro goes a step further and includes Cloudflare running and operational on all websites by default.

zyro homepage 3

Although it may not seem as much at first, this could have a huge impact on new owners of websites who may not know the concept of it is that a CDN is (or the fact that they exist). This could be a factor in the impressive performance of Zyro-hosted websites to date.

Hands-Free SSL

If you may have had difficulty installing and integrating SSL previously, Zyro handles that for you. Contrary to many hosting providers, that require you to work with various SSL and handling strategies and handling methods, your Zyro website is secured with an SSL.

It’s true – without any effort from your side. The SSL might seem like a minor thing but it’s a vital element for every modern site. In reality, the majority of search engines are actively penalizing websites that do not have SSL.

Handy App Integrations

For those looking for higher-end features, Zyro utilizes apps in order to incorporate functionality. As of now, there are only a few, including Google Tags Manager, Google Analytics, WhatsApp, Facebook Pixel, Facebook Messenger, and Hotjar.

Easily Set Up Your Own Business Email

In the final instance, Zyro has recently paired to Titan email to create a ‘Zyro Mail’. This new integration lets you quickly establish an email address that is based on the domain name of your website. This is particularly useful for those who use Zyro to create an image for your brand.

Utilizing an email address for businesses to communicate with customers can make them appear more authentic and prevent your email address from being buried in the spam folder.

Zyro Mail will also let you create multiple email addresses to meet different requirements. For instance, you could create an inbox for customer support emails as well as your purchase emails.

However, it’s not completely free. Zyro customers get a no-cost 3-month trial, but you’ll have to pay $2.19/mo on each account on renewal. For the sake of comparison, this is less than GSuite (which begins at $6/month) but of course, there’s no cloud storage.

A Plethora of Templates for Free

Zyro gives you plenty of options, providing a wide range of stunning and flexible templates for your site. They are separated into various scenarios which makes it easy to select one that best suits the requirements you have. While Zyro has one of the most professional and attractive templates we’ve come across and customized, you are able to customize these templates to make your website unique. Modifying templates that are already in use is simple using Zyro than other website builders out there.

Drag-and-Drop Editor

You’ll get a stunning drag-and-drop editor, which is easy to use and comes with easy-to-use grids for building pages. You can include text or a contact page and embed videos Instagram feed, or whatever you like by dropping the elements you want to add and dropping them on the webpage you’re creating.

zyro homepage 4

Effective AI Tools

Zyro’s AI-powered products are an added value that aid users in optimizing their website and content, without the need for professional assistance. The tools include a business name generator and an AI slogan maker and logo maker, as well as an AI-powered writing assistant that can produce SEO-friendly content on your blog or website. We especially like the feature of the heatmap that informs you what areas of an individual page on your website visitors are spending the most time.

Multiple Payment Processing Options

Zyro offers payment processing options such as Stripe, American Express, PayPal as well as Afterpay. This makes it the top choice for e-commerce sellers. Also, you don’t need to worry about charges for transactions made online and you can also create discounts and distribute them to increase sales. Zyro’s e-commerce sites can calculate tax automatically for purchases that make your job more simple.

Rapid and Frequent Updates

If you’ve followed Zyro’s development and progress, you’ll know that it has grown significantly throughout the years. It has often rolled out new features in order to keep up with its rivals. Zyro offers a specific page titled ‘Zyro Roadmap’ to ensure users are aware of the latest updates including any improvements that are in the pipeline. Users can also submit suggestions for improvement to show how dedicated Zyro is to providing the highest quality possible service in site building for customers.

Customer Support

You can contact Zyro’s 24-hour support service via the chat icon on the right-bottom of the user interface. Once the chat is in place, type in a phrase into the search box and search Zyro’s knowledge database to find answers to your query. We discovered the answers for two queries within the database of knowledge.

If you prefer, you can converse with human agents (not bots) who answer chat questions. It is important to be logged in to a Zyro account in order to join the chat. Zyro offers you the option of sending emails to your queries as well.

How Secure Is Zyro?

Security is essential for every website however, it is even more important for stores that are online – after all, customers who are interested in purchasing from you are likely to want to know their information about their transactions is secure within your control.

zyro homepage 5

Zyro comes with the fundamental security measures one would expect of an eCommerce builder, including an integrated SSL certificate in every plan. SSL certificates provide encrypted connections between your server and your customer’s browser. A small padlock symbol and an address for your website that starts with “HTTPS,” which can be found on the left side of your domain (i.e. https://yourwebsite.com). The small padlock symbol informs your visitors that your site is SSL secured.

Zyro’s tools for e-commerce are certified by PCI DSS at Level 1. This is the most stringent level of security for transactions in the financial sector. That means that your Zyro website can process the payment details of your customers securely.

Zyro Products

Zyro offers a range of other products and tools for its clients, enabling them to improve and speed up the process of building websites. This is the complete list of items available:

  • AI block title generator
  • AI company name generator
  • AI image upscaling
  • Ai background remover
  • AI heatmap analysis
  • AI SEO writer
  • AI slogan generator
  • Terms and conditions generator
  • Generator of the policy on refunds
  • Privacy policy Generator
  • Image size resizing
  • Logo maker
  • Titan email service
  • Domain acquisition

Zyro Alternatives


SITE123 is extremely easy and easy to use, as its name suggests. This simplicity makes it somewhat lacking in features.

Sign Up with Site123


Squarespace is a premium service with premium pricing, but the process of creating complicated beautiful websites is simple. While it’s not as popular as the huge app market like Wix, Squarespace provides my personal favorite experience when building sites.

Sign Up with Squarespace


Wix offers the benefit of highly customizable websites, a plethora of third-party extensions, and many other features. It’s always our top choice as it is able to be used for almost anything a small – to medium-sized businesses could require.

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In the end, Zyro is a great drag-and-drop web-building tool for novices. Since there are fewer functionalities, setting up your own site isn’t as time-consuming. If you already have an existing domain, you can continue to register it with Zyro and begin using the web host you prefer to use.

Starting with $1.89 monthly, you’ll not have much to be unhappy about. The good thing about Zyro is that you can upgrade or downgrade the plans you choose to use. If you choose to cancel a plan that you paid for it comes with a 30 day refund assurance.

The distinctive AI writer may be able to save the time you’d otherwise be spending on writing the text for your site. Zyro is a website hosting platform designed to be fast and simple. Instead of focusing on fancy design tools, you are able to concentrate on getting your site up and up and running.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is Zyro Free?

Zyro offers a free plan, but it is ad-supported and has only a limited amount of resources available for use. The next upgrade costs $1.99/mo and eliminates Zyro advertisements from your website.

Is Zyro Easier to Use Than WordPress?

Yes. WordPress has a lot more potential however, Zyro is far more simple to use. Both aren’t on the same level because Zyro is a builder of websites and WordPress is primarily focused on managing content.

Do I Have to Install an SSL to Protect your Zyro Site?

Zyro comes with SSL protection for all websites constructed using their tools. This is not just for their free websites. Installation is not required – it will be completed for you once your website is built.

Is Zyro a Good Website Builder?

It’s a good thing… you can define “good.” It’s showing the potential of the site and comes with the essential features you’ll require to create a beautiful site, in a short time. It’s certainly not bad. However, when compared to the other choices I’ve mentioned it has an overall lack of polish and also suffers from a lack of options.

What is the Cost of Zyro Cost?

At first, it’s not at first, but not too. It’s possible to start at the low price of $2.61 each month when you sign up for an annual fee. But that’s only for the first period of payment whatever length you decide to are paying for. If you decide to renew, the cost will go up quite some.

What Are the Top Alternative to Zyro?

We would recommend Zyro for small online stores. However, if you’re looking for a flexible builder, BigCommerce is the one to think about. If you like Zyro’s user-friendly interface and would like to find an ideal balance, Wix eCommerce will be your best choice.

Can I Make Use of Zyro If I Don’t Wish to Sell My Products Online?

Yes! We’ve concentrated on Zyro’s two eCommerce-specific plans in this review. However, you could also select one of its regular plans for building websites The basic plan (starting from $2.90/month) or Unleashed (starting with $3.90/month).

I’m Using a Different Web-Based Builder. Do I Have to Make Use of Zyro’s AI Tools?

Yes! Zyro’s heatmap logo maker, heatmap maker, and content generator for absolutely free, without having to use their website building tool.

Is Zyro Part of Hostinger?

Zyro is a division of Hostinger which is a web hosting service we’ve examined. Zyro considers itself Hostinger’s younger sibling. even though both platforms function with regard to services to customers, the two function completely independent of one another!

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